Big Oil, Big Banks, and Big Money: War for Control of New World Order

Jay's Analysis

Behold the Crack of Doom!

Or, Total Systemic Collapse – By Design, Pt. 2

Part 1 here.

By: Jay

I wrote in my last post about the background to the coming collapse, including several links to espionage, false flags and economic issues.  This article will pick up with the economics issues.  As mentioned, the plan for collapse arises out the British model of divide and conquer,  concomitant with economic warfare.  One can in fact see a connection between the “7 nations”/Middle Eastern attack plan of the Pentagon and the World Bank/IMF attack on the Eurozone, which formerly occurred in Russia in the 90s under the Yeltsin administration.  As many writers have noted, the Yeltsin era was one of mafiaocracy, where bankers and mafiosos looted the economy of Russia, leading to currency devaluation and rapid inflation, while the megabanks funnelled the real wealth offshore.

While I am not advocating a Pro-Russian stance, this…

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