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Attack of the Cults

Originally posted on The Soul of the East:
Conquest doesn’t always come by way of direct invasion and occupation; more subtle means, such as sustained psychological and spiritual warfare, have proven even more successful at suborning target populations. Vladimir Mikhailovich Chernyshev, head of the Faculty of the History of Western Confessions and lecturer at the…

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Globalist Jihad

Originally posted on The Soul of the East:
The January 7th murder of twelve people at the offices of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris, purportedly by a cell of radical Muslims, has shocked not only French society, but the entire Western world. Indeed, the luminaries of the “international community” have risen up in…

Propaganda Media.

New York Mag Calls Out JaysAnalysis – My Response

By: Jay A piece by Jessica Roy of New York Magazine titled “A Guide to the Charlie Hebdo Shooting Conspiracy Theories” has been published that reads as follows regarding yours truly: “The Charlie Hebdo attack was a “false flag” operation by Western nations to stoke war between Judeo-Christian and Islamic nations. Some of the typical conspiracy-theory-peddling…


JaysAnalysis w/Mark Hackard: Strategy of Tension and Technocracy

In this new interview, Russia analyst Mark Hackard of SouloftheEast.org returns to discuss the recent Paris events and Gladio, the fishy elements surrounding it, as well as the history of Sovietism and Nazism, the banking dictatorship, technocracy and feminism, Dostoyevsky’s works, cults and SPECTRE, and much, much more! If you like what you hear, subscribe…

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Ivan Ilyin: On the Devil

Originally posted on The Soul of the East:
In this 1947 essay, Russian philosopher Ivan Ilyin (1883-1954) addresses the reality of the devil in history and our own time. Tellingly, the advance of the secular and materialist outlook has corresponded with an ever-growing fascination with the demonic – along with its public justification. Translated by Mark…

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Soul Hackers

Originally posted on The Soul of the East:
With the closing of another year marked by media hysteria, the narrative that the crazed hermit North Korean regime orchestrated the hacking of the Japanese-owned Hollywood company Sony, thereby assaulting our precious freedom to crank out cultural subversion, has quickly begun to fall apart. From the beginning…

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The Bankster International

Originally posted on The Soul of the East:
Geopolitical analysis, the art of explaining power relationships through the prism of impersonal geography, can be a helpful tool for observers of the Great Game – but it also has its limitations. A case in point is the renewed US-Russia confrontation. Think tanks and policy insiders easily…

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JaysAnalysis feat. on Red Ice Creations

Jay Dyer is a writer and researcher from the Southern US who obtained his B.A. in philosophy, while his graduate work focused on the interplay of literary theory, espionage and philosophy. His website, JaysAnalysis, is dedicated to investigating the deeper themes and messages found in our globalist pseudo culture, illustrating the connections between philosophy, metaphysics,…

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JaysAnalysis on EvolveandAscend – “MKULTRA and Pop Culture” Audio

In our third episode of our Liberation Frequency podcast, Jennifer Sodini interviews Jay Dyer of JaysAnalysis.com. The two discuss MK Ultra, secrets hidden in plain sight, the esoteric agenda of the ruling elite, Interstellar, ETs and philosophy. This enlightening interview exposes a new way to view the stories and events “orchestrated” by the mainstream media.…


JaysAnalysis w Collins Bros-The UFO/Alien Scam Dismantled

This interview from last year needed to be redone because it was low quality.  The information, however, is top-notch and debunks the modern “alien” scam for what it is – a program engineered by deviant elites to sell a new mythos.  The alien mythos is now promoted by the “scientific” establishment as tolerable through ideas like…


Sad Max: Bored Warrior of the Asexual Apocalypse

By: Jay I grew up loving George Miller’s post-apocalyptic Mad Max series.  I think all of us, like rubber-neckers at an accident, have some inner fascination with the potential for a complete collapse and destruction of the existing order and the hope for something new, and often the human imagination projects such yearnings into art in a unique…


Artificial Intelligence (2001) – Transhumanist Fairy Tale

By: Jay Artificial Intelligence is the Stanley Kubrick script made into a 2001 film by famed director Steven Spielberg. A modern presentation of Pinocchio, the Spielberg/Kubrick A.I. operates on multiple levels as an allegory, as well as a morality tale of mankind’s potentially disastrous future given the rise of super advanced technology. Having viewed the film numerous times…

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Mark Hackard – Dostoevsky and Strategies of Subversion

RedIceCreations Radio3Fourteen ‘Mark Hackard is an independent foreign policy analyst. He earned a BA in Russian Language from Georgetown University and an MA in Russian, Eastern European and Eurasian Studies from Stanford University. Mark’s online project The Soul of the East is to ensure the valuable aspects of Russian political and religious thought are made…


Jay and Shawn Helton of 21Wire: ‘Mass Media Lense of Terror’

Shawn Helton of 21stcenturywire.com and I discuss the film ‘Nightcrawler‘ as an emblematic work portraying the mass media complex and their psychical subversion.  Nightcrawler details the transformation of independent video news gatherer Lou Bloom from nerdy crook to psychopathic success-bound executive.  The film is thus a microcosm of how mass media psy ops and aesthetic…