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Jay’s Analysis has conducted interviews with NY Times’ #1 best seller, Jim Marrs, Col. Anthony Shaffer, Sen. Rand Paul (R), KY, author/commentators Phillip and Paul Collins of ConspiracyArchive.com, former Mi5 spymaster and whistleblower, Annie Machon, Reuters’ award-winning economics reporter Pedro da Costa, NY Times’ #1 best selling graphic novel artist for Game of Thrones, Tommy Patterson, as well as conducting debates with James White’s Alpha & Omega Ministries and top Catholic apologists, such as Gerry Matatics. Recently, Jay’s Analysis was featured on a roundtable interview event with veteran conspiracy researchers Jordan Maxwell and Richard C. Hoagland through Project Camelot, as well as being interviewed indepth by Romanian writer, philosopher and member of the Von Mises Institute, Ninel Ganea.  Jay’s Analysis articles and analyses have appeared on the web’s top alternative and religious sites, as well as appearing on the Alex Jones Show.  Jay’s Analysis has broken national news stories as well as surpassing the 500k views mark in under three years.

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