JaysAnalysis: Japan in the New World Order

Sean from Japan joins me to give his analysis of the recent bizarre news stories of stabbings, and how this may relate to larger geopolitical motives. We cover the history of Japan’s westernization and World War 2, shadow banking and hidden hoards of gold, the relationship of Japanese elites to Korea, the drug trade, black markets, Asian mafias and how these subjects relate to staged news.

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23 Comments on JaysAnalysis: Japan in the New World Order

  1. melponeme_k // August 7, 2016 at 3:26 am // Reply

    There was no deal during the war with Japanese royalty. The battles at Okinawa and Iwo Jima were strategic jumping points. Okinawa gave access to Taiwan, China Mainland, the Philippines and the rest of South East Asia. Iwo Jima could be used to jump to Australia and Hawaii. The Past is present. Because now Japan is menacing the same area. But THIS time they hope to avoid war costs by using the US military to be their cat’s paw.

    There was no precedent set in the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki save for the fact that the bombs were nuclear. My god, all of the citizens of Europe were bombed back to the dark ages. So was there some sort of deal with everyone?

    The reason why Japan seemingly has so much say in world politics now is because they are or were the bag man (actually only their elites) for the Bilderbergs who reside in the US. ZIRP. ZIRP allowed interest free loans and inflation on the backs Japanese citizens. Meanwhile the Elite got rich on the inflation plus were able to buy bribes to the US politicians with their rubber money. BYE BYE American auto industry! Detroit looks like it was bombed. IT WAS by Japan.

    Now they are suffering and DYING from the biggest Nuclear disaster in human history. Their citizens have been dying off for 30 years due to ZIRP policies that have put them all in the poor house due to hidden inflation.

    You have good ideas. But I think you are following misinformation set up specifically to change past events.

    • Tragedy and Hope claims there were deals.

      • melponeme_k // August 7, 2016 at 3:31 pm //

        Quigley is lying.

        The elites are so intent on keeping hold of the narrative. If they screw up, well, they can just use their mass media to slowly rearrange history through books such as Quigley’s.

        They are the equivalent of kids falling all over themselves then yell out “Oh I MEANT to do that!”

        By all means go on with Quigley. But keep in mind he speaks in fork tongue.

        Another book that is more on the level is Paul Kennedy’s “The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers”.

      • How is he lying about the public plans of “appeasement”? I am aware he lies, I mention it in every lecture. But you, as well as the Pro-Hitler crowd, seem at pains to stress that Hitler/Axis were NOT aided by the West lol That is ludicrous. Japan wasn’t run by corrupt Zaibatsu? They WERE BFF with the UK!

      • Obviously the Dulles-CIA faction had Pro-Hitler leanings – many of the UK elites were OPEN about it. Nothing hard to believe about that, at all.

      • If Quigley was lying about this, why is he at pains to try to justify and practice mental gymnastics about his UK overlords for their continual aid and support of Hitler?

      • melponeme_k // August 7, 2016 at 7:42 pm //

        The support of German industry before WWII was simply another short sighted ploy for elite greed. They don’t see themselves as beholden to any country. They will invest in anything that gives them a return.

        You have to understand they are a bunch of disparate entities who are loosely affiliated. Their main drive is greed. That is all they see or want. Although some of them may have more discipline than others, the fact is the ID that they worship always wins. Poor impulse control is their highest failing.

        Yes, there were elites in London who supported Hitler. There were elites in the US who supported Hitler. If Hitler hadn’t fallen to his own obsession and greed, they may have even thrown the ball to him. And a greater part of Europe would be speaking German today. He got away from them. He refused to play their great game.

      • That’s more or less what I argue

    • melponeme_k // August 7, 2016 at 7:33 pm // Reply

      WWI and WWII were a result of financial meltdowns caused by the elites. Rather than pay up they start war. They have run the U.S. into the ground and can no longer use its power or goodwill to enforce their greed.

      Germany was destroyed in the last 2 world wars because they were an economic power that was not part of what the Bilderbergers called themselves at the time. Russia has always been in their sites. It is filled with natural resources that the elites want to fuel their greed.

      Russia is also not in their network and although they think China is, the fact is the elites realized that their short-term greed has bit them in the ass. They are in debt up to their eyeballs to China. They have sent all their industry and know how to China. China’s plan is to pull the Forex trigger and flood the world with dollars once they have it all. They just never realized their 50 year plan would come early.

      The elites now plan to pull World War 3 and destroy China/Russia before they take power. But because of nuclear weapons, everyone will die. There will be nothing left to influence after the WW3.

  2. Russia is in the club. The largest McDonalds in Europe 2,500 square meters is in Moscow. McDonalds family are on the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Group – see Donald Stovel Macdonald. Anatoly Chubais who was responsible for privatization in Russia as a member of Boris Yeltsin’s administration in the early 1990s is on the Advisory Council for JPMorgan Chase and a member of the global board of advisers at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Who do you think financed the oligarch buy out of Russian state assets? Watch the Bourne Supremacy and the oligarchs were even using CIA seed money to buy assets. After Jason Bourne takes out the CIA he needs to head over to JPMorgan, the CFR and McDonalds.

    • Dugin covers this in hour 2 of his red ice interview – it’s a faction of political and oligarchic elite in Russia who are pro globalists, not the people.

      • Jay, isn’t that true of basically every nation on earth – in terms of the masses, anyway? The main difference between the West and the East is that in the West there is zero opposition with any nontrivial power. Even in the US and the UK I’d venture that globalism and its attendant ideas are popular among only a large minority of extremely vocal would-be tastemakers, at least a few dozen of whom inhabit my Facebook feed, more’s the pity.

      • Opposition = opposition within the power structure, not among the serfs.

  3. Interesting talk… So the Freemasons infiltrated Japan in the 1880s. That’s not too long after Commodore Matthew Perry’s ironclad gunboats showed up in Tokyo Bay to impose “free trade.” Until then Japan was a insular feudal society. But the appearance of Perry’s ships sent a clear message to Nippon’s ruling class: modernize or be destroyed.

    Commodore Perry had a direct link to the Rothschild banking family. He was the father-in-law of August Belmont- the Rothschild’s agent in America. August Belmont, was the illegitimate son of Baron Karl Meyer Rothschild of the Rothschild branch in Naples, Italy. Belmont married Caroline Perry in 1849.

    Japan’s entry into the imperial game was encouraged and financed by London and New York. Jacob Schiff financed the Russo-Japanese War as part of a long term Anglo-American (and Jewish) plan to topple the Russian Tsar, an objective achieved in 1917. For the better part of thirty years Japan was the Anglo-American cat’s paw in Asia. However by the 1930s Japan had gotten too big for her upstart britches and started to entertain ideas of independence. Hence the Greater Southeast Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. “Asia for the Asians” was the slogan. The reality was a dirty war of rape and plunder.

    This, of course does not absolve the Western imperial powers. The Pacific War was provoked by Washington and London. Japan’s “crime” in the eyes of the West was being a nonwhite latecomer to the imperial banquet. As one Japanese diplomat wryly remarked on the eve of the Pearl Harbor raid, “Just when we learn how to play poker, they change the game to bridge.” The rest, as they say, is history.

  4. As recent developments show, Japan still has a very strong Right-wing Nationalist tradition, mainly drawing from the professional and bourgeois classes, that, however you want to look at it, romanticizes its historical past, replete with admiration for the old feudal social order, values, customs and traditions, concomitant with anti-Western narrative and conspiratorial justification for its nation’s decline.

  5. nathanmaher // August 10, 2016 at 4:27 am // Reply

    “Asia is one. Annihilating the treachery of the United States and Britain and establishing the Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere is the only way to save the one billion people of Asia so that they can, with peace of mind, proceed on their respective paths. Furthermore, it is only natural that this will contribute to the construction of a new world order, exorcising evil spirits from the world and leading to the realization of eternal peace and happiness for all humanity. I believe this is truly the critically important mission to be accomplished by our great Japanese Empire. In order to fulfil this mission it is absolutely necessary to have a powerful military force as well as plentiful material resources. Furthermore, it is necessary to employ the power of culture, for it is most especially the power of spiritual culture that determines the final outcome. In fact, it must be said that in accomplishing this very important national mission the most important and fundamental factor is the power of spiritual culture. [….] We must train and send forth a great number of Capable men who will be able to develop and exalt the culture of our imperial land, thereby reverently assisting in the holy enterprise of bringing the eight corners of the world under one roof.”

    — Hakuun Yasutani, “Zen Stories at War” by Brian Victoria, p. 69

    • There is seriously some kind of real-life Missionaria Protectiva to insert the phrase ‘New World Order’ into things that dates to at least the mid-19th century. The Baha’is, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Fabians, the Nazis, the Japanese, Kissinger, Breznezski, basically all of cable news from 1990-1992… list goes on and on.

      • Not sure if I have understood you correctly, but the use of the term here is primarily in the geopolitical sense. Not as a defense of current Anglo-American globalism/atlanticism — to which elements within inter-war Japan (particularly among the clerical classes) were opposed.

      • I’ll try to be clearer – I think the meme of the ‘New World Order’ has been carefully seeded into a great variety of different international political & religious movements by the conscious design of what Mr. Dyer would call ‘Royal Society Freemasonic elements’ for 150 years or more. The proof of this is in its widespread adoption, some of the major examples of which I listed above. To explain otherwise would require some pseudo-Hegelian notion of The Great Idea Whose Time Has Come, and this strains credulity in comparison to a straightforward culture-creation operation, the logistical elements of which Jay’s Analysis has discussed in rigorous detail.

  6. nathanmaher // August 12, 2016 at 4:16 am // Reply


  7. Where can we find more of Sean’s work? I don’t believe he ended up giving any reference in the interview. Don’t know his last name to google him but not sure if it’s intentional. You should have him back on the show for sure

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