Casino Royale (2006) – 9/11 Connections and Esoteric Analysis

Jay's Analysis

Lesser known Casino Royale poster.  Lesser known Casino Royale poster.

By: Jay

The reboot of Bond with Casino Royale in 2006 marked a new era for the now second biggest film legacy in history (now surpassed by Harry Potter).  Bond was revamped in a new, slick way, beginning with the first of Ian Fleming’s stories, Casino Royale.  The film differs slightly from the novel, but only in details.  However, the esoteric associations and “conspiratorial” elements have changed, coming more into line with an overall archetypal narrative that is evident in the three newest Bonds.  Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, and Skyfall, are replete with alchemical and death-burial-resurrection motifs.  This differs from the novels, which are more simplistic, although the novel Casino Royale does mention Manichaean dualism.

Casino Royale is about Bond’s transformation from a standard agent into a heartless killer.  The film begins with a flashback to Bond attaining “00” status, meaning…

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