United Skanks of Amerika!

Reggie's sexy tats.

A reader favorite.

Jay's Analysis

Shake it like a MickeyDeezNutz Salt Shaka! Shake it like a MickeyDeezNutz Salt Shaka!

By: Jay (and M.B.)

Honkytonk Badonkadonk!  Diet Coke and a Pizza Please! Big gurls, you are beautiful!!

Amerika is a special kind of Special Olympics:  one, big, nasty, Juggalo mosh pit. Satan said to Adam and Eve “do what thou wilt,” Satanist Aleister Crowley said, “do what thou wilt” and the gospel of Amerika is “eat what thou wilt.” The state religion is now Crowleayanity and is become a fecale arcade that even atheists rightly mock. Churches are dominated by fat, matriarchal flat-topped blobs and effeminate cowards. Women open their purses and the priests of Ashtoreth, who bow and tell them whatever they want to hear.

John Hagee is the living patron pigsaint of amerika. The daily ethos of our land is a genetically-modified ritual psychodrama that has destroyed the remaining vestiges of innocence. The complete joke that is Amerikan religion is itself now corporatized – it’s a product. Priests, mini-sized-ministers even dress like CEOs…

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