Mysteries of Ancient Philosophy & Metaphysics – Jay Dyer (Free Half)

Stepping back beyond Marcus Aurelius, this week we look into the origins of philosophy itself, the basic questions of metaphysics and the basic questions of theology. What is real? How can we know? How ought we live? What did ancient Egypt and Babylon think? From there, we move in hour two to look at ancient metaphysics and early Greeks, as well as the poets and Pre-Socratics. The first half is free, while subscribers to JaysAnalysis get the full 2 hour talks.

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3 Comments on Mysteries of Ancient Philosophy & Metaphysics – Jay Dyer (Free Half)

  1. Peter Walters // March 8, 2017 at 3:41 pm // Reply

    You make the ancients come alive, their thoughts coherent and relevant, and the whole damned subject fun and engaging, so more power to you Mr Dyer. Your efforts in encouraging us to look deeper into life and history and current events and indeed ourselves is very much appreciated. Bravo! Would it were that our once great culture could once again plumb the depths and find meaning and purpose. Who’s words were a stumbling block to the jews and a folly to the gentiles? I hope and pray that some sanity is restored to our world. I reckon it will come, in part, through people like yourself. Love your book.

    Regards Pete

    Sent from my i Phoney


  2. There are many things that I would like to say to you. But so don’t know how.

  3. Actually it should be “but I don’t know how.” Spellcheck blows.

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