JaysAnalysis Vindicated: Snowden Admits He’s a CIA Operative

Image: Infowars.

Image: Infowars.

By: Jay Edward Snowden is back in the news giving an exclusive interview to NBC's Brian Williams Tuesday.  In the interview, Snowden has revealed more of his questionable past.  As witnesses can attest, as soon as the "Snowden Leaks" broke, I called scam, not because I simply call everything a scam, but because of the specific pattern and actions taken by Snowden and according to the web of bull the mainstream media was spinning.  Snowden has confirmed to NBC that he was a CIA operative, and not just a mere NSA tech analyst.  This means his back story is not accurate as it was given, and those who were the critics were vindicated, and his testimony as a "whistleblower" is shot. Shortly thereafter, and unrelated to my assessment, Webster Tarpley laid out a particularly poignant article that explained the major patterns that establish Snowden as a front man for fake opposition, much like Julian Assange.  I decided to give the situation more time, and December 1, 2013, I wrote about how it was absurd that Snowden could not be touched, yet was giving interviews to the big intelligence-run western media, just like bin Laden did in the old days - international men of terror can be found by CBS and NBC quite easily.  No one can seem to touch them, yet Brian Williams can reach out and touch them quite literally. Thus the whole charade is ridiculous. Veterans of intelligence work and black operations then made it clear that Snowden was a faux hero who was questionable at the least, including Dr. Steve Pieczenik, Sibel Edmonds, Daniel Estulin, Kurt Nimmo and Jon Rappoport. I am not trying to take credit ahead of these minds - they have been at this a lot longer than I, but I will give my intuition and analysis the credit it is due, especially since the majority of the world was (and still is) fooled by Snowden, just as they bought into Assange and Manning, as Manning became a woman, throwing egg on all the faces of those who laughably assume the mainstream western media is going to put up a genuine hero.  Anyone exalted in the completely Teleprompter-fed media according to a ridiculous back story and narrative is not a "whistleblower."  Likening the situation to older Bin Laden interviews, I wrote December 1, 2013: "Other videos are available that illustrate the same absurdity.  We are asked to believe that the very entities that built NSA supercomputers than can track and trace all emails and communications, as well as creating the Internet, are unable to locate people that low-level CNN and Al Jazeera reporters are able to walk up to.  Likewise, Julian Assange, the great threat to America, is able to walk into Embassies and stay at public locations in London.  Similar bogus narratives also surround characters like Snowden, and these patterns become evident: The Pentagon Papers, North Korea, Wikileaks and Bradley “Chelsea” Manning, Bin Laden, Edward Snowden, and on and on, are all fakes.  They are not real threats, but Hollywood-style scripted villains.  When the Snowden affair (what I call Wikileaks II) was big news a few months ago, my immediate reaction was the same as Tarpley’s: these boogeymen all evidence the same patterns.  Tarpley noted in his article that certain features mark limited psy op hangouts that easily dupe the mass man.  These features are as follows:

Image: Infowars.

1. The leakers become immediate mainstream media darlings.  While previously being unknown, the supposed “free press” suddenly exalts these unknown persons with shady back stories to the level of superstars.  The mainstream media, which is nothing but a stream of lies, suddenly reports accurately on a dangerous individual whose “leaks” threaten national security.  In reality, lamestream media avoids stories that aren’t crafted and scripted according to the Pentagon/CIA narrative.

2.  The official leakers and their big stories reveal little that is new, and never anything about 9/11 or JFK.  This is undoubtedly true about Wikileaks and Snowden, which leaked information that had been public for decades.  Nothing in those leaks had to do with big false flags, just the standard, mainstream “leftist” anti-war stances bolstered by old information that could have been found in Bamford’s books years ago.

3. Damascus Road conversions of the whistleblowers.  The establishment whistleblower was formerly a “high level” individual like Manning or Snowden or Ellsberg that magically feels a pang of conscience and when the scales fall from their eyes, they repent.  Their long, hard road of repentance leads to persecution from government and private officials that causes them to flee to other countries like China that are faux enemies of the US.  In reality, China is no enemy of the US, but the partner of the Anglo-global establishment.  The OSS and CIA established the Chinese Communist Party and Mao, while David Rockefeller is a big fan of the Party, according to his own Memoirs and writings.  Henry Kissinger gives public lectures on China as America’s partner in the “new world order.”

4. These operations prepare the way for larger deceptive activities, such as coups, fake color revolutions and wars.  Governments can now be toppled via social media, with the Twitter and Facebook “revolutions” of the past few years in the Middle East.  These “revolutions” are completely engineered, utilizing the “leaks” of the fake whistleblowers and their shady organizations and media connections that are almost always mainstream media outlets that have long been controlled by intelligence agencies.”

Dr. Steve Pieczenik had explained in great detail the Snowden Psy Op as follows:

See also Jon Rappoport’s indepth interview here.

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