JaysAnalysis w/Fr Moody: Orthodox Theology, Roman Catholicism, Thomism & Palamas

This is the free first hour, while the full interview is for paid subscribers.  To hear the full interview, subscribe here for 4.95 a month with access to the archives.   Note: There was a technical issue in terms of sound for the first 20 minutes, but this gets corrected. Fr. Chris Moody is a Greek Orthodox Chaplain for the Army whose scholarly focus is the works of St. Gregory Palamas and the Eastern teaching of the divine energies and the Triads, being fluent in koine Greek.  In this conversation we discuss the different conceptions of epistemology (including the Nous) in Eastern theology as contrasted with both Roman Catholic and Protestant/evangelical theology in the West.  We also cover the history of these differences, as well as Thomistic scholasticism and the filioque in contrast to the debate of Palamas and Barlaam the Augustinian, with the trek of the West fulfilling Palamas’ prophetic statement about absolute divine simplicity and created grace ending in atheism.

Stream or download hour 1 free here.

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20 Comments on JaysAnalysis w/Fr Moody: Orthodox Theology, Roman Catholicism, Thomism & Palamas

  1. Jay, great topic. Is the link for subscribed users in the archive? I can’t find it.

  2. Jay, thanks for doing this. I was hoping you would do a talk about this subject. Clarified a lot of things for me. My father was an Eastern Orthodox priest.

  3. If you do a google search for ‘BBC children in need’. This is a big BBC charity event. Now look at the logo – this is unbelievable its a Kubrickian bear suit with one eye covered.

    • the false shepherd from Zechariah 11:15-17.
      Woe to the shepherd that leaveth the flock! the sword shall be upon his arm, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened

  4. Michael Sean // February 24, 2016 at 6:09 pm // Reply

    I’m a Christian but non denominational. I have never really looked into the Orthodox Church. I think I need to take some time to do some reading and check them out. The protestant churches around here seem to all have lesbian pastors and vicars, and I quit being a Catholic 23 years ago.

  5. This is probably the wrong article to post this comment in. I have been checking out your stuff for a while, and really liked your take on Christopher Nolan’s films. My question is, have you seen his brother Jonathan Nolan and JJ Abrams’ TV show, Person of interest?? This show really hits alot of the talking points that you discuss frequently, transhuminism, AI, Survailance state. It is also a very enjoyable show. It’s on Netflix, so give it shot. I would love to hear your take on it.

  6. Hi jay: I am a new subscriber, and I can’t find the link for the rest of this interview. But would love to hear it! I feel like I need an Orthodoxy 101 guide, as am unfamiliar with many of the terms and basics of what you discuss here. I am Protestant Christian/non-denom. I have read some Puritan pieces and have enjoyed them. I agree that experience, knowledge and union with God is necessary, and that we get this ultimately from Christ. I believe the biblical text is written to move us more and deeper into this experience. The words on the page are important, but only in as much as they produce in our hearts belief. I would be interested in learning more about Orthodoxy. Can you make some recommendations from your site or other resources .Thanks!

  7. Interesting interview. Thanks. Tried to subscribe but you only take Paypal…

  8. Hey Jay!

    Love your work and find that your knowledge and insight is incredibly expansive.

    Have you engaged with Open Theism and/or “Orthodox Christian” Process Theism much?
    I find the relational view or “God is love” theology helps to break the many (demonic) dogmas of “Classical Theism” (largely borrowed from Platonic philosophy/theology) and move away from the many theological/moral problems that it produces for Christianity.

    Thanks again for all that your doing to continue to expose darkness. It’s a blessing to know that there are people like you out there committed to bringing things hidden to light.

  9. Jay: Was the second hour with Fr. Moody ever uploaded? I can’t find it. Thanks.

  10. Dear Jay: We here at the Grandmothers Against Divine Simplicity Society thank you for your help with our search. We’ve only recently upgraded from the card catalogue model. I see my mistake now: I need to access the second hour though the Membership Subscription page. We live and learn, should we live long enough.

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