Superbowl & Grammy’s: Black Magic Helter Skelter Race War w/Illuminatiwatcher

In this free first hour interview of Esoteric Hollywood, Isaac Weishaupt of joins myself and Jamie Hanshaw to discuss the recent mega-ritual social engineering events known as the Superbowl and the Grammy’s.  Delving into the esoteric side, we begin analyzing the alchemical and occultic notions of inversion and its relation to the multi-cultural program of monoculture dissolution.  Highlighting the promotion of globalism and French Revolutionary illuminism in Coldplay, we look at Beyoncé’s “Church of Bey,” the agitprop of #blacklivesmatter, Crowleyan “moon” aspects of Audi’s bizarre commercials, NASA and alien Psyops, and the history of CIA usage of counter-culture in Dave McGowan’s works.  Moving to the Grammy’s, we investigate the similar themes that link both, considering the Eagles, Taylor Swift as a “spy,” and Lady Gaga as David Bowie, particularly in reference to his “Blackstar” video.

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10 Comments on Superbowl & Grammy’s: Black Magic Helter Skelter Race War w/Illuminatiwatcher

  1. Please take a gander at the band, Muse. The lead singer, Matt Bellamy is buddies with Chris Martin. They just won a Grammy for their album, Drones. Their lyrics are all about the new world order, etc, etc., concerts filled with all sorts of all seeing eyes, pyramids, drones flying over the audience, etc.
    Matt Bellamy is currently dating Elle Evans, who is the blond bombshell from the Robin Thicke “Blurred Lines” video and he was formerly dating Kate Hudson, daughter of Goldie Hawn, known as “Hollywood Royalty”. I also read in a bio about Muse that Bellamy’s mother was a medium and he was into witchcraft as a teen. Curious, strange little elfin dude!

  2. Jay, I enjoy your interviews, your discussions with Tim Kelly and all the news from the gang at 21stCenturyWire. Nonetheless, I have a tough question for you. Any press is good press. Discussing movies promotes viewership. Wouldn’t it be a stronger tactic to boycott all the materials coming from Hollywood and the media conglomerates? For example, by supporting Disney products, we are inadvertently supporting the parent company Shamrock Holdings of California, Inc., that is directly affiliated with the Shamrock Israel Growth Fund. By supporting Disney, we are supporting the genocide of the Palestinian people and the promotion of a global technocracy. This is a grand statement but absolutely true. Also, you are utilizing the psychological marketing technique of odd pricing when you offer the subscription rate of $4.95. Why not just charge an even 5 bucks?

  3. The Brandy Bunch was giving hints about the music biz back in 1974

  4. mynextmillion // February 19, 2016 at 3:05 am // Reply

    Hi Jay,

    I would love to hear your thoughts on J.J. Abrams career and what messages the new “Spielberg” will be peddling?



    Sent from Windows Mail

  5. WHY? WHY is everyone’s speech contaminated with the simile “LIKE”? Use “like” correctly or leave it OUT! Grown men sound LIKE retarded teenage girls with their “ummms” and “like – like – like(s). This guy must have said “like” 450 times in the first hour! It’s fairly common amongst American girls/women, but more and more men are now prone to peppering their speech with useless “likes” and it is intolerable!

    Holly-wood’s noisome influence saturates everything. The modal verbs are; will, would, shall, should, can, could, may, might and must – yet ALL WE HEAR is “need”! E.g. You NEED to go to the store. I need to go home. I need to buy a car. Whereas once upon a time you’d hear, “You should go to the store” or “I must go home” or “I might buy a car” and so on. People should pay attention and make every effort to resist the progressive atrophy of the language that is being promoted.


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