The Satanic Roots of Feminism

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The Whore of Babylon in Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis” By: Jay While there are many anti-feminist bloggers, “men’s rights” activists and talking heads continually chipping away at the chief idol of our time (equalism/egalitarianism), few are aware of the origins of “equalism” and its hideous spawn, the feminist movement as…

How the West Became Atheist

How did the West’s centuries-long journey from the Christian faith rooted in the tradition of the Church slide into atheism and outright theomachy, the war against God? In my twenties, I was … Source: How the West Became Atheist

Strawson’s Idea of Perception as Theory-Laden for the Philosopher, Alva Noe’s Action in Perception, and the Larger Transcendental Preconditions

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Noe’s “Action in Perception” By: Jay (c) copyright, all rights reserved. A.J. Ayer and other logical positivists have contended that the problem of perception is a central issue in modern epistemology and metaphysics. Ayer himself argued from a position of phenomenalism to what he termed “sophisticated realism.” Ayer represented…