Trump, Post-Modernism, Paradigms & Debating Worldviews

Jay Dyer returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss his piece “Why I’m Finally Converted to Pro-Trump.” We talk about how Donald Trump’s election may represent a genuine challenge to globalism and to the entire Enlightenment mythos. Later we discuss Jay’s lecture on Seraphim Rose’s prophetic work Orthodoxy & the Religion of the Future – a book published in 1970s that was critical of the New Age, Eastern mysticism, Illuminism, globalism and called out alien/UFO phenomenon as a psy-op. Jay is the host of Jay’s Analysis He is the author of Esoteric Hollywood: Sex, Cults, and Symbols in Film.

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5 Comments on Trump, Post-Modernism, Paradigms & Debating Worldviews

  1. Another excellent conversation. About the UFO/ET Psy Ops, I assume you’ve read the article by John Lash “The Gnostic Theory of Alien Intrusion” ?
    Also, I would really enjoy your analysis of certain episodes of The Twilight Zone tv show.

  2. Yes, Jan Irvin has been talking about recreating the Hindu caste system for a while now (in regards to Huxley’s ilk)

  3. “But it sounds to me like Donald Trump is a man who will, once elected president–and I think I can guarantee you that he will–simply do as he pleases” – John David Ebert (January 26, 2016, Cultural Discourse,

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