Artificial Intelligence (2001) – Transhumanist Fairy Tale

By: Jay Artificial Intelligence is the Stanley Kubrick script made into a 2001 film by famed director Steven Spielberg. A modern presentation of Pinocchio, the Spielberg/Kubrick A.I. operates on multiple levels as an allegory, as well as a morality tale of mankind’s potentially disastrous future given the rise of super advanced technology. Having viewed the film numerous times…

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Mark Hackard – Dostoevsky and Strategies of Subversion

RedIceCreations Radio3Fourteen ‘Mark Hackard is an independent foreign policy analyst. He earned a BA in Russian Language from Georgetown University and an MA in Russian, Eastern European and Eurasian Studies from Stanford University. Mark’s online project The Soul of the East is to ensure the valuable aspects of Russian political and religious thought are made…


Jay and Shawn Helton of 21Wire: ‘Mass Media Lense of Terror’

Shawn Helton of and I discuss the film ‘Nightcrawler‘ as an emblematic work portraying the mass media complex and their psychical subversion.  Nightcrawler details the transformation of independent video news gatherer Lou Bloom from nerdy crook to psychopathic success-bound executive.  The film is thus a microcosm of how mass media psy ops and aesthetic…


PARASITIC PROWL: Analysis of the Hollywood Pyschodrama ‘Nightcrawler’

Guest Post: Shawn Helton 21stCenturyWire The Hollywood thriller Nightcrawler takes you on a dark ride through the seedy streets of L.A., as death chasing video-stringer’s hunt for the next story to sell. When you peel back the layers of the film’s plot – you see a haunting vision of American media, popculture and hidden meaning……

A traumatized victim? Highly possible.

Lady Gaga ‘Raped’ – Victim of Mind Control?

By: Jay Readers will recall a recent piece I did on Katy Perry claiming she wanted to become an Illuminati Grand Mistress of the Dark Blooded Lord, and how this was not really a sensible analysis, given the dissimilar characteristics of Voltaire and Perry, despite both having mastery of the nuances of empiricist philosophy. So, at the moment, I’m…


Mind-Controlled Alters Documented

Originally posted on Jay's Analysis:
French film poster for the original Manchurian Candidate. By: Jay Discussions about “conspiracy” generally involve a handful of subjects, one of the top five of which is “mind controlled assassins” and the MKULTRA project.  MKULTRA encompassed numerous other projects including dozens of institutions, universities and programs designed to perfect the military (and now domestic)…

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The Subversion-Industrial Complex

Originally posted on The Soul of the East:
Playing in good faith by the rules of the world controllers earns certain undesirable peoples precisely zero credit. As a case in point, recent elections held in the war-ravaged east of Ukraine have unsurprisingly been summarily dismissed by Washington and Brussels. Any political expression running contrary to…

Bosch. Garden of Earthly Delights. Forms and Archetypes.

Plato’s Phaedo – Esoteric Analysis

By: Jay Phaedo is the dialogue of Plato that concerns Socrates’ final words.  The discussion revolves around a proposal by Socrates’ associates to defend his views of the afterlife and the immortality of the soul, followed by a counter argument by a Pythagorean, and a final rebuttal by Socrates before the recounting of his drinking the hemlock.  A great read, the…

T3. Skynet should've just sent the hot bot the first time, in the 80s.

Terminator Series – Revelation of the Coming A.I. Takeover

By: Jay I’ll spare you any Arnold impersonations, as The Terminator impersonation is perennially the material of hack comedians. On the contrary, the Terminator series is one of the more profound examples of predictive programming, establishing memes and implanting preparatory ideas comparable to The Matrix. While The Matrix is the classic conspiracy-genre trope for “awakening”…


Jay’s Advice on How to Get Chicks

By: Jay From the Mailbox an inquiring young mind asks: “Jay, your analyses rock my socks off. But my issues stem from not getting any attention from babes.  You seem to have that aspect of healthy living down to a damn science – could you divulge your secrets?” -Saeed Salami Great question, and yes, you’re…

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The Ninth Gate (1999) – Dante’s Esoteric Inferno

By: Jay Roman Polanksi’s 1999 The Ninth Gate is not his best film, but it does contain a high level of esoteric symbology and twilight references pertinent to researchers. Based on the novel The Club Dumas by Arturo Perez-Reverte, the film follows an antiquarian book dealer named Dean Corso (Johnny Depp) who is hired by…


JaysAnalysis w Brandon Turbeville: “Western Geopolitical Strategies”

In this interview, author and investigative journalist Brandon Turbeville and I discuss his many articles and books, as well as dissecting Western geopolitical strategies in Syria, Libya, Egypt, and the intelligence agency creation and support of ISIS, and machinations against Russia. We also delve into mass media psy ops and manipulation, as well as Brandon’s…


JaysAnalysis w Aaron Dykes: “The Techno Death Cult”

In this interview, Aaron and I discuss Bertrand Russell, the Fabian Society, the Cold War dialectic, breakaway civilization, and a selection of science fiction films Aaron found to be insightful, such as Snowpiercer, Soylent Green, and Zardoz. Check out Aaron and Melissa’s work here: Download the audio mp3 here.

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Against Monoculture

Originally posted on The Soul of the East:
Interdependence is supposedly cause for celebration in our era, and there can be no doubt that the peoples of Earth are more interconnected now than they ever were before.  Today, the culture of the so-called developed world is governed by ideas of egalitarianism and materialist cosmopolitanism. It’s believed…

Blacks ops and butt ops.

JaysAnalysis featured on The Spearhead Transmission

I joined the Spearhead Transmission guys on their podcast to discuss, in their words, “vital issues plaguing mankind like the dying era of bootylicious, Y2K sleeping bag cupcakes, spy safety razors, secret agent stray cats, and thrusting yourself into everyone’s face.” In a booze-fueled session of silliness, we discuss real issues and rank absurdity. It…

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Plato & Dostoevsky (Pt. II)

Originally posted on The Soul of the East:
We continue Russian academic Vladislav Bachinin’s analysis of Fyodor Dostoevsky as metaphysician and his kinship to Plato, the pagan philosopher who illuminated classical man’s vision toward a higher world of immortal essences. What ultimately unites Plato and Dostoevsky is the former’s anticipation and the latter’s glorification, even…

"Wacky"?  A clear subliminal sexual reference.

Ernest Scared Stupid (1991) – Illuminati Masterwork

By: Jay Satire. Deep within the darkest recesses of the human psyche dwells a Luciferian figure of unparalleled esoteric power.  You are probably thinking, “Satan,” “the Antichrist,” “Dr. Mengele,” “Dr. Kevorkian,” “Dr. Zhivago,” “Dr. Jay,” but all those worthy contenders pale in comparison to the Illuminati’s greatest masterpiece of occult mind control: Ernest Scared Stupid.…


The Establishment Shadow Government is SPECTRE

By: Jay Pondering the news attention the famed Pink Panther diamond ring has garnered, I was reminded of something out of a Bond novel.  Judging by the 2D news narrative, we are expected to believe that this ring of some two hundred crooks operates under unknown leaders plotting in the dark, as noble authorities and intelligence officials feverishly work ’round clock to apprehend the fiends.  Diamonds Are…

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Plato & Dostoevsky (Pt. I)

Originally posted on The Soul of the East:
Fyodor Dostoevsky was more than just a writer; he was a penetrating philosopher and metaphysician who passed through the abysses of the spirit in search of divine perfection. In his work Dostoevsky: The Metaphysics of Crime, Russian scholar Vladislav Bachinin examines Dostoevsky’s kinship with Plato, the pagan philosopher honored…

Today's Meditation: Freedom!

Let Freedom Ring!

By: Jay Today’s Meditation: Freedom! The world is now run by virtuous, informed citizens who jealously guard their liberties and work tirelessly to keep themselves abreast of the latest legislation and geopolitical developments.  Thanks to the Enlightenment, humanity was awakened to its own inner potential. We saw the divine spark within ourselves, and realized we…