Preponderance of Cynicism

The Soul of the East

In recent days relatives of some of the victims of the MH17 Malaysian Airlines shoot down over the conflict-ridden eastern Ukraine filed a law suit against Igor Strelkov, the former Defense Minister of the breakaway Donetsk People’s Republic, charging that he aided and abetted the unidentified perpetrators of the shoot down of the Malaysian airplane. The family members want approximately $900 million from Mr. Strelkov in compensation.

That such a law suit could even happen and be treated as a serious case shows the triumph of the Western media narrative about who is responsible for downing the Malaysian airplane. From the moment the wreckage hit the ground, the shill Western media, from CNN to the British tabloids, embarked on a petty, malicious campaign to blame and demonize not only the Russian speaking separatists in eastern Ukraine, but more specifically Vladimir Putin and the Russian government. The U.S. State Department offered…

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