Jay on Sean Stone’s Buzzsaw: Sex, Consumerism & Philosophy of the Apocalypse

A big thanks to Sean Stone and Buzzsaw for having me on.

“Is this the end of history? Explore the philosophy of the end of the world from sex and consumerism, to the lie of a technological utopia created through machines–we lift the veil of psy ops and false flags to examine what is under the lies. Jade Helm, the illuminati, and how revolutions and protests are being controlled by the overlords they rebel against, plus the lessons we can learn from Marilyn Monroe, Twin Peaks, and Prometheus are discussed in this uncensored Buzzsaw interview, hosted by Sean Stone.”

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22 Comments on Jay on Sean Stone’s Buzzsaw: Sex, Consumerism & Philosophy of the Apocalypse

  1. You are becomıng famous — a publıc personalıty.

    Thıs does not surprıse me

  2. Although I think a lot of numerological analysis is bogus, I did notice a few interesting things in some of the numbers we’re given, relating to the discussion around the 28-minute mark regarding transhumanism. What follows is, admittely, my own speculation, the intent being food for thought more than revelation of sorts.

    The number 3 has occult significance (like all single-digit numbers really). There’s a lot of talk about 3 world wars, but in parallel we can think of 3 revolutions as well. Now, there have been many revolutions throughout history, but, like the world wars, there have been 2 major ones in recent history, with one more allegedly to still occur.

    The first major revolution was the French one in 1789, which is quasi-mainstream now as an Illuminist project. Adam Weishaupt mentioned the concept of the Maschinenmensch, which is one of the end goals of the so-called Illuminati. The French revolution was the first stepping stone in accomplishing that. This was the transition from monarchy to classical liberalism.

    The second major stepping stone was the Russian revolution 128 years later. This was the transition from classical liberalism to modern liberalism (despotism).

    Now if we add another 128 years to 1917, we get 2045. This date is mentioned several times, most prominently by Ray Kurzweil, as the time when the so-called Singularity will occur. I think it’s possible that 2045 is when the next major revoultion is scheduled, what has sometimes been dubbed “the final revolution”. The end of natural man, the true birth of the machine-man.

  3. Ya know I had actually forgotten about Patrick Swayze’s “She’s Like the Wind.” Thanks for reminding me. I suppose we could look at the West’s century long cultural slide as one long strip tease act.

  4. The Immanization of the eschaton is true! Good interview, but inadequate in dealing with all aspects. If I had my college paper “A Brief History of the Manifestations of the Spirit of the Anti-Christ” in e-format I would send it to you. Perhaps, someday, we could discuss this. Thanks, Jay!

  5. Eric Buelte // June 29, 2015 at 5:50 am // Reply

    Enjoyed this. Loved the twin peaks discussion.

    • Check out my twin peaks analysis. Thanks

      • As an aside:I am wondering if you would consider a ‘philosophical’ analysis of Stranger Than Fiction (Sony, 2006), esp. if you could incorporate a consideration of Wartenberg’s (includes Tolstoy’s The Death of Ivan Ilych) analysis in his chapter on ‘authenticity’ in Existentialism (One World, 2008) – a remarkable book? I could send you the chapter if you wish.

  6. I’ve also read Rene Guenon, his book where he criticized western civilization was prescient and as revenant if not more so now than when it was written back in the 30’s or 40’s. I read somewhere that Guenon was a disinfo agent, but that could have been a bunch a hooey.

    I like your blog, especially your movie analysis, very interesting stuff. I try to tell people about movies and predictive programming and I get a look like I should be wearing a tin hat or something.

  7. Found you through RedIce Radio. Great stuff! Keep up the great work!

  8. Smart Cities….sounds like eschataological hell to me!

  9. ps…This is the most fascinating discussion I have ever listened to! You are a intellectual hero to me Mr Jay. (You too Sean! )

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