Satire: Alex Jones Lost Episode: Sheen, Nic Cage & Jeff Goldblum

Stream or download clip here. From H.B.C’s inside sources at Infowars is this lost installment of the Alex Jones show from the cutting room floor. Alex Jones interviews Charlie Sheen, Nicolas Cage and Jeff Goldblum for an update on the Bundy Ranch Standoff, George Soros’s secret DNA program to scientifically radicalize the Left. Metalhead Ted…

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ESOTERIC HOLLYWOOD: Jay Dyer on Ghostbusters (Audio) & High Weirdness

Based on my article of the same name, I deconstruct the hidden message in the 80s phenomenon, Ghostbusters. “This world is wild at heart and weird on top.” Stream or download here. To support my work, become a member at JaysAnalysis for 4.95 a month, or 60.00 a year, for my full talks and interviews, as well as purchasing my…

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Let Freedumb Ring

Originally posted on The Soul of the East:
Roll over, monarchs! The world is now run by virtuous, informed citizens who jealously guard their liberties and work tirelessly to keep themselves abreast of the latest legislation and geopolitical developments. Thanks to the Enlightenment, humanity was awakened to its own inner potential. We saw the divine…


Jay on HoaxBusters: Spy Culture, the Vatican & Imaginary Threats

I called in to the Hoax Busters Call for a great conversation that includes: “The Intelligence Revolution and the Future,” by Wesley K. Wark, Scientism, Social Darwinism, Stephen J Gould, ‘Many scientific “truths” are, in fact, false’, Allergies, Vaccines, Death by Doctor, Peer Review, Fast Food, Nutrition, Bill Gates, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cancer, Neo-Darwinism, Authority without Accountability,…

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David Bowie’s Occult Labyrinth – Esoteric Hollywood

    Recorded shortly before the news reports of Bowie’s death, I did a wild and wacky segment on Henson’s spandex classic with Bowie, The Labyrinth.  In this talk I cover my in-depth written analysis of the esoteric and occult elements of this children’s fantasy, replete with Jungian references, Egyptian hermeticism and the Golem.  


Jay on Austin Radio’s CryptoShow: SPECTRE and Impersonations

Housed at their studio at Brave New Books and blasting out on Austin FM, the CryptoShow asked me on to discuss real-world geopolitics and espionage, as well as requesting some of my own impersonations that I forced them to freely request.  The discussion was lively and lackadaisical as we cover a broad range of topics…


Jay w/Boiler Room: Cults, Feminism & Geopolitical Subterfuge

  Tune in to the Alternate Current Radio Network (ACR) for another LIVE broadcast of ‘The Boiler Room’ starting at 11:00 PM-1:00AM EST, or 8:00 PM-10:00PM PST every Wednesday. Join us for uncensored, uninterruptible talk radio, custom-made for barfly philosophers, misguided moralists, masochists, street corner evangelists, media-maniacs, savants, political animals and otherwise lovable rascals. Join…


Mega-Interview: The Magus, The Trickster & the Ape

This is one for the record books – 6 hour mega-interview: The Afternoon Commute from Hoax Buster’s Call asked me to come back for a conversation on everything under the sun, and that we do. Topics covered include: Reality and fiction, fictional worlds, The Black Dahlia, ritual murder, surrealism, dream states and Psy Ops, relativism and epistemic…


Spectacular GOP Republican Debate Extravaganza (4 hr)

Join the Alternate Current Radio Boiler Room for this GOP Debate Special! We’ll have your favorite cynics, philosophers, political animals, media maniacs, armchair anarchists, turntable troglodytes and barfly banditos in the peanut gallery for the upcoming GOP debate. Don’t shake your head in lone agony watching the bought and paid for “candidates” spin their webs of…


Jay On Boiler Room: Impersonations and Political Satire

I join the Boiler Room squad, including Patrick Henningsen, Daniel Spaulding, Hesher, and Spore for a satirical and comedic breakdown of the political landscape, including impersonations of Rand Paul, Nic Cage and Robin Leach. From there, Pat impersonates Trump and we delve into the gross and bizarre. Stream or download the podcast here. http://www.21stcenturywire.com


Rise of the Demotic Freak Cult

By: Jay Dyer Amongst the British elite, the notion of creating a sluggish, cave-dwelling troll class of Morlocks that parasitically feed on the beautiful, surface-dwelling Eloi that appeared in Wells’ fiction classic, Time Machine, is now becoming reality.  From transgender Bruce Jenner to CIS-gender “social justice warriors” to female “bishops” declaring God a “woman,” our senses are daily assaulted…


Jay Dyer with Matt Forney: Surfing the Feminist Waves

Matt Forney of MattForney.com, Reaxxion and Return of Kings joined me for a chat about his recent articles that have caused quite a stir. No stranger to controversy, JaysAnalysis was interested in jumping into the fray to talk with Matt about the history of suffrage, surfing the feminist waves, social engineering, leftist strategies,”humanitarian” foreign polices, radical Islam, online social…


Jay on the “Boiler Room” with Hesher: Pete Rose, Flat Earth and Beastmaster

21st Century Wire says… Tune in to the Alternate Current Radio Network tonight at 11:30 PM EST or 8:30 PM PST for another episode of the ‘Boiler Room’, a new mid-week, uninterruptible talk radio program designed for news hounds, media maniacs, savants, political animals and social rejects… Join ACR hosts Hesher, Spore, along with Patrick Henningsen…

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The ’84 Somerset Carnival – A Short Story

By: Jay [A short story I’ve played with as chapter one in a longer tale. -Jay] (c) copyright “It’s bad Juju man, seriously,” Krik warned. “Bad Juju? What the hell are you talking about? Is that what your mom told you after she heated-up the family a quaint American microwave gumbo special?” Mark laughed. “Nah…