(Vid) Jay Dyer Does MST3K Riffing – ‘Human Reproduction’ (Fan Made Test)

When I was in 8th grade I caught a bizarre show on satellite at my grandmother’s house. It was on The Comedy Channel and had a guy with two bots making fun of old movies. I fell in love, and always dreamt of doing my own MST3K. Here is a fun test run that was largely improv.

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4 Comments on (Vid) Jay Dyer Does MST3K Riffing – ‘Human Reproduction’ (Fan Made Test)

  1. Class of 1966… “founder of the Church of Satan” LOL Before watching this I thought labia was country in North Africa. Now would it really be appropriate for a parent to go into this much detail in response to the innocent question “Daddy, where do babies come from?” How come the guy is shown with pubic hair but the girl’s privates are shaven? Was this the style in the late 1940s? Great pick up line: “My testicles correspond to your ovaries.” So “blue balls” is a myth? “the common belief that masturbation or sexual intercourse are necessary to relieve pressure is absolutely not true” Oh well, there goes my excuse.

    I think I recognize the actor who played the father. He was in Fail Safe and To Kill A Mockingbird.

  2. These sex ed informational videos were fine back in their day I guess, but they’re mostly irrelevant now and only useful to be made fun of anyway. I mean, let’s face it, most of this stuff is invalid now as we can choose our “identity” of the day and discard it whenever convenient. For example, today I may identify as a black, left-handed, transsexual, lesbian wombat who hates my parental units, but next week I’ll likely change to something more trendy and important. Clearly a larger array of informational videos is required now! Or maybe we can just use the dystopian movies of the 60s, 70s, etc as our new instructional material.

  3. Abso-effen-lutely hilarious!! Thanks Jay for cracking me up regularly~

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