Jay Dyer on God, the Devil, and Tragedy & Hope w/Tim Kelly

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Jay Dyer returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss the latest installments of his Tragedy & Hope lecture series. We talk about Napoleon Bonaparte and how he was a likely agent of the dominant European banking houses. We also discuss the intrigues of the Atlanticist powers in the interwar period and how their dual policy of appeasing and demonizing Hitler was a dialectic created to foment yet another European general war with the goal being the creation of a two bloc or bipolar world. Later we reflect on 9/11 and the nature of evil.




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2 Comments on Jay Dyer on God, the Devil, and Tragedy & Hope w/Tim Kelly

  1. Tarpster Webley // September 16, 2016 at 4:53 pm // Reply

    Good afternoon and welcome to Crisis World Radio.

    My friends I must once again turn my attention to the website of a reactionary, neo-confederate, racist, historical revisionist and likely clopper by the name of Jay Dyer and this new interview he has done with an aspiring fascist, neorectionary one Mr. Tim Kelly.

    Mr. Dyer is once again blaming many the ills of the modern world on FDR, Hero of The Working Man and alleging that he was somehow complicit in the unprovoked Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor as well as conspiring with the Venetian oligarchic money powers in the New Deal recovery from the Great Depression.
    Do not be fooled my friends, nothing could be further from the truth!
    This is just more far-right wing reactionary propaganda!

    He no doubt opposes President Barack Obamerrr not for the valid reasons I noted in my 2008 book, but because he and his associates are neo-confederate white-supremacist, retrograde, monicharcial, homophobic, reactionary, Austerity Ghouls such as are in Donald Trump’s Wall Street cabal.

    We need a president who will inspire America as John F. Kennedy did when he stood against Kruschev’s Russian missiles in Cuberrr, we need Hillary Clinton as President so the Clintonistas like can perhaps loot Russia again!

    History has shown that the sickest US Presidents have also been the greatest US Presidents*, so you all must vote for Hillary Clinton and not the retrograde, neoreactionary, Fascist Donald Trump!


    *Although this comment is obviously satire, Tarpley actually did say “sickest presidents were also the greatest” in a recent post
    He’s also doing a subscription service for $7.99/month, maybe in imitation of your neoreactionary blog

    Looking forward to the election being over so your Tarpley impersonations will return again

  2. Race problems and spiritual problems are connected. They cannot be separated. We cannot pass on spiritual health to future generations without passing on racial health.

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