Esoteric Hollywood: The Witch, Suspiria & the Devil’s Bitchcraft (Hr. 1)

This is the first free half of the talk, while full interviews and lectures can be obtained by subscribing to at the PayPal link.  Jamie Hanshaw (author of Operation Culture Creation 1 and 2 and Hollywood Mind Control) joins me to break down the esoteric symbols and occult aspects of 5 films: The recent hit The Witch, horror classic Suspiria, Henson’s The Witches, The Devil Rides Out and Disney’s Hocus Pocus.  From British Intelligence to Disney darkness, what is the secret message behind these films?

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2 Comments on Esoteric Hollywood: The Witch, Suspiria & the Devil’s Bitchcraft (Hr. 1)

  1. demonology with puppets in jim henson’s The Storyteller: The Soldier & Death please watch on youtube this was written by British children’s author Arthur Ransome – Moscow correspondent for the British Daily News, reported on the Russian Revolution. After the Revolution, Ransome became friendly with Lenin, his deputy Trotsky and Bolshevik head of propaganda, Karl Radek. Yes you guessed it Ransome was recruited by MI6 to spy on the Russian government. He was given the code name S76. Arthur Ransome is famous for Swallows and Amazons – the upcoming 2016 film starring Andrew Scott from Spectre lol. In Swallows and Amazons book you have a 9 year old heroine called ‘Titty’ Walker which is sexualisation below the level of consciousness known as strobonic injection They have obviously changed this for the film.

  2. I liked your definition of isolationism: merely wanting to be free from the machinations of Anglo imperial intrigues. Charles Lindbergh and Father Coughlin were slandered back early 1940s for pointing out that there were special foreign interests working with the FDR administration to drag the country into yet another foreign war.

    A while back I had a discussion with Kevin Cole and he made the point that the entire discipline of “international relations” came out of the Milner Roundtable, The entire Rhodes project was designed to have the conquered internalize the values and presuppositions of the conquerors. Empire is more a cultural than a military or economic enterprise. We see this today with the term “international community” which is just a code word for Anglo-Zio-American hegemony,. I’m still not sure who is the principal and who are the junior partners in this evil Troika.

    Great talk!

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