Exclusive – Unedited Alex Jones / Charlie Sheen Interview w/Cobra Commander!

4 Comments on Exclusive – Unedited Alex Jones / Charlie Sheen Interview w/Cobra Commander!

  1. Awesome Cobra Commander Man, (which means you can also do Star-Scream)
    Funny six degrees of separation; About a month ago I worked an unpaid job doing lighting on a short comedy film. It was part of a film festival that was judged by one of Charlie Sheens “Goddesses.” The guy who directed the movie and arranged the festival told me he’d been speaking to her via phone shortly after Charlie had his supposed flip out. She would have been reviewing a crappy film I was part of while sitting in the living room of the great Tiger-Blooded, Vatican Assassin Warlock himself. Mere weeks later Chuck would appear on A.J and go nutsoid. Who knows maybe he saw the film and was driven berserk. If so I’m glad to have been very tangentially a part of history.

    • Awesome. Well you notice he came out waving the
      Machete today after I posted this. I know Alex and co watch my videos, so maybe the sheen saw this…

  2. Nice! If it sees it hopefully it’ll drive him so nuts he’ll go round the bend and become sane again! (BTW: Still looking for the Dark Knight Article you requested. My old PC crashed so I’ve been searching for backups of it on my memory sticks. Unfortunately my new PC doesn’t have a search feature for memory sticks and I can’t remember what I called the file so finding it may take some time)

  3. Oops. I meant to type if “HE sees it” not “If IT sees it.” Don’t know how I made that mistake. Then again in Charlie’s case, he really is almost more of an “it” than a “he.”

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