IQ, Psy Ops and the “Civilization” of the Scam

Gaslight, the classic noir.
Gaslight, the classic noir.

Gaslight, the classic noir.

By: Jay Dyer

Cognitive dissonance is the firewall that exists in most minds when confronted with a challenge to their basic beliefs about the world.  As it is human nature to avoid admitting being in error or having been duped, for most humans the ego zealously flees the admission to oneself of significant error.  Challenges to our worldviews or paradigms of belief are also quite jarring – they can unsettle our comfortable existence and lead us to question everything we held dear, and might even lead to psychological or spiritual crises when the consideration of being fundamentally in error is on the table.

As a result, the ego erects a series of firewalls to protect its fragility in order to maintain the schemas, or archetypal systems of symbols, that have been erected in the mind since birth.  These structures, even if manifestly in error, are still mysteriously propped up by the mind or ego because of the psyche’s desire for order and meaning – “everything in its place,” to quote Radiohead.  However, for those who enter arenas where the goal is to challenge these structures of belief, such as religion, philosophy or even alternative information, being open to the possibility of change is required.

In my experience, the process of continual learning has been the only path that resulted in true growth in understanding, while those who over the years were angered or frustrated by my own experiments in various paradigms became a thorn in the side.  In my mind, this is a powerful vindication of the Dunning-Kruger effect, where the illusion of cognitive bias functions to give close-minded individuals an air of superiority, paradoxically unable to grasp how much they don’t know precisely because they presume to know.  In such cases we have a powerful presentation of the ego point made above, that the fear of error and the unknown provokes the firewall reaction to prop up the existing paradigm lest the psyche undergo any tough transformation.

Relating this idea to classical mythology, I have titled this the mystery of the serpentine mirror, where the fallen psyche demands the rest of the world reflect its own narcissistic projections perfectly, as in a mirror, and when the external world fails in this high demand, various pathologies and disorders result, leading to delusion, mania, psychopathy, etc.  A good example of this can be seen in the mass delusion of relativism, where no facts are objectively true or certain, aside from the relativistic ego’s solipsism.  The relativistic psyche’s projection of its whims and demands upon the external world is manifestly not true, and yet despite every fact of daily life testifying to this delusion (that the world is not chaotically relative), the ego consistently props up the lie that it is.

So far, we have been considering this matter from the perspective of psychology and philosophy, but this microcosmic level can be expanded to understand things on a macroscopic level.  When considered at the social or geopolitical level, the scientific understanding of paradigms and worldviews have long been the subject of research for corporations, think tanks, and intelligence agencies.  Since advertising and psychological warfare have similar goals, the application of the above principles are thus fitting for intelligence agencies and social engineering techniques.

In a somewhat famous psychological warfare document, Timothy Thomas assesses the analogy of the human body and mind to a biological computer as follows in “The Mind Has No Firewall”:

The human body, much like a computer, contains myriad data processors. They include, but are not limited to, the chemical-electrical activity of the brain, heart, and peripheral nervous system, the signals sent from the cortex region of the brain to other parts of our body, the tiny hair cells in the inner ear that process auditory signals, and the light-sensitive retina and cornea of the eye that process visual activity.[2] We are on the threshold of an era in which these data processors of the human body may be manipulated or debilitated. Examples of unplanned attacks on the body’s data-processing capability are well-documented. Strobe lights have been known to cause epileptic seizures. Not long ago in Japan, children watching television cartoons were subjected to pulsating lights that caused seizures in some and made others very sick.”

Thomas proceeds to discuss the potential uses and abilities of psychotronic weapons and psy op techniques used in tandem with advanced technology to disrupt the body’s equilibrium and stasis processes.  While the mind may have no firewall, the ego does, and the weaponization of highly advanced technological strategies for psychological warfare and infowar manipulation are far beyond anything previously dreamt.  Rather than openly attacking the ego’s fragile prop of relativism, the deeper program is rather to further the promulgation of complete and total relativism to aid the ego in propping up the myth of narcissism and relativism.  In other words, the entirety of modernity and its consumerist agenda in the global, technocratic age requires the promulgation of mass relativism, offering a kind of opium to the ego for its solipsistic myth, telling each that he is a virtual god.

Come one, come all! Get the ideology you want!

Come one, come all! Get the ideology you want!

Why might this be?  Wouldn’t the technological and governing elite prefer a strong, critically thinking populace, and therefore raising the status of the state in general?  Absolutely not, and the mass of the so-called “educated class” tends to assume this is the case.  For the general populace with an IQ distribution in the 115-125 area – our lawyers, doctors and professionals, the presumptive delusion is that nation states still exist and function in the forms and through the medium mass propaganda projects.  None of that is true, of course, but this curious class of persons is paradoxically the very engine and prop of the parasitical superstructure itself.   “Support the troops,” and “America will never forget” are the propaganda chants of this class, despite the fact that the technocratic and banking elite with a couple dozen more IQ points tacked onto those numbers are well aware of the façade, understanding that the traditional “nation-state” is no longer the actual reality.

In my estimation, there is therefore a kind of Dunning-Kruger effect for different IQ distribution groups, not just the presumed superiority of the lower IQ groups’ delusion, but also in higher groups where we encounter the pillars and engines of social order (scientists, doctors, lawyers, etc.).  This class of persons curiously suffers its own forms of deluded superiority owing to the same ego-fragility and relativistic delusions that recall Socrates’ questioning to the artisans and politicians of his day.   Whether it be the local craftsman or the slightly more clever (or cunning) politician, Socrates discovered the same delusion persisted, that each class of persons presumed to know, when in fact, they did not.  And for both the lower class wage worker, up to the “wise” politician, the delusory effect was the same.

At root in both classes is the acceptance of the preferred delusion, the paradoxical flaw of perennial man, that he presumes to know, when in fact he does not.  Despite the obvious fact of human limitation and finitude, and despite the amazing discoveries of science and technology that occur now on a daily basis, human hubris prefers its own perpetual delusions for the limited dopamine high effect imagined “power” produces.  This process of the furtherance of delusion and reflected power, I contend, is actually desired by the existing establishment, as it quite clearly the most powerful means of keeping target audiences in their desired niche, and the target audiences, due to their limitations in IQ, resources, etc., thus prefer to remain in those very delusions.

Perception management is much simpler when philosophical relativism, an opium of the ego, is the systematic mass delusion.  Thus, the furtherance of relativism as a kind of mass virus computer programming (that piggybacks well with the fallen psyche).  Thomas continues, echoing the “body as a biological computer” analogy that naturally dominates our technocratic age:

“This “systems” approach to the study of information warfare emphasizes the use of data, referred to as information, to penetrate an adversary’s physical defenses that protect data (information) in order to obtain operational or strategic advantage. It has tended to ignore the role of the human body as an information- or data-processor in this quest for dominance except in those cases where an individual’s logic or rational thought may be upset via disinformation or deception. As a consequence little attention is directed toward protecting the mind and body with a firewall as we have done with hardware systems. Nor have any techniques for doing so been prescribed. Yet the body is capable not only of being deceived, manipulated, or misinformed but also shut down or destroyed–just as any other data-processing system. The “data” the body receives from external sources–such as electromagnetic, vortex, or acoustic energy waves–or creates through its own electrical or chemical stimuli can be manipulated or changed just as the data (information) in any hardware system can be altered.”

I have written before about ELF/VLF and various psychotronic frequency manipulation weapons, and how they are linked with pop culture as whole, but here we have another psy ops document discussing it in detail in 1998.  Readers have found some of my past research and argumentation quite fanciful and speculative, yet this simply arises from ignorance and the Dunning-Kruger effect mentioned above.  The scientific precision of techno-psy ops is far advanced beyond what only students of the subject understand.  What is curious to me is the inability of the 115-125 IQ distribution to comprehend or consider this subject, despite that group’s tendency toward empirical evidence, verifiable data, etc.  Quite remarkably, the perception management of infowar and data management itself remains “hidden in plain sight” to this niche:

“Solntsev also examined the problem of “information noise,” which creates a dense shield between a person and external reality. This noise may manifest itself in the form of signals, messages, images, or other items of information. The main target of this noise would be the consciousness of a person or a group of people. Behavior modification could be one objective of information noise; another could be to upset an individual’s mental capacity to such an extent as to prevent reaction to any stimulus. Solntsev concludes that all levels of a person’s psyche (subconscious, conscious, and “superconscious”) are potential targets for destabilization. According to Solntsev, one computer virus capable of affecting a person’s psyche is Russian Virus 666. It manifests itself in every 25th frame of a visual display, where it produces a combination of colors that allegedly put computer operators into a trance. The subconscious perception of the new pattern eventually results in arrhythmia of the heart. Other Russian computer specialists, not just Solntsev, talk openly about this “25th frame effect” and its ability to subtly manage a computer user’s perceptions. The purpose of this technique is to inject a thought into the viewer’s subconscious. It may remind some of the subliminal advertising controversy in the United States in the late 1950s.”

In other words, the information noise and distraction propounded in mass media, as well as the information overload of the Internet is itself an aspect of psychological warfare.  I have recently mentioned this notion in interviews on several podcasts, but I think my thesis was somewhat unclear.  The above is one example of how sophisticated this form of psy ops was in 1998, and certainly it has become far more advanced since.  The amazement comes when one considers that this is therefore true of mass media in general as a tool of psy ops.  With this in mind, we can begin to understand how CNN can be caught running fake war footage, and then a week later baby-boomers still tune in (and of course the same is true of all the big network and local news channels).  Consider the classic footage from Iraq, part 1:

In other words, the technique of highly advanced technological psy ops, which is employed throughout mass media, means that mass media itself is a form of psy ops.  The medium is weaponized, and the publication of its weaponization is a “revelation of the method” in the same sense as a cheating woman gaming her duped beta male provider gaslights him by throwing it in his face.  It is a full-frontal delusion that manages perception by the denial of basic, empirical sense reality.  This is how the populace, even its educated class, can fail to see the implication of the admission that some half of the scientific literature in “peer reviewed” journals is false, that the economic super-structures are all rigged, and that those same superstructure banks launder drug money – they can be shown all this, and still remain in the delusion.  Why?  Because the scientific process of this behavior modification appeals to the ego’s own desire to think it can determine its own reality.  It would prefer to believe the hoax because the hoax is easy, comforting and sends warm fuzzies up the leg:

War is just a racket. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of people. Only a small inside group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few at the expense of the masses.

I believe in adequate defense at the coastline and nothing else. If a nation comes over here to fight, then we’ll fight. The trouble with America is that when the dollar only earns 6 percent over here, then it gets restless and goes overseas to get 100 percent. Then the flag follows the dollar and the soldiers follow the flag. -General Smedley Butler

15 Comments on IQ, Psy Ops and the “Civilization” of the Scam

  1. Pretty sure you’ve already seen it. Maybe worth an analysis: Good Kill? Ethan Hawke and the guy who made Truman Show, Lord of War, Gattica, etc…

  2. It seems to me that part of what gives the higher IQ (specialuzed type dr, lawyer ect…) the perceived perception of power is not that they are in a delusion that the government and science has a benign agenda of keeping the populace informed . Because part of their mindset of feeling powerful comes from their higher education and intelligence . So because they know more about their particular field and the way it and other systems work, they feel like they are more powerful. But it doesn’t seem like that follows the theory that they believe the media and govt and acedemia have the motivation to inform people and educate people. They “know ” that they are privledged in a sence because they have access to more scientific sources . This is why people consult them and they make a lot of money and have status . It is based on their superior knowledge that the general mass doesn’t have . Weather it’s because the general, lower IQ, either don’t have access to the journals , higher education facilitates of because they prefer not to spend time educating themselves. Instead maybe viewing reality TV or some nonsense. So I guess what Im trying to say is that I feel higher IQ grouped people, perhaps don’t have the delusion that our society functions to educate people. It seems they see more clearly the delusion of the masses. That being the consumer mindset and dumbing down nature of pop culture …. Not sure if I’m articulating myself clearly . But do you see what im saying?
    Certainly this population has their own specific delusions , but I’m not sure I agree with the premise stated above . Unless I’m misunderstanding what you were saying.
    And by the way, I just stumbled upon your blog the other day and I think your writing is excellent ! Crisp, challenging and thought provoking!! 😉
    I very much appreciate your analysis.

  3. Great Article. Also the pleasures that the good life affords ensnares the educated classes. Advertising preys on the senses, and materialism dulls the mind.

  4. One of your best to date. Good work.

  5. Reblogged this on Blinded by the Darkness and commented:
    “Rather than openly attacking the ego’s fragile prop of relativism, the deeper program is rather to further the promulgation of complete and total relativism to aid the ego in propping up the myth of narcissism and relativism. In other words, the entirety of modernity and its consumerist agenda in the global, technocratic age requires the promulgation of mass relativism, offering a kind of opium to the ego for its solipsistic myth, telling each that he is a virtual god.”

    Never heard of the term ‘gaslighting’ before but it is a perfect analogy for the author’s point.

  6. I wrote some notes on several paragraphs as I was reading.. Hard to link them all up without paragraph numbering or something, but perhaps you can tell what I’m referring to by context–
    Para 4, the serpentine mirror
    But doesn’t the world manage to fit the “normal” person’s view of it? It projects a false image to him, and then maintains that false image continuously.. making adjustments as needed, to his views and perceptions…?

    Para 4, relativism
    He’s talking about “The Secret”, maybe, and the idea that you can manifest things in reality via various forms of “magic” wishing, etc.? I find the question a little ambiguous.. Certainly not something that anybody can just bring off with a self-help book, okay; but there might be something to it in terms of more sophisticated practices by “alchemists” and these types.. who might use it for ritualistic purposes, focus, mental organization and clarity. I don’t know..
    Maybe he’s also talking about the idea that nobody runs anything, that everything is pure chance and chaos; that human intention (at a grand scale) is nil?
    Do people really believe in relativism, though? What about the vaunted rationalism and scientistic worldview? Isn’t that what people believe in? Or do they believe both simultaneously… On the one hand, “we” (or our scientists) know pretty much everything, or are working on it.. and whatever they say goes. But, also… “It gives me warm-feelies to believe in magic and wishing, so I sort of believe in that too… It feels right intuitively, I won’t hold it up against science if pressed by some asshole rationalist, but privately, I’ll kind of believe in it.. if the situation calls for it…” ?

    Para …
    So the idea is to create a highly authoritarian, totalitarian, hierarchical structure of the most extreme kind.. yet convince everyone that they are ever more free, ever more special, more personally powerful and significant..? That the world sways at their every whim and fancy.. Facebook is your little personal shrine, maybe? The God of You.. And you watch the celebrity gods for tips on how to do godhood right.. Take selfies (a BNW sounding term.. “feelies”..), dress in the most au courant fashion, live as hedonistically as you can manage.
    Of course this fantasy world has to be balanced with your duties as a “worker bee.” Somehow you have to manage the contradiction there.. Suppress recognizing such things, perhaps imagine yourself a “temporarily embarrassed millionaire.” Or with some other future hopes and dreams of a more modest sort. Of course there are degrees of buy-in, and even within one person, at different times they will feel more the slave or more the god. Slave by day, god by night..
    God– or demon. Demonhood is a popular option.
    How exactly does one do that, though– further the promulgation of complete and total relativism? And what is the exact sense here of “relativism”? Is R deep in human nature and history, or purely injected into society? A bit of both? Narcissism, I understand on its face; R, is an ambiguous term to me.. “There is no one truth”? “No correct answer, no Meaning to anything… Certainly no god or deeper truth about the universe.. just random and meaningless, following certain physical laws perhaps, but not for any particular reason.. Our best bet is to just forget any complicated BS about religion or philosophy.. we think it’s “nice” to be “nice” to people, to help the poor or sick.. but it’s not really an imperative, it’s just “nice.” Why be mean? Be nice. Meanwhile, your best bet personally is to get as much hedonistic joy out of the ride as you can before it ends. If that means a moderate family life, fine; you could also throw yourself into work “achievement,” or scientific or artistic outlets, or seek power and glory of various sorts, or access to higher degrees of hedonism. Or just go right for the direct hit– drugs, empty sex, a gangster lifestyle or other nearby demonism.. videogames even.. junk food, TV, for the unimaginative. Facebook if you hit rock bottom. Don’t forget porn.” Is that relativism? Also– “Everybody has an opinion. All are equally valid/invalid. Okay, some are more logically coherent, and of course *mine* are very, very true… relatively speaking. But there is no concrete truth around which we are circling or aiming at. Nothing underneath, no bedrock of reality against which some opinions may be found lacking.” However, clearly people do not hold that… they hold that their own opinions are right, “experts” may know a little more, at least if they generally concur with themselves; lots of people are very ignorant, though, depending on which side our subject is on. He hates the other side and considers them dummies. Unlike himself. Even though they feel the same about him. And he has various theories to account for their mental problems. So, is that R? It seems more like our average man does believe certain “truths”… Certain egoistic, narcissistic, self-flattering truths..

    Para.. (Professionals v. lower working class)
    Or just with more direct access to the facts of the case, perhaps? Are they all higher IQ than the professional classes?
    Also- I think many in that class are skeptical of jingoism and militarism, and the intentions of higher classes.. perhaps not deeply skeptical, perhaps they are probably shrouded in much mythos. But they try to be wary, many of them, I think… They are led around by gatekeeper media, perhaps, led by one false prophet after another.. trying to keep them safely corralled within safely dissenting worldviews, or as useful idiots.. Perhaps Jay is just painting broadly out of necessity there.

    Para… (dopamine high)
    To clarify his syntax– believing one’s worldview is correct, gives one a sense of power and control, and this phony power nevertheless gives one a real dopamine high. (?)

    Not sure what he means by “reflected power”?

    The “fallen psyche”.. his serpentine mirror? the psyche creating a false image of the world, and seeing that come back to it, no matter the evidence? Why “fallen”, what is the sense there?
    R is an “opium”…? What is comforting about it… “Nothing matters… nothing is real.. there’s nothing to get hung about” ?

    Para (quote from T.Thomas)
    He is talking in a very abstract way, but he is just saying that one can control the information/data that the individual receives..? He’s just talking about information control, manipulation, propaganda or psy-ops, and likening it to the data given a computer… Or is he talking more about literal physical frequencies and that kind of disruption, as Jay says below..

    Throughout this section, there is a confusing overlap and conflation of the idea of data-for-processing (i.e. media information), vs. actual physical disruption of the biology of man… psych warfare vs. physical warfare.

    End notes…

  7. It’s too much work for most people to climb out of the pit of their own conditioning, and especially when we’re talking well-paid professionals. The very thing that made them go that route was the notion that “living well is the best revenge” and they are going to get that revenge, dammit, and you can’t stop them with you’re miserable “truth” baloney.

    You can even SEE the light of recognition in their eyes when you argue it to them, but then you get to be floored, and demoralized, by their resort even to idiocies like, “I’d hate to live in your world,” or “I don’t choose to see it that way.”

    But you DO live in my world! And if you don’t choose to see the cliff in front of you, you will splat harder’n Wile E. Coyote!

    Oh, oh, there I go, off being “colorful” again….

    The weaponized media and groceries have been augmenting the weaponized system for a long time to make sure people don’t have the energy for this, and maybe least of all the most successful of us. It’s sad that so many actually already know how bad it is — definitely visible face-to-face — even those with not particularly high IQs — and still deny it, choosing over and over and over to take refuge in their hard-won positions within effectiveness theater, personal power pantomime, Western Civilization.

    The most honest will admit it, but any attempt to convince them that the insight alone is the imperative mystifies them, still smacks too much of cutting them from the “safety” of the herd. So my resort is to redouble my own efforts to improve more, see more, BE the real me more.

    This world might be driving the masses off a cliff, but it’s also putting klieg lamps on the way.

  8. As a refugee from academia in my own right, specifically from graduate work in psychology, I’d caution the author against putting too much stock in the construct of “IQ” – it was breaking down just what an IQ test is, while learning to proctor them, that provided the final push to leave my studies in disgust.

    The test I learned and deconstructed, which is not ‘state of the art’ but still very well respected and widely used, is garbage. First of all, there’s no formal logic section anywhere on the test – casually inexplicable, since law exams like the LSAT include simple logic games that they can score and meter just fine, but readers here will know just what’s up with that.

    Without going on and on, I’d break it down into roughly 1/3rd what thoughtful people would intuitively recognize as measures of “intelligence,” 1/3rd pure stimulus-response speed-of-conditioning measurements that any computer from the 1970s can do better than any human, and 1/3rd social engineering: measurements of agreement with the liberal-scientistic-technocratic values of the creators of the test.

    Example – someone who responds to a question about the coercion of compliance will receive full credit, and have their IQs register as a few points higher, for responding back with more behaviorist jargon and *no* credit for deeming such constructs to be morally illegitimate. So what I think we’re seeing with the mass of the ~+1 std dev class that you describe, are simply the most gullible and conditionable portions of the entire population. One thinks of C.S. Lewis, and that line in That Hideous Strength about how there’s no more gullible man than the intelligent newspaper reader.

  9. Thoughtful post. Thank you Mr. Dyer. You mention that mass media itself is a form of psyop. I don’t know a great deal about Tavistock, but have read (Coleman & Estulin) that Tavistock’s studies demonstrate a tendency on the part of most humans, when overstimulated over significant periods of time, say by constant “news alerts”, “crisis”, “terror attacks”, “scandals”, etc. as we’re bombarded with on a 365/24/7 basis (if we watch a lot of news) to withdraw, become more passive and finally become more amenable to “suggestion”. The over-stimulation seems to result in a “shutting down”; a lessened desire and/or ability to reason deductively or make decisions. We apparently become more willing to have someone make decisions for for us.

    Mr. Jon Rappoport has been talking about “imagination” for years and he used to irritate me because I wanted red meat; juicy stuff to sink my teeth into. I wanted to be pissed and feel alive. What is all this useless talk of imagination? Until about three or so years ago, when my wife and I decided to get rid of Cable TV and stop allowing propaganda into our home and minds. It took a while, but after nearly a year, I noticed I was beginning to have what appeared to be thoughts of my own. I called ’em Bruce Thoughts. Long story short, or at least shorter, I am now aware, at least in my own behavior; not only that TV and radio were conditioning me as to “what to think”, but much more significantly, “not to think at all”.

    I had thought when I was yelling at the television, talk radio or blogging, I was my own man, an independent thinker. I couldn’t see that I was only REACTING to whatever was put in front of me. I was having virtually no PROACTIVE or CREATIVE thought processes. In other words, my IMAGINATION had been lulled to sleep. Finally, after months of no regular TV (my wife an I are still movieholics), I began to understand what Mr. Rappoport was so concerned about. Simply being aware that I was being propagandized did not offer protection against at least some of that propaganda’s deleterious effects – and those effects had nothing to do with “what I did or didn’t think”, but plenty to do with “shutting down my creative or imaginative thinking completely”.

    My advice at this point is “BEWARE WHAT WE ALLOW INTO OUR MINDS”…when we can, because there’s some serious shit going on.

  10. Natural human defence to live in denial of that which you can fight nor fly from. To accept is easier. For example the Cia has the military in afghan for opium, they smuggle and profit immensely from it.. and typical Americans do get steady opiates so nobody makes a sound. The Talib have never had extra border aspirations, they did outlaw opium. Deal with it.

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