Jay Dyer’s Lecture Series on Plato’s Republic (Free Halves)

Subscribe for 4.95 a month or 60.00 per year for the full talks and lectures.

Subscribe for 4.95 a month or 60.00 per year at the PayPal links for full talks and lectures.

In this popular series from last year, I covered the entire book of Plato’s monumental Republic.  Arguably the most influential philosophy text of all time, the Republic demonstrates a city and state governed by the mystical and esoteric doctrines of Platonism and Pythagoreanism.  In these lectures, full subscribers get access to the full content MP3s.

Lecture 1: Bks. I-II Magical Rings and Secret Societies, YouTube Here – Half MP3 Here

Lecture 2: BK. III Music and Triadic Hierarchy: Subscription Only.

Lecture 3: BK. IV The Apollonian Mysteries, The Ideal State & Eugenics: Subscription Only

Lecture 4: Bk. V Secrets of the Elite – Half YouTube Here – Half MP3 Here 

Lecture 5: Bk. VI The Noetic Light of the Intelligible Sun – Half YouTube – Half MP3 Audio

Lecture 6: Bk. VII – Allegory of the Cave – Subscription Only.

Lecture 7: Bk. VIII – The Pythagorean City – Half YouTube Here

Lecture 8: Bks. IX-X – The Ancient Mysteries and Republic Overview – Subscription Only

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