Esoteric Hollywood: Skyfall and Quantum of Solace – The Alchemy of 007

It is telling that back in the 50s and 60s Fleming was already predicting the transition from the communist threat to the international terrorist threat – something that gave me the indication that Fleming novels are worth a deeper look…

Upon first viewing, I was not initially impressed with Quantum of Solace. I took it as a mediocre Bond film with scant hints of deeper meanings and clues. Recently, I watched it again and it changed my mind. Not only is it chock full of subtle hints and clues, it actually appears to display a kind of alchemical process….

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2 Comments on Esoteric Hollywood: Skyfall and Quantum of Solace – The Alchemy of 007

  1. Q.E.D.:

    “We believe in a sole and constant general law. Therefore we also believe
    in a sole and constant general objective, and we believe in progressive
    development toward this given objective, which can only be
    achieved by means of coming closer together—that is, through association (…)

    In this way, the great edifice that the centuries and the peoples are called
    to erect will vaguely resemble a pyramid whose top can touch the sky
    and whose base embraces Humanity as a whole. God’s eye will radiate
    from the peak of this pyramid.”, G. Mazzini, Democracy and Nation

  2. Greene Planet is hilariously similar to the UN Green Climate Fund GCF which is a 100bn black fund likely used to manipulate natural resources markets. Greene Planet buys the water supply of Bolivia then turns the water off creating drought and famine to extort and destabilise the state. Remember the African famines of the 1980s ? Those were natural disasters right? Everyone remembers Band Aid and Freddie Mercury. The UK government recently gave another 6bn of taxpayer money to GCF who are based in South Korea. This is not chump change. If you look at the GCF website they are moving hundreds of millions through the Caribbean into Latin America. Just like Greene Planet lol.

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