The Biblical Nature of Sacred Tradition

Jay's Analysis

By: Jay Dyer

Suffice it to say that the chief arguments of all Protestantism generally rest on the assumption that only the written texts are the Word of God, and that the Word Himself is only known from these. If this fails, then so does all of that system, since this its sole foundation. My goal is to open the minds of readers to the error of this most foundational Protestant presupposition, and the overwhelming evidence for Catholicism. When we consider the history of Revelation, we note that in the beginning (Gen. 1:1-3), God’s Word was spoken, and yet nothing was written down. In fact, from Adam to Moses, a period of several hundreds of years passed with the Revelations given to Noah, Abraham, Joseph and others being passed orally. At least, we have no knowledge of anything being written. So, we see that there is nothing inherently defective with…

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1 Comment on The Biblical Nature of Sacred Tradition

  1. Awesome post – glad to see this info as my wife and I are between Orthodoxy and a Reform church right now (long story). Keep up the great work – love the theology postings!

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