Jay on Sunday Wire: Jade Helm Psy Ops

This week’s edition of THE SUNDAY WIRE is broadcasting LIVE from the banks of Londinium in Albion, as host Patrick Henningsen coverings the world’s top stories this week. In this first hour Patrick ‘combats’, ‘tackles’ and ‘fights’ the latest G7 global government confab in Bavaria, Germany. In the first hour we’ll be joined by special guest and ex-Navy SEAL and author Matt Bracken to discuss the Jade Helm trolling op and other aspects of information and psychological warfare in the US, and in the second hour we’re joined by Jay Dyer from Jay’s Analysis to look at some of the deeper aspects of the Jade Helm psy-op, controlled leaks and how the establishment are attempting to honey-pot ‘liberty’ and Tea Party groups with controlled leaks and virtual disinformation campaigns . In the final hour, we’re joined by Basil Valentine for more commentary on the G7, the UK’s ‘brave new world’ and other pressing affairs.


Stream or download the MP3 here.

2 Comments on Jay on Sunday Wire: Jade Helm Psy Ops

  1. sabot – A shoe carved from a piece of wood, traditionally worn in some parts of Europe.
    sabotage – Allegedly derived from sabot, sabotage described the actions of disgruntled workers who willfully damaged workplace machinery by throwing their sabots into the works.

    Sometimes it’s better to be quiet than smug.

    Otherwise, good show.

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