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Philosophy, History and Literature:

Raping Nature: Wells’ Island of Dr. Moreau and Ritual Bio-engineering

-H.G. Wells’ Time Machine and Scientism Propaganda: Esoteric Analysis

The Metaphysical Implications of Nominalist Economics

-Plato’s Phaedo – Esoteric Analysis

The Age of Transition and Scientism Fraud

Strawson’s Idea of Perception as Theory-Laden for the Philosopher, Alva Noe’s Action in Perception, and the Larger Transcendental Preconditions

Rational Theory Choice and Religious Traditionalism

Philosophy Phoenix Arises to Annihilate deGrasse Tyson 

Plato’s Cosmology and Achilles’ Shield Compared

We Platonists Shall Have the Victory Over Materialists

The Semiotics of Bond: Ian Fleming’s Use of Propaganda

Plato, Aristotle, Egypt and the Structure of Reality

Language Event, Narrative Structure and God

Dark Truths, Dark Future: The Great Secret

Dune the Novel – Esoteric Analysis

The Magus Novel – Analysis

Philo Sophia: A Pretentious Essay

Horkheimer, Adorno, Habermas and the Dialectic of Enlightenment

Esoteric Symbolism and Allegory in Faulkner’s Old Man

Esoteric Elements in Spencer’s Faerie Queen

Husserl’s Rejection of Nominalistic Skepticism and Affirmation of Universals

The Epistemology of Dogmatic Sciencey Skepticism

Spencer’s Use of Symbolism in the Visions of Petrarch

Kierkegaard’s Existential Despair and Western Dialectics

Kierkegaard, Nietzsche and Dostoyevsky Versus the Enlightenment Mythos

Hume and Kant: The Synthetic A Priori Problem

Cultural Marxism, Modern Art and Hipsterism

The Illuminist Communist Conspiracy Documented

Insert $.50 and Choose Player 1 in the Great Game

Alchemy in John Donne and Ben Johnson

Blood Meridian as Gnostic Tirade

Husserl’s Synthetic A Priori Argument from Mereology

Maximus, Sartre and the Dialectic of Time-Existence

The Good of Metaphysics and the Sophists

Symbolic and Platonic Usage of the Mirror in Ben Johnson and George Herbert

Casino Royale Novel Analysis

The Strangeloop, Metaphysical Models, and Reality

Tradition, A-Historical Positions and the Fallacy of Authority

Theology and Esoterica:

The Philosophy of Creation, Darwinian Evolution and the Absolute

Dialectics: Man’s Metaphysical Problem

New Atheists Refuted: Logic Presupposes Ethics and Metaphysics

-Plato, Crystals, Dimensions and Artificial Intelligence 

-Protestant Epistemology and Historic Theology

-Hollywood Babylon – The Inside Story on the Occult Empire

-Cryptography of the Cryptocracy: Of Gods and Computers

Creation Metaphysics and “A Single Unified Science”

The Cult of Scientism and Nikola Tesla’s Aether

Egyptian Mysteries of God and Energy in Relation to Modern Geopolitics

Energetic Aether Metaphysics

Numbers Prove God

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The Mystery of the Serpentine Mirror

Leibniz Plus John Dee = Golem Computers

From Thomism to Enlightenment Deism

More Problems in Western and Calvinistic Theology

The Olivet Discourse and Apocalypse as A.D. 70 Destruction

Light and the Feel of Numbers

Justin Martyr, Huxley and the Perennial Philosophy

Atheism and Total Vindication

Response to An Atheist

Angels and Demons – Or, How the gods are Real

Liturgy, Lilith and Satyrs

Responses to Protestant Objections to the Deuterocanon

Aquinas, Simplicity and the Convertibility of Being and Good

Modern Science Saw a Cherub and the World Fell

Transcendental Worldview/Systems Analysis – A Materialist Test Case

Some Problems for the Ontological Argument: Metaphysical, Epistemic and Theological

The Failure of the One and Many Argument and Van Til

Problems in Thomistic Epistemology

The Eastern Eschaton

How Calvinistic (Created) Imputed Righteousness is Refuted

Problems in Thomism: Essence/Energy

Response to a Calvinist on “Fallen Nature”

Gregory Nazianzus Versus the Thomistic ‘Analogia Entis’

Maximus, Van Til, Aquinas and Logos/Logoi

Lengthy Response to a Thomist 

Critique of Protestant and Thomistic Views of Divine Simplicity

Root Problems of Western Scholasticism

Satire and Commentary:

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Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Jay’s Review

Rise of the Demotic Freak Cult

Sad Max: Bored Warrior of the Asexual Apocalypse

Philosopher’s Stone of the Candy Crush World Oder

Ernest Scared Stupid: Illuminati Masterwork

Let Freedom Ring!

Lloyd Johnsonius: Putin Stinks!

Jessica Trendi Hearts Bono and Environment!

Ginger Snaps of the Apocalypse

My Interview with Comedian Chris Crofton

The United Skanks of Amerika

The Apotheosis of the Stupid


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