(Vid) The ‘Great Work’ of the Illuminati’s Liberal Imperium – Jay Dyer

A brief history of the real plan of the banker-backed Illuminists, consummated in the ‘Great Work’ of erecting the “liberal,” Orwellian Brave New World.



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3 Comments on (Vid) The ‘Great Work’ of the Illuminati’s Liberal Imperium – Jay Dyer

  1. melponeme_k // July 22, 2016 at 1:06 am // Reply

    I can see where you are confusing the aims of a few deluded elitists with the aims of enlightenment and the U.S. You are delegating this almost magical ability to certain elites to control everything down the nth degree. They don’t have that much power except what they can convince us they have through mass media means.

    The Skull & Bones society has tried to shape America since its inception in the 1800s. Their aim is in plain site on their logo. 322. The fall of the first democratic state, Athens. A form of democratic state that was gone from the earth for a thousand years and change until the United States. This group has taken power over the U.S. and made its aims (Luciferian destruction) the aims of the United States. But you are gravely mistaken in thinking that this cuckoo’s egg is what the United States was founded upon. The founders were not perfect, they made huge mistakes. But their aim was not to seek and destroy any and all societies. That is the aim of the S&K and other groups like them.

    We know this group exists. We know its members won’t talk about it. We have some of the member lists. We even know some of their crazy rituals. And their heraldry states outright what they want, destruction of all democratic ideals.

    These people don’t work in tandem with all elites. They are many different groups with their own aims that for the moment have common cause. But the minute they meet up with a common people zeitgeist (Enlightenment), they fall apart. There is no reasonable way to explain that they would voluntarily lose power and allow their own royalty to be murdered by the people. There isn’t and they spent the greater part of history since then trying to reestablish that lost world. They are falling apart now over the silly Trump candidacy. S&K is now in the process of naked dancing, crazy sex magic, calling to the devil and all his minions, gnashing their teeth over the fact that one of their own will not be in the White House come 2017.

    • “over the fact that one of their own will not be in the White House come 2017.”

      How could one possibly decisively know that the candidate is *not* ‘one of their own’? And who’s to say there won’t be that novel first female president? Just wondering.

      @Jay, thanks for this series, it’s been interesting.

      • melponeme_k // July 22, 2016 at 9:42 am //


        The only way the other sham candidate will get into the White House is if the Supreme Court steals the election again via vote counting fraud. But I believe the votes will be far and away more for the other, which will make this machination look as phony as it is. Just as all their howling on the MSM via politicians, TV newsheads and celebrities are showing up all of them as paid off bagmen. The fact that they are doing this is proof Trump isn’t on the same page as the Skull & Bones.

        His potential VP though, is questionable.

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