The Legend of Anarchoville

By: Jay Dyer

Once upon a time there was an anarcho libertarian free society called Kokeshitan. These happy individuals began to work together with each other to do certain things individuals couldn’t and eventually created a free social contract, and voluntarily incorporated. Meanwhile, an equally free group of neighboring anarcho libertarians in Larkenville built their own private social contract with a different set of voluntarily agreed upon laws.

Eventually, these laws conflicted with Kokeshitan, so both sides decided to form a militia to fight. Many were not interested in fighting, so both sides decided that the defense of freedom required lying to convince sovereign citizens to join the war effort. Then, it was discovered both sides had sent spies and infiltrators into the other camp to disrupt and confuse the opposing parties and gain information. Both corporations enacted surveillance laws – to protect freedom and the market. Lo and behold, it never dawned on the two free, warring societies of voluntary individuals that their anti state society was merely a differently styled “state” under the name of no state. It also never dawned on them that no such fairy tale “freedom” ever existed in history as a real human experience (and never will).

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  1. p.s. I am looking forward to reading my autographed copy of Esoteric Hollywood and your voice impressions are par excellence.:)

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