14 Comments on JaysAnalysis: Genesis & the Creation Mysteries with Tommy Hamilton (Half)

  1. Jay, very interesting conversation during this first half of show. Thanks. I invite you AND your guest this time to study the Biblia Sacra with its included Nominum Interpretatio. This would be very important to the topic being discussed. I will provide a link to download a very rare complete, uncorrupted 1685 Biblia Sacra. I can provide earlier scanned copies by several centuries of Biblia Sacra that concur as well. Within are six pages of utmost importance and are absolutely needed to understand the old testament. Here is link to download. It comes in ten parts and total about 1gig on your drive.Thanks, Jeff.

  2. Why is it censoring the link?

  3. one of your best interviews!

  4. There are a number of things with which I have issue when hearing and reading this kind of stuff:

    1. It is enough to observe that the biblical/Christian account of creation, cosmology, anthropology and unwinding of history is completely incompatible with evolutionism in any sense. Trying to actually offer an account of HOW the seven Days happened in their “mechanics” is to get lost in details.

    2. It is actually wrong to call the garden of Eden “historical” in our sense of the word because history actually started with the fall. Like I said, everything about Eden is completely opposed to darwinism, but that doesn’t mean we have to extrapolate our sense of “historical” where it has no place. For example, to try to measure the history of the world starting with the creation in the Garden of Eden is completely wrong, because our sense of time is actually a result of the fall. Likewise, our days are only shadows of the archetypal Days of creation.

    3. Speaking of time it is once more beside the point to worry so much about how old the world actually is. It doesn’t have any bearing on anything essential in our Faith. Likewise, St Paul delivers a warning to Timothy so as to stay away from idle speculation regarding genealogies and the like. With good reason.
    We can’t know if the genealogies in Genesis are actually complete from top to bottom or are reduced to some essential characters; the era of Abraham can be closer or more remote than we think, either way it doesn’t touch on anything essential when it happened.

    4. I see this guy is very interested in the story of the nephilim, in battles of the antedeluvian world etc etc. Many people nowadays are. At best this can be an idle curiosity, at worst it can lead to a serious deflection in the spiritual life as well as an over-fascination with things demonic.
    Besides, people who spend much time speculating on these things give me the impression that, for them, the mysteries of the Incarnation, of the Resurrection, of the Transfiguration or, simply put, the central principles of our spiritual lives, are just not enough exciting for them.

    Don’t take this the wrong way, some of the stuff here is interesting, but I am only offering some observations on this matter.

  5. History in its archetypal shape may not be postlapsarian, but our way sense of historic certainly is. Therefore it is wrong to extrapolate our experience of time.

    And yes, I noticed what you two say about nephilim, but what does this have to do with what I wrote?

    • Yes, time was likely experienced in a different way, hence the length of lifespan even after the fall. I thought you had a comment on nephilim. Maybe I read the wrong comment.

  6. I had to read the Epic of Gilgamesh in college, I couldn’t help but notice it’s similarity to the Noah story.

    As the Pentateuch is attributed to Moses who lived in between 1400 BCE and 1201 BCE while Gilgamesh dates from approx. 2100 BCE wouldn’t it be logical to conclude that Gilgamesh being older would either the original or at least closer to the original oral story than the biblical version?

    • I would tend to doubt traditional academic ratings in general, including ancient dynasties. Ironically even mainline academia has revamped these dating theories. For a long time for example, Hittites were an anti biblical argument because of a lack of archaeological evidence and then lo and behold they are uncovered.

  7. The essay you mention early on, can you find it and post title or link in comments? Thanks

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