Game of Thrones: Atrocity Exhibition

The Soul of the East

In our age it is a sign of true culture and moral sophistication when someone declares how he or she is not of the “medieval” mentality. While this statement, being as obviously superfluous as it is obviously stupid, is common to almost everyone – so that true culture and moral sophistication are democratically distributed to any and all units of human trash – there is a sublime truth in its falsity. Namely the Middle Ages are the time span between the Resurrection and the Second Coming of Christ; if one is to retain the term in its proper sense, we are still very well in the midst of this despicable era. The Age of Transition, that is. But as the pejorative meaning of the term is absolutely the only one applied in both common and scientific moralistic discourse, we can discard the original for the use of those who believe…

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1 Comment on Game of Thrones: Atrocity Exhibition

  1. In not so many words, and far less eloquently, I concur with the writer. Looking at the minute details that get captured and ‘revealed’ it seems to me that the consumers of these advanced cinematographic productions are instantly served with awarness expansion. I have been through several psychological traumas that brought different levels of amnesia which raised my pain threshold (well, after therapy one learns interesting things). I wonder how many of the afore mentioned consumers can still listen to classical music. In other words, how many have been disensitized due to repeated traumatic sessions of viewing delusional (as opposed to real) attrocities. I wonder what effect would have the recent news of a restaurant in Nigeria being closed as it was found using human flesh. Probably nothing? What’s next?

    Thank you again for including the article in your blog.

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