Mystery Babylon: The History of Ecumenism, Public Education & Geopolitical Intrigue

Chris Kendall and John Adams of The Afternoon Commute invited me back to explore the subjects of textual studies, the Documentary Hypothesis, Julius Wellhausen, German Higher Criticism, the Reformation, Renaissance Humanism, Ecumenism, Zionism, Dominion Theology, Millennialism, Theosophy, Spiritism and “Direct Revelation,” Revivalism, Utopianism, Roman Catholicism and Vatican II, the World Council of Churches and the Rockefellers, Rick Warren, Mega Churches, The Charismatic Movement, Materialism, more problems in Darwinian theory, Scientism and Creationism, Subjectivism, Moral Relativism, Veganism, Plato’s Republic, and much, much more.  For more, subscribe to JaysAnalysis for 4.95 a month at the PayPal link.

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13 Comments on Mystery Babylon: The History of Ecumenism, Public Education & Geopolitical Intrigue

  1. Jay – if you’re alright with sharing, have you entered the Orthodox Church?

  2. re: Annie Bessant, Theosophism, etc. it is always good to remember that Annie and her “gentleman friend” Charles Bradlaugh were actually brought to court because of their virulent neo-malthusian ideas. Bradlaugh is practically a prototype of R. Dawkins. Guenon is a great source on this affair and Theosophism in general, but you can read the court proceedings, published by B. & B. themselves:

  3. Great talk! I like these “non-linear” discussions, as Mr Adams described them. Yes, we live in an age of dogmatic relativism. On the topic of post-modern churches, it is no coincidence that they started popping up after the creation of suburbia and the destruction of the urban ethnic neighborhoods which boasted beautiful cathedral-like parish churches. Now was Vatican 2 a black op from the start or was it co-opted? You know, the old argument the “the spirit of Vatican 2” versus the letter of Vatican 2. It has been argued that the crisis in the Catholic Church at that time was largely a result of the Pius XII’s dotage. John Courtney Murray was a CIA asset working to subvert and co-opt the Catholic Church by promoting Americanism. Some say Malachi Martin was an agent of B’nai Brith, So you have the Rockefellers and the Zionists (NWO) infiltrating the Church which explains her reversal on the question of the United Nations. Loved it! Thanks

    • The Masonic subversion far predates Vatican 2. The numerous encyclicals back to the 1700s show that. Thanks Tim

    • Also, having read Vatican 2 and countless prior documents I believe they are night and day and this doesn’t require a third level of interpretation of the interpretation. The simplest example is the council’s affirmation of ecumenism as Holy when in Mortalium Animos it’s “apostasy.”

      • Good points, Masonic subversion and infiltration have part of the game for centuries with the Illuminati calling for the destruction of throne and altar in the 1770s, But with the 20th century, the pace seemed to have quickened considerably. The Catholic Church appears to have allowed herself to be corrupted further by the Cold War dialectic. Fear of godless communism, created by the bankers, forced Rome into the arms of the CIA which left the Church that much more vulnerable to Masonic infiltration. An illustration of this compromise was the Vatican working with the P2 lodge in support of the Solidarity movement in Poland.

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  5. Coomaraswamy and the ‘perennialists’ did not want to blend all the religions into one. That is completely false. The very opposite is true. They wanted to preserve the distinct religions in their original orthodox form.

  6. What you claimed about Coomaraswamy could not be further from the truth.

    Review by Rama Coomaraswamy of ‘False Dawn: The United Religions Initiative, Globalism and the Quest for a One-World Religion’

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