Catholic, Orthodox, Atheist & Alt Right: Jay Dyer on Mysterium Fasces

I join three AltRight guys on their podcast to theology, religion, philosophy and all things entertainment and geopolitics.   The discussion is theology-heavy for all you theo-nerds out there.

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5 Comments on Catholic, Orthodox, Atheist & Alt Right: Jay Dyer on Mysterium Fasces

  1. Love it!!

    Get Outlook for iOS


  2. Jay,
    I’d really recommend checking out the work of Bernardo Kastrup.
    His philosophy overlaps with yours quite a lot and his explanations are very concise.
    He used to work at CERN but left because he realised how silly it was…


      • Brief Peeks Beyond ( a collection of essays) and his most recent More Than Allegory. These are actually the only two that I’ve read of his, apart from listening to various interviews with him. I’d recommend checking out Legalise Freedom interviews maybe. I’m sure you’ll have plenty to critique if you do read his work, however it is interesting to see the overlap between his work and yours, despite your obvious differences. Kastrup has gone from being a “rationalist” to getting back to his religious/spiritual roots using logic and philosophy and presents thorough and compelling arguments.

  3. Jay,

    Great talk on theology. As a RC studying your work/worldview, it’s like trying to drink from a firehose figuring all this stuff out – from theology to philosophy to geopolitics to history. I haven’t yet gone through everything but if you had to start with some foundational works in various areas to continue putting the pieces together where would you recommend starting? E.g., do you have a top 5 or 10 book list covering theology, philosophy, history, etc? I have taken philosophy and ethics 101s in university, and have read Creature from Jekyll Island, Tragedy & Hope, Anglo American Establishment. If you had to follow the 80/20 rule, where would you recommend a neophyte spend his time to get the most bang for the buck (BTW I’m already a subscriber)?


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