Prof. Alexander Dugin – Transhumanism

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2 Comments on Prof. Alexander Dugin – Transhumanism

  1. “…Heidegger is not only a great philosopher, on par with other greats, but, in fact, the greatest of them all. He occupies the place of the last prophet, concludes the development of the first stage of philosophy (from Anaximander to Nietzsche), and serves as the transition, the bridge to a new philosophy, which he only anticipates in his works. In that case, Heidegger is an eschatological figure, the final interpreter and clarifier of the most profound and enigmatic subjects in world philosophy, and the creator of a radically new way of thinking. As a result, we can view him as a figure in a religious pantheon, as an “envoy of Being itself,” a herald and organizer of the greatest event… ~ Alexandr Dugin, Martin Heidegger: The Philosophy of Another Beginning, 2014”
    — I was actually enjoying some of Dugin’s newer toned down and thoughtful videos (and thanks for introducing him to me). Then I came accross this video with lot’s of the classic fascist psychological hints similiar to what Trump uses. I much as I detest the very existence of Trump, there are clear political reasons for Russia to support anyone who is not HRC. However, when I came across this patently absurd statement on Heidegger I was a bit speechless. WTF, man?

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