Jay Dyer on Tragedy & Hope 5: UK PsyOps, Hitler & the Axis Powers (Half)

This is the first half of a 2 hour lecture which can be obtained by subscribing at the PayPal links at JaysAnalysis.com. In this first free hour of the 5th lecture, we discuss the causes of World War II according to Dr. Carroll Quigley, particularly as appear to be arranged by the RIIA and Chatham House. This same Atlanticist network simultaneously appeased Hitler (“Peace in Our Time”) while hyping fears of Germany using fake and staged news. Meanwhile, they organized the US participation in the war through deception (Pearl Harbor) and their man, Bill Donovan. I cover Spain’s fall to liberalism and Asia also comes into play, as China and Japan experience westernization, communism and democracy – in other words, banking elite rule their nations, too.  YT wouldn’t let me include the Chamberlain Psy Op about “Peace in Our Time” so here it is.

Stream or download Lecture 5 audio hour 1 here

Lecture 1 is here.

Lecture 2 is here.

Lecture 3 is here.

Lecture 4 here.



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11 Comments on Jay Dyer on Tragedy & Hope 5: UK PsyOps, Hitler & the Axis Powers (Half)

  1. What’s up with Hour 2?

  2. Tarpster Webley // August 4, 2016 at 11:51 pm // Reply

    This series of so called lectures is appalling, these continued attacks on the reputation of FDR, Hero Of The Working Man, can not be tolerated.
    This is just further proof that Jay Dyer is an arch-neoracctionary, and likely a clopper as well.
    Perhaps he aspires to be the next Ayn Rand Paul, behaving like a mad leprechaun while standing over his stash of gold coins saying “ye cant have me goooold”

    Don’t waste your valuable time reading Carrol Quigley or Plato!
    Come to my next rally and hold up signs saying “Trump = Nazi”, that would truly be a good use of your spare time

  3. Kudos on another fine lecture. Hitler an unwitting British agent? Well, as Lord Palmerston said “nations have no permanent friends or allies, they only have permanent interests.” Germany appears to have been maneuvered into war by perfidious Albion. The intrigues and sub rosa dealings you highlight in the talk certainly add another dimension to the story. Perhaps this is why Hitler was shocked when France and Great Britain declared war after he ordered the invasion of Poland. The fact that Great Britain and France had signed a trade deal with Germany as late as May 1939 is interesting. That was two months after Hitler had annexed Czechslovakia and the policy of so called appeasement had been declared a failure.

    Incidentally, the glasses are a nice touch. You should consider adding a tweed jacket with leather elbow patches to your wardrobe to prove your professorial bonafides.

  4. humanbeancounterculture // August 7, 2016 at 3:14 am // Reply

    Did you cut your hair? Or is it just greased back Tim Capello style?

  5. 4th Viscount Lord Astor is David ‘independence day 2’ Cameron’s father-in-law. The 3rd Baron Lord Astor is Under-Secretary of State at the Ministry of Defence… yikes. Also vice president of CMEC. Not sure if that’s the Conservative Middle East Council CMEC or Carnegie Middle East Center CMEC the self proclaimed number one think tank in the Middle East and North Africa. The Conservative Middle East Council exists to ensure that Conservative MPs and Lords “understand the Middle East”… basically they tell the MPs what to do. It’s called democracy, fuck yeah! … Astor, Astarte, Ishtar, the 9 pointed star which is everywhere in EWS. Ad Astrum ‘to the stars’

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