Decoding The Most Powerful Mind Control Tool in the World – Jay Dyer

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Leak Project invited me on:

“Esoterica in Hollywood, Subliminal Programming & Conditioning

Did you know that many clandestine agencies and branches of the DoD work within Hollywood? What if television and programing was often designed at the top levels to control your mind and how you think from the subconscious level?

Analysis of the Following Films and TV Series

Stranger Things

The Last Ship

House of Cards

Terminator / Skynet

Labyrinth / David Bowie


Family Guy


27 Club


Magick and the Occult”

1 Comment on Decoding The Most Powerful Mind Control Tool in the World – Jay Dyer

  1. 27 club is based on the astrological cycle of Saturn that occurs every 28 years in each and every one..Saturn symbolised by goats and laws/boundaries and the metal lead and the colour black.And in myth was associated with Cronus who ate his children.Check out the Saturn Death Cult by Troy Machlan on line.I have heard George Michael sold his soul to a coven in North London UK in the 80,s…later he wanted to renegotiate but couldn’t leave,that was when he fell from grace and started to have problems with the label ,the media and the law.Many Satanists in London and the U.K.Check out the whistleblower kids and the Hampstead case(North London again ) ..not for the faint hearted.Great interview and RIP Dave McGowan ..Namaste x

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