Jay wAfternoon Commute: Geopolitics, Plato, Crystals & Dimensions


I join Chris and John and Andreas on the latest Hoaxbuster’s Call to discuss staged terror, psy ops, Turkey, France and Syria in geopolitics, metaphysics, alchemy, aether physics, elites, Royal Society, frauds and cons, Plato, dimensions, crystals and number theory, paradoxes and immaterial realities, Godel, A.I, and higher dimensions.



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32 Comments on Jay wAfternoon Commute: Geopolitics, Plato, Crystals & Dimensions

  1. james grey // July 20, 2016 at 7:05 pm // Reply

    great discussion. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chamber_of_Reflection the secret societies are all practicing conservation of personal energy (virya). Achieving mental states that do not drain energy (samadhi). Charging energy by sex magic (semen retention). 1000 days of charging up energy? The person is pumped up with energy and can begin to explore the 7 invisible worlds that coexist with the physical – for example with enough energy you can set an intention to wake up in your dreams which is the desire world. The Sheldrake morphic field (nature architecture) is in the 4th invisible world of life spirit along with ancestral memory. Occult pantheism regards all 7 worlds as a manifestation of God. The occultists are looking to pull energy out of the higher worlds and/ or out of other people (energy vampirism). The film Neon Demon released this month shows this ritual energy vampirism in the fashion industry.

  2. Great Call. I wish I could have stuck around longer. This why people need long form discussion and contemplation. Not sound bytes and memes.

  3. Melponeme_k // July 21, 2016 at 6:43 pm // Reply

    Alchemy is the paramount belief system of the elites. However they have used it to further their own agenda and glorify themselves.

    At its most basic, spiritual alchemy is much like Buddhism. The goal is to become enlightened. But the alchemy that we see in mass media are the mouthpieces for the elites, this alchemy is highly gnostic and has borrowed Plato’s concept of Philosopher Kings. The knowledge needed to become this Philosopher King is solely the secret knowledge that the elite hoard. We see other deformed renditions of this belief system such as Crowley’s moon child concept (which some say his follower Jack Parsons attempted to create).

    The elite Alchemy is all about creating a pure blooded super race (themselves) that is just so gosh darned wonderful that DAMMIT we little peasants MUST worship them. The evidence for this is historical, all anyone needs to do is look at the heraldry of royalty, notice how they refer to themselves and their rituals (Healing Hands of the King, The King/Queen is dead, Long Live the King/Queen). Mass media alchemy by and large is focused on celebrating pure blooded magical people who are so special they must lead. In fact we all fall for this story time and time again.

    The one wrench in the system was the enlightenment. Which again, I think you are wrong in believing that the elite were behind it. They were not. Up until the 1700s they had it good with the little people in their place. Then we upped and killed most of them off. They want that world again. They dream of it. A world like the brutal middle ages with constant skirmishes, petty thievery, wars of every form and Droit du Seignor. A world like Brazil. That is their heaven.

  4. Jay, this was an excellent discussion. What is important to note is how the modern mentality has been infused with anti-traditional presuppositions. In my opinion the best framework for understanding the nature of the elites is Guenonian. Especially his Reign of Quantity. Because we now do not have a traditional understanding of ‘the world’ we are disarmed, and easily distracted. The modern destruction of metaphysics was purposefully used to destroy our thinking which can be seen all around in the confused thought processes of those trying to grasp our strange reality.

    For example, the notion of reincarnation is taken seriously with absolutely no understanding of whether it is metaphysically possible or not. What is taken as evidence as a ‘reincarnated’ person is – through a traditional framework – seen as unformed and unintelligent psychic residue. Memory, thoughts, ideas literally floating around and manipulated for nefarious purposes by ‘demonic forces’, which have their own level of existence. There are, in traditional metaphysics, many levels, indeed according to Guenon an ‘indefinite’ amount as opposed to ‘infinite’.

    The confusion of terms and misunderstandings are necessary to stop us asking precise questions. For example, if there is reincarnation/transmigration, what reincarnates? People will say ‘soul’, but what is soul? What is is composed of? What is man composed of? What is a person?

    Many who try to understand the world are burdened by unquestioned materialist assumptions, which play into the hands of those who are not so conditioned.

    Jay, I would love to hear you talk with Charles Upton, ‘traditionalist’ author and poet, who is very influenced by Guenon, Frithjof Schuon et al. His newish book ‘Vectors of the Counter-initiation’ is very very interesting

  5. I would hereby like to request a special Patreon side fundraising co-campaign between Jay’s Analysis and Hoax Busters to send Jay and at least one of Chris & John to the Hiroshima memorial park & museum complex and give us a trip report and some interviews, and really put this whole ‘nuke bombs aren’t real’ premise to the test. (Also go to a Japanese baseball game or the sushi place from that Dreams of Sushi movie or toilet-paper James Corbett’s house or something.)

    I can’t believe Jay’s been more or less won over to the ‘nuke bombs hoax’ idea. As with the moon landing (of which I am actually a strong skeptic) it needs to be pointed out that just because a large proportion of the images produced of the phenomena are clearly fake or doctored, does not mean that the conclusion, ‘this phenomena does not actually exist’ is proven or even strongly supported. There are still thousands of living survivors and witnesses of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, probably at least a million living people who had a witness or survivor in their family. By the summer of ’45 the people of Japan had seen enough heavy ordnance raining on their industrial cities to have a pretty keen sense of the difference between conventional high explosives, firebombing, and a new superweapon they later learned was called a nuclear bomb.

    If you spend a few grand you can go look at them and talk to them yourselves tomorrow. If you want to spend more you can go talk to Aleutians or somebody who lived within 100 miles of Tsar Bomba when it went off in Russia, etc. etc. This is all very strong evidence for the existence of nuclear weapons, that ‘the great majority of images of nuclear explosions released to the press appear to be faked/doctored’ is not enough to discredit. I could go on and on about how preposterous it is to think that nuclear weapons aren’t real, but I think someone like Dr. Farrell would be a great guest on one of these calls to talk about nukes and why you might not want to release authentic data of your H-bomb tests to the world, including real imagery. (My understanding is that Dr. Farrell believes that the behavior of atomic explosions very strongly suggests the existence and properties of some higher-dimensional physics concepts that are not discussed in public education and kept as best they can be as state secrets.)

    • The argument according to Chris is that it was large scale fire bombs, not nukes. Chris does not argue no one was killed by the attack.

    • Nuclear energy is not the same as nuclear bombs. The doctoring of the images at Lookout Mountain doesn’t call it into question? That is the only evidence of such bombs, since no one has ever exploded a “nuke.”

    • I don’t know what transpired in this series of comments but I will comment here and bare no ill will toward Anacardo.
      How does a nuke bomb blast witness know what a nuke bomb blast looks like? What point of reference do they have? None. They got told it was a nuke. You are correct when you say” Dr. Farrell believes”…. because that is all one can do is believe. I will attempt to get him on The AC to discuss our ridiculous viewpoints.

      Shouldn’t this picture be impossible? Shouldn’t the photographer be dropping dead from the seething deadly radiation? No instead they are giving tours??? Where is all the dead birds that should be dropping out of the sky?


      • What transpired was my interest in smjs original post, which was a list of links in no coherent argument. I asked him to lay out an argument and he linked another copy and past of ten links from some forum. This was followed by a host of insults and claims that philosophers are hustlers. When quizzed about other things that are unseen (laws of logic) and perfectly rational to believe in, smjs got more incoherent and irrational, so it devolved into a waste of time, since anything I said was philosopher mumbo jumbo and bullshit. That is what transpired.

  6. The Russians definitely, and perhaps the French, British and/or Chinese, have released public domain images and footage of their own atomic bomb tests. Scratch and sniff those as you will but they certainly didn’t all come from the special effects stage at Lookout Mountain, CA.

    • All nations in which the British and their spies and Masons took control.

    • Dude, you can’t trust wartime photography. Is this a real “nuke program”? lol


      • anacardo // July 22, 2016 at 6:41 pm //

        No arguments re: North Korea being some kind of spook-media wink-and-a-nod state for at least as long as we’ve been adults (I’m 33.) One night when I was living in Los Angeles, I had to walk through a flash mob some cult had put on in a plaza in Koreatown passing out fliers for ‘peace with North Korea.’ loooooool.

        I think it’s demonstrable that the DRPK is a pliant theater puppet, as well that the long-term health effects of fallout exposure are apparently less dire(Dyer?) than has been purported by deliberate fear-mongers like Carl Sagan. Good news for the people of Ukraine and Japan, Fukushima’s probably not going to kill the ocean, Alex Jones misses on another prediction.

        That shit is still not good for your seed and I would do as the US Army is now offering to serving Middle Eastern personnel and getting my jizz frozen before doing duty on an airpad somewhere near where we’ve blown the shit out of a town with ‘depleted’ uranium.

        None of that makes ‘nuke bombs are all Masonic Royal Society 33rd degree shadowmaster puppet theater’ tenable! Jay, you seem to understand the gist of the chemistry & physics of uranium fission technology. The nature of the ‘system’ (which is ultimately just a big fucking pile of highly purified uranium of a particular isotope with a shitload of fairly crude safety features built around it) is always to seek to go to an uncontrolled reaction. A plant like Oak Ridge is constantly trying to melt down and the task of the people who work there is to keep the pile at a nice controlled water-boiling glow. The weaponized potential of a uranium pile was predicted in the literature of Enrico Fermi & other great physics minds of the early 20th. It’s an incredible engineering and industrial challenge to build an atomic weapon, first to refine the metal and then to construct a trigger mechanism that will force the uranium charges into critical mass very very quickly and precisely, but the outlines are obviously suggested in the very nature of a fission pile, obvious enough that there were multiple A-bomb projects running throughout the war to varying degrees of success. Dr. Farrell is again very learned about all of this stuff and I’d again really like to see you guys invite him to Hoax Busters to talk about it.

        Look, I really like the Dyer – Hoax Busters mega calls, I wouldn’t listen to them if I didn’t, you guys take deep dives on some very good topics, but I feel like you guys do a lot of daring each other into new daredevil heights of epistemic skepticism and it does shit to y’all’s perspective. It’s like what you and John do in lieu of roasting a couple of joints or doing shots together.

    • Wildlife thrives in Chernobyl .. hmmm

      • For the record,I don’t smoke pot, nor do I drink hard liquor.

      • anacardo // July 24, 2016 at 6:40 pm //

        You really should occasionally, John. Well, personally I’d recommend v small doses of THC-infused chocolate, probably with a minder the first time as those things aren’t to be fucked with even for experienced psychonauts. Let’s meet up at WinStar sometime and play some poker and get stoned in the parking lot and debate the ultrafine boundaries of hoax theory.

  7. Like, what about the endless research hours put into the intrigues and spycraft around the acquistion of nuclear weapons by the USSR, India, Pakistan, Israel, et al? Is that all just fake red herrings? Are you saying that Mordecai Vanunu got burlap-bagged by Mossad in Italy and dragged back to Tel Aviv to spend years in jail as a traitor to Israel for leaking nuclear secrets as.. what, a particularly inspired peace of Zionist street theater?

    • Look at Servando’s Psychological Warfare and the New World Order in regards to how preposterous Bay of Pigs and Castro are, and thus how deception at this level might be possible.

  8. The fuck am I looking at. I call your bet. You’re from the folks that brought the Flat Earth spammers to every big forum site on the Web. Provide a succinct summary of your disagreement with the section of my arguments that you have highlighted, please.

    • I’m interested in the flat earth connection here. This profile? Which forum ?

      • anacardo // July 24, 2016 at 6:47 pm //

        Will reply to the website contact email. Just observations of shillwork from years of years of membership on big forum sites – poker players, college sports fan sites, Dan Carlin’s history podcast forum, etc.

  9. Well, if nothing else this conversation has at least inspired me to turn off the email push notifications on my phone.

  10. Deleting that trollbot guy makes me sound like I’m being a complete asshole for no reason, lol

    • I banned him because I wanted to.

      • anacardo // July 24, 2016 at 7:54 pm //

        Right right but future readers who missed the bright flowering burst that was smj from fakeologist are going to look at this and think that at some point I just flipped my shit and started calling Jay Dyer a Fake Earth shill for no reason. I want the record to state that this is not how that went down and that neither Jay nor any other man remaining in this thread has by word or deed earned that kind of glove-slap to the face.

      • “smj” was here to say that anyone who is a philosopher is a “hustler” and belief in anything that is not immediately empirically verifiable is nonsense. Basically the same crap Yawn Irvin peddles – the luminary who literally thinks Goethe is Kurt Godel.

      • anacardo // July 25, 2016 at 4:42 pm //

        A friend of mine, a mathematician and fairly Huxley-minded guy, sees the Godel narrative as a guy discovering the hard limits on the possible within his craft and basically becoming so depressed and broken-hearted by this metaphysical limit on Total Information Awareness that he lost his mind in a very ‘Beautiful Mind’ sort of story. He doesn’t place any credence on Godel’s tripping over the Bertrand Russell Gang and getting pushed out of public life by the NWO, but he also hasn’t read Russell’s books. Speaking of which, do you have any plans for an episode on The Impact of Science on Society? I think that one’s like 150 pages or something, everyone with a Kindle could follow along.

      • Yes I do. Godel saw what was in Russell

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