What is the New World Order and Why Does it Matter?

Fabian socialist H.G. Wells set the stage for the sci fi deception of the new world order.

Fabian socialist H.G. Wells set the stage for the sci fi deception of the new world order.

[Many readers have requested some articles that are more readable and simple.  This is an old article I have redone to aid those that want a better introduction to what this site is all about.]

By: Jay

Unfortunately, we have been programmed and conditioned from the earliest years to not believe in the existence, or even the possibility, of large-scale conspiracies.  Students of history learn in introductory courses that there are three views of the philosophy of history.  First, the random contingency view in which historical events are merely “one damn thing after another” (as one of my professors so elegantly stated), with no apparent reason or causal significance. Second, the so-called “great man” view, in which key religious and political figures cause certain landmark events with history revolving around these figures, such as a Napoleon or a Caesar.  The third and least popular is the providential or conspiratorial view.  In this view, history is led along by unseen forces, be they malevolent or beneficent.  Humans play their role to be sure, but man is not the autonomous god of his own destiny.  He is the actor on a stage in which there is a grand narrative and ultimate reason for every event, even if humans are not always cognizant of those reasons.

Coming to see the truth of a worldwide conspiracy that has been especially centralized in the past few centuries in a western, Anglo-global establishment is also not something people prefer to hear.  Humans tend to have a normalcy bias and what is called cognitive dissonance.  Cognitive dissonance is the tendency to continue to believe something erroneous in the face of masses of contrary evidence, due to the devastating psychological impact discarding the previous erroneous belief would have.  Americans are raised with the narrative of being a nation of independent individualists: the frontier mentality still dominates and is an image is always latent in our culture. This individualistic mentality refuses to consider itself as the victim of any conspiracy: we are too great a nation to be ruled by an evil elite, bent on world depopulation.  After all, Obama is a  “liberal” president, isn’t he?  “How could there be a massive conspiracy?  If there were, they would all be caught!  It’s just not possible,” the opponent says.  That’s all “black helicopter, tin-foil-hat nonsense.” To those with low education or no critical thinking skills and common sense, it’s evident that none of these objections suffices to demonstrate that the conspiratorial view is false.  From the fact that one is a “proud American” or that George Bush claimed to be a Christian, it does not follow that the conspiratorial view is false.  This is called, in logic, a non sequitur.  The conclusion does not logically follow from the premises.

New World Order Defined

First, one should get clear on defining terms.  What is meant by “New World Order”?  The New World Order (from here on NWO) is a global crime syndicate of elite bankers, CEOs, politicians, academics, media moguls, military executives and religious heads, that operate on the one hand in the public purview promoting a stated policy, while simultaneously working underhandedly in clandestine societies to set an alternate world policy.  These elites ultimately believe they are superior to the masses chiefly due to their willingness to kill on a mass scale for population control.  There are different degrees of initiates and levels of knowledge, but the central ideology of the NWO is Fabian socialist technocracy and eugenics.  Most NWO operatives are compartmentalized, presuming their own personal role in banking or media is the highest level. For example, many members of the Bilderberg Group or the Council on Foreign Relations believe they are at the highest levels of control and work with the presupposition they are benefiting humanity. Few are likely aware of occult elites even above them.  This is not to say Bilderbergers and CFR members are not “architects” of global power structures, but merely that they are not the highest level.  These elites believe themselves to be chosen to rule over the masses, which they see as mere cattle.  Being dumb livestock, the cattle of the masses are entirely expendable: they may be utilized as cannon fodder in war where trillions are made by private bankers loaning to governments at astounding interest rates. Or, they can be depopulated as the phony Global Warming “crisis” necessitates.

Western elite funded communism and socialism are the phony revolutionary ideas behind the corporate new world order.

Western elite funded communism and socialism are the phony revolutionary ideas behind the corporate new world order.

The Final Goal of the NWO

The ultimate goal of the NWO elites is a socialistic, one world order dictatorship, modeled after Orwell’s 1984, who was himself an intimate insider to this plan.  Also influential is Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, which highlights the mass drugging of the populace through pharmacological control.  Nazi Germany and Bolshevik Russia were both key models and test grounds established by and for the NWO, and give an insight into the future ideological terminus.  That final goal is total control and total enslavement through control of religion, ideology, population, economics and technology.  In order to achieve this, all national sovereignties must be dissolved and amalgamated through staged revolutions into various continental unions, such as has already been achieved with the European Union.  The problem with immigration in America, for example, is that it is itself part of the plan of the globalists to break down the borders in order to create a Pan-American Union that will eventually be merged into the European Union.  African and Asian Unions then follow, likely being submerged into an eventual World Federation, probably to be overseen by the United Nations.  Hard evidence of this can be seen in David Rockefeller’s United Nations lectures shown on C-SPAN.

The History and Economic Method of Control of the NWO

In order to understand how the so-called elites achieved what they have thus far, it’s important to look at the history of this amorphous group.  Ultimately, the battle between good and evil could be traced back to the beginning of time and the fall of man, but for convenience sake, we will focus on the modern era.  As the Middle Ages gave way to the era of modernity through the new science of Bacon, Galileo and Newton, a paradigm shift in the view of the world took place: no longer was the world governed by God through His Church and the earthly hierarchy of the monarchy. Instead, the world began to be viewed as a treasure house of latent natural forces to be harnessed by man.  Man would eventually achieve total understanding of the universe and ascend to godhood in this new view.  “Science” became the new mythos: the new, all-encompassing narrative which could explain man’s great ascent towards divinity.  In fact, Bacon and Newton were themselves practitioners of hermetic occultism.  These are odd interests for those men simultaneously seeking to demythologize the world of “religious superstition.”  The science myth was a facade, since they were, as Frances Yates’ classic book The Rosicrucian Enlightenment demonstrates, practitioners of magic.

Dr. Quigley's famous "Tragedy and Hope" chronicles the Anglo establishment's plans for world hegemony and casts it in a deceptive, "liberal," positive light.

Dr. Quigley’s famous “Tragedy and Hope” chronicles the Anglo establishment’s plans for world hegemony and casts it in a deceptive, “liberal,” positive light.

The new “science” gave birth to the Enlightenment: a socio-cultural revolution that sought to remake the social order on the foundation of flux, progress and “reason,” as opposed to theology and metaphysics.  Also roughly concurrent with this phenomenon was the Protestant Reformation, which would challenge the established authority of a single Church; an authority that had been the dominant force in Eastern and Western Europe for over a thousand years.  The Reformers themselves sought to remove from religion what they perceived to be superstitions and to place religious authority in the hands of “every ploughboy,” as Luther said, who could then reconstruct it as he pleased.  Ultimately, the enlightened Reformation ended in pure rationalism, and out of Germany came the infamous schools of Higher Criticism that would deny the biblical texts and ultimately dismiss any supernatural element in theology, whatsoever.  A new world was emerging from the ashes of the old.

The secular French Revolutionary Declaration of the Rights of Man.

The secular French Revolutionary Declaration of the Rights of Man.

These events were no mere accident.  In fact, the Enlightenment and Reformation not only gave rise to intellectual and theological shifts in thinking, but also to civil revolution.  The most notable of these was the French Revolution, which sought to destroy Christianity in France, behead the monarchy, and establish an enlightened, secular, Illuminist, communist republic.  The death of thousands of innocents resulted.  French Revolutionary demagogues, such as Danton, Robespierre, the Duke of Orleans, Marat, and St. Just, were all members of secret societies and Illuminist orders. Many communists leaders such as Vladimir Lenin were also “Illuminists.” The question then arises: why would communists and bourgeoisie leaders of the French Revolution both be members of the same secret revolutionary groups?  Aren’t the stated goals radically different?  The answer to this will be taken up later.  Through infiltrating Freemasonry, many of these bloody men were also inducted into a deeper, darker society within the ranks known as the Illuminati.

The Illuminati had been formed in 1776 by an ex-Jesuit canon lawyer named Adam Weishaupt, in Bavaria.  Weishaupt, who was immersed in rationalism, intended to organize an elite group that would eventually install a one-world, socialistic order and abolish theology. Weishaupt seems to have been the key ideological figure behind the revolutions of the 18th and 19th centuries that ultimately removed all forms of monarchy and effectively cut off Christianity from having any cultural influence.  Weishaupt, it is reported, received funding for this project from secret banking and nobility sects that wanted to destroy and rebuilf society.  The western banking establishment took over the entirety of Europe with a simple but astounding goal: lend money to European heads of state at a high level interest for the purposes of war, and thereby bring the governments under the control of a private bank.  The most successful of these was Nathan Rothschild, who made an unbelievable fortune lending to both Napoleon and the British.

When Napoleon was defeated, Nathan conned the British Parliament into setting up a centrally owned private bank under the guise of economic stability.  This private bank, however, would be backed by private fortune, and the money system would eventually be a purely fiat currency.  This meant that the money is not backed by gold, but by fiat credit.  Bankers, in turn, would charge the government interest on the money they had printed out of thin air.  It is by these means that they would eventually succeed in bringing all of Europe into a Union with a single fiat currency under a privately owned central bank in Germany. This is the present status of the European Union.

The same banking scam was executed in America through the Rockefeller and Morgan Trusts that manipulated US Congress to pass the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.  The Federal Reserve Act placed America’s economy in the hands of the European bankers and the Rockefeller-Morgan-British banking dynasty.  Cecil Rhodes, the diamond tycoon of Africa, was also funded by the same interests, and after amassing a fortune, established a secret society known as the Round Table Group in the early 20th century.  From this British Round Table and Royal Society group the offshoot American Council on Foreign Relations was formed, along with the international version, known as the Trilateral Commission.  These entities in turn set up the OSS/CIA and The group within these is known as the Bilderbergers, as mentioned above, which holds its annual meetings at secretive locations worldwide, where national and corporate policies are set.

The openly stated goal of these groups is a one world government and a one world monetary system.  This is achieved economically through the privately owned central banks, which print the fiat currency and charge the various governments interest.  This is, by the way, why we have heard for so many decades that our national debt is trillions of dollars.  The debt is interest owed on money printed out of thin air: owed to international bankers who conned the U.S. into giving them the power to control the money supply: that’s why this is a conspiracy.  I have even spoken to professors with Ph.D.s in economics at universities that admit most nations are now on a fiat money system owned by private banks.  To these institutionalized professors, this is no problem, since many of them are partial to the idea of globalism and world government.  They are willing dupes, who believe that the system that abuses them will save them.

Now that we have seen the history of the New World Order cabal and its monetarist path to total control of nation-states, it is vital to see the methods they use to gain and increase their control.  Before we do that, we must put a face on the front groups the NWO operates behind.   Many of these men are members of local churches, including respected priests, pastors, ministers and deacons.  Many U.S. presidents, senators, congressmen, businessmen and philanthropists have been and are members of this group.  These well-meaning men are serving higher interests that seek the dark goals those under them are unaware of.

Modern masonry derives from the Western European Medieval stonemason guilds that banded together to build the cathedrals of the bishops and palaces of the kings.  As cathedral building waned and as the Enlightenment and reformation swept Europe, practitioners of the occult sought underground meetings where they could conspire without the threat of the Catholic Church and crowns that still existed.  They found what they needed in the society of freemasons: these new, philosophical masons were called “speculative masons.”  By the 18th century there were some 5,000 plus lodges established in Europe.  Many lesser lords and heads of state and members of the clergy, both Protestant and Catholic had, in fact, already joined the fraternity.  As mentioned above, masonry was intimately intertwined with the Illuminati by the end of the 18th century through the extreme rationalist efforts of Weishaupt.

Mythologist of the new world order: Charles Darwin. All is flux.

Mythologist of the new world order: Charles Darwin. All is flux.

The Bloodlines

Not being privy to pre-modern thinking, most of us don’t really understand the importance of bloodlines in the ancient world.  The ancient world was essentially a caste system, and many societies today, such as India still operate in this fashion.  Unless one is of a royal lineage of bloodline, one must accept a certain position within the strata of society.  Modernity is supposed to be egalitarian, but the class distinctions have merely been reorganized from lines of royalty to lines of wealth.  The Bible itself is concerned with bloodlines, since Jesus Christ is the promised seed, descended from Adam through Noah through Abraham through King David and his Mother from whom the Church professed He derived his humanity.  For the ancient world, bloodlines were thus everything. This is important, because the occult philosophy of the modern so-called rationalists still adhere to this ancient principle.  For the NWO occultists, there is “power in the blood,” as much as for the Christian, by which they mean magic power.  Thus, the top dynasty-families that run the world, like the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Morgans, Warburgs, etc., like the ancient royalties, all believe they must inter-marry in order to maintain bloodline purity.  Dan Brown’s silly DaVinci Code is a perfect example: while the book is certainly false, it evidences the occult world’s obsession with maintaining magical purity inherent in the family bloodlines.  In fact, some of these occultists believe themselves to be descendants of gods: an example of this is the Satanic philosophy of Nazism, by which Heinrich Himmler, through his SS, sought to breed a pure Aryan bloodline: a bloodline which had the power of the gods of Atlantis running through it, as Peter Levenda’s book Unholy Alliance: A History of Nazi Involvement with the Occult shows.

It is through the evil philosophy of eugenics, the offspring of Darwinism, that the British elite find a basis for the promotion of the evils of abortion, euthanasia and mass sterilization.  Little do most know, it was Margaret Sanger with the help of Catherine Hepburn’s mother that founded Planned Parenthood with Rockefeller money to sell the idea of abortion and contraception, under the guise of women’s rights.  Sanger convinced the NAACP that black women especially should have the right to an abortion, all the while based on Sanger’s socialist eugenics philosophy.  One of Darwinism’s biggest proponents was eugenicist Sir Francis Galton, Charles Darwin’s cousin and fellow scientist.  What the state universities, all controlled by the elites, don’t tell you is that Galton’s eugenics philosophy, a natural outworking of Darwinism, was profoundly Anglo-racial to the core.  Meanwhile, the phony liberal university establishment would have everyone believe that Marxism is glorious, while their own Darwinistic pseudo-religion is actually racialist to the core.  It is this occult philosophy of Darwinism masquerading as “science” that the NWO elites are obsessed with, and it is for this reason that aborting of millions of children has become a great sacrifice.  It is a Luciferian establishment that runs America.

The masculinized feminist carries her Soviet hammer to destroy the "tyrannical" patriarchy in this 1984 Apple ad.  The rise of the feminine and the goddess is the plan of the elite to destroy social order.

The masculinized feminist carries her Soviet hammer to destroy the “tyrannical” patriarchy in this 1984 Apple ad. The rise of the feminine and the goddess is the plan of the elite to destroy social order.

The Green New Age Movement

It is also important to see that the secret societies predicted the supposed fall of religion.  There are many other smaller groups that operate separately, but with the same goals of destroying historic Orthodox religion and installing a global, rationalist, technocratic, socialist Luciferian world order.  Many people are unaware that the New Age Movement came straight out of fraudulent occult groups.  Madame Blavatsky, a mountebank and premier occultist, coined the term by noting in terms of astrology, the 20th century would witness the transformation from the Age of Pisces, which occultists refer to as the age of Christianity’s dominance, to the Age of Aquarius: the age of the new world order, the cosmic world order, where men would be in contact with the what she termed the “Great White Brotherhood of interstellar entities.”  Blavatsky, like all occultists, thought that man was on the path of Darwinian evolution towards godhood, and that these extra-dimensional “entities” were highly advanced beings seeking to bring the human race into the next age of cosmic consciousness.  Madame Blavatsky’s aliens, however, were nothing more than fallen angels promulgating the same old lie of Satan in the Garden of Eden that man could eventually become his own god.

The Green New Age Movement, however, has not lost any power or influence in the past few years.  The hippie-sexual revolution of the 1960s was a major victory for this movement, bringing Eastern philosophy into the West through Swamis and the Beatles.  The United Nations is the primary supporter of New Age techniques, which are promoted in all areas of life in its programs.  These programs, like UNESCO, seek to initiate the youth into all forms of paganism and superstition under the guise of “tolerance” and “diversity.”

The elite-funded New Age Movement is also responsible for the popularity of feminism and witchcraft.  The goal of these groups is the alchemical transformation of mankind into “Adam Kadmon,” an androgynous figure representing the transcending of male and female sexes, resulting in a higher-evolved god-being through technology and transhumanism.  Again, we note the idea of the inexorable process of evolution toward godhood. These superstitious texts teach that through ritual sex, the magician may collect power which he channels to his “higher self,” which, the occultists believe, will give them greater powers as gods when they die and ascend the ridiculous evolutionary chain.  These higher selves or true selves are in fact demons that deceive the occultist.

Gnosticism and Crowley

One of the most powerful secret societies of the 20th century was the O.T.O., or Ordo Templi Orientis.  This society was headed for a period by the premier occultist of the 20thcentury, Aleister Crowley.   Considered a genius, Crowley ascended the ranks of the occult rapidly and became a proponent of ancient gnosticism.  The best description for Crowley’s order is that it is a hermetic graduate school.  Crowley himself was a 98th and 99th degree Memphis and Mizraim Rites rites which most new agers have never heard of.  Crowley’s famous book Magick in Theory and Practice, argues that the key to life and to becoming a magician is bringing about one’s own will in the world: to effect change in the world.  Change, however, can be either be good or bad.  Effecting change in the world through imposition of will is not necessarily a good thing.

Gnostic herald of the new age, Aleister Crowley.

Gnostic herald of the new age, Aleister Crowley.

In my analysis, this gnosticism is the key to understanding the recent explosion of pedophilia in modern, post-Vatican II Catholicism. Journalist William Kennedy’s book Lucifer’s Lodge documents the evidence that Luciferians have infiltrated the highest levels of the Catholic establishment, even to the Vatican, seeking to use the Catholic Church as the vehicle for a one world religion of New Age Luciferianism.

Well-known scholar and ex-Jesuit theologian Malachi Martin, a Vatican insider and personal friend of John XXIII and Paul VI, has written numerous books on the status of the Church since Vatican II.  It must be noted first of all that there is undeniable and abundant evidence that Martin was himself a Luciferian.  In his book The Keys of this Blood on the papacy of John Paul II, Martin mentions the Satanic Black Mass that was celebrated in the Vatican following upon the coronation of Paul VI as pope (page 632).  The reason this is important is that he personally knew these popes.  The reason for this is that Luciferians operate on a principle Crowley termed the “revelation of the method.”  Because most occultists are gnostic dualists, they believe good and bad are flip sides of the same coin: they are both ultimate and necessary.  Thus, there is no reason why one cannot play both sides, so to speak. One may play a conservative, moral individual during the day, while at night participating in the black rites of Luciferianism.

 In this very important 700 plus page book, Martin discusses the goal of Vatican occultists to control the emerging world order.  It is beyond question, he admits, that the apostate Catholic Church, the “anti-church” as he calls it, is the primary vehicle of the United Nations and the Anglo-globalists to bring all religions into a one world religion where Orthodox religion is replaced with pagan and occultic traditions for mass control.  This is why the modern Catholic church must be resisted at all costs: if not, it will initiate the world into Luciferianism.  Only traditional Orthodoxy is the rallying force strong enough to repel the New World Order.

The United States’ Role

Rallying behind the Constitution and America are useless against the Illuminati, since contrary to what many Americanists say, the country was founded by a conglomeration of Protestant deists influenced by Illuminism and ridiculous revolutionary philosophy.  What, then, is America’s role in all this?  America’s role seems to be, as one political philosopher noted, the “benign promulgator of world government.”  The United States is the power-horse of the elite: it functions as a kind of Big Brother of the nations, cleverly seeking to establish faux “democracy” in petty dictatorships like Iraq that the U.S. itself financed and loaned money to in the 1980s, training Saddam as an ally.

The rise of Skynet.

The rise of Skynet.

The technological revolution of the genius of America’s best and brightest is the main tool for the endgame of the NWO.  The use of the great engine of supercomputers and wireless technology is actually being used for the purpose of setting up a Skynet control grid where world population will be reduced 90% under the phony religion of Green Climate Change and Earth worship.  As the masses are dumbed down through the toxic culture, poisoned food and water, they will become dumber and more docile and ultimately sterile.  Then, the AI robot supergrid will be revealed to stamp out the last vestiges of biological humanity.  Without a coherent philosophy and religious faith, mankind will fall susceptible to a great deception of technological utopianism and salvation.  This great promise will never be delivered: indeed, the entire Internet and Smart grid revolution is precisely for the purpose of enslaving the masses after a long period of gaining “recon” through tracking and tracing everything on the web since its inception.  Without a religious metaphysic, man falls prey to the quantification of all things, irrationally brought under the sway of total mechanical, “rationalq” enslavement. The idol that is the work of man’s own hands will be the thing that enslaves him, rather than frees him.  The solution to this dilemma is explained well by philosopher Dr. Philip Sherrard here.

Dehumanization through technological enslavement.

Dehumanization through technological enslavement.

16 Comments on What is the New World Order and Why Does it Matter?

  1. Great article, Jay! Maybe your best yet. Keep up the good work.

  2. I love your former prof’s notion of history as simply “one damn thing after another.” Classic! It’s funny how little phrases like that can sum up a misguided mode of thinking in ways otherwise impossible…

  3. great summary, overall. If i’m not mistaken, you are a believing Christian of some sort, correct? well, let me just strongly recommend the work by Dr. Chuck Missler. He has profound studies, based on the Bible, that describe so many things you’ve written about in these articles. I’ve been a fan of his work for years (long before i fumbled upon your treasure-trove of a website) and it is UNCANNY how much you seem to “bounce off eachother” at times, just with slightly different source documents 🙂 After reading so much of your material, I thought it good of me to offer a direction where you could, if you wanted to, learn more about the Biblical foretelling of many of these events and concepts you so elegantly write about. e mail me for more info.

  4. But what is the New World Order without the worldwide mind control, subliminal and brain washing, of media=broadcast stations, originating from a group of “Illuminati” (enlightened) people who want control the mind of the whole population to have more sex and fun and take over the psychological control over the world with attempts of vulnerating by accidents prominent and other persons they don’t like around the world by means of “artificial telepathy” and trying to introduce even a regime of (body) mutilated people like themselves?! All this happens in Italy/South Tyrol with international satellite connection. Nobody stops it.

  5. You may want to examine earlier generations of Darwin’s family; uncle, grandfather, etc., and connections to earlier generations of influence and ideology.

  6. I know you have dealt with Hollywood and the entertainment industry extensively, but how about you write a piece especially about Michael Jackson. There are definite mystery religion issues and real life subterfuge there. I would be very interested to know what you think about him and the Jacksons in general.

  7. Jorge Barbosa // March 16, 2014 at 4:52 pm // Reply

    Jay, this article is awesome!
    I am waiting for a “True Detective” esoteric analysis!

  8. JAY…I have been checking your place every day. And every day I find nothing on the archive for March. You gotta write. Your vocation exists so you might as well give it hell. You never know who or what will find you. Freedom starts its violance in an empty outreached pair of nameless hands…

  9. The New World Order is a mockery of the New Order established by Jesus Christ in 33 AD.
    The satanic NWO of the synagogue of Satan is prophesied in stone in the Supreme Court of the world in Israel. The Sanhedrin, which is the Supreme Court of the nation of the Jews,
    which existed long before the establishment of the Israel in 1948, and to which Freemasons of the Templar rite take an oath of loyalty, look over the city of Jerusalem symbolically in the All-Seeing Eye set in stone. The synthesis of Kabbalistic Judaism with Christianity, which was predicted and promoted by Eliphas Levi, the French Freemason, so long ago, now appears to be manifesting. Saint John Chrysostom, in his polemic against the Judaizers, well stated what the NWO is; a den of theives and vipers, a spiritual disease, a unholy alliance of the effeminate, the theatre crowd, and the Jews, who mock the holy ones of God, who are far more dangerous than the pagans or avowed Satanists, because they appear to have the prophets, Moses, and the Scripture.

    Jesus Christ, also, defined the the NWO: “the synagogue of Satan”, those who say they are Jews but are not, who say they study Scripture and are saved thereby, who claim to be the seed of Abraham, the Israel of God, but who, despite what they say, neither know God nor try to follow Him, and have twisted the message of Moses, invalidated the word of God through their wicked traditions, who, incredibly, advocate rape, murder, theft, pedophilia, pride, and the cursing of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ, as plainly recorded in their religious book, the Talmud.

    The New World Order of Moshiach Ben David, the Antichrist, will mercillessly persecute and kill Christians, just as they did in the earliest days of Christianity, as recorded in the book of Acts, for that is their stated intent, according to the Talmud and the Noachide Laws, and that is nearly within their power to do, thanks in no small measure to cowardly Christian Zionists, etc. So, that said, what more to say, save this: “How long, O Lord, how long before you avenge the blood of the saints?” Already, in the Middle East, due to the deceptive machinations of Judeo-Freemasonry, the genocide of Christians has begun, with the help of the Muslims and the insanely stupid Zionist Christians.

    How strange that the true Israel of God are slandered and stigmatized as Anti-Semetic Antichrists because they oppose the apartheid racist Talmudic soul enslaving Antichrist synagogue of Satan. Put that in your shofar and blow, O ye Hebrew Rootists. There is only one root of David, one seed of Abraham, one King of kings, and all liars and cowards will bow down one day to confess that Jesus Christ is Lord! Do you seek a bettwer witness thant he son of God?

  10. Epsilon Delta // January 10, 2015 at 2:30 pm // Reply

    Great article !!

    But…I understand that they want to build a sort of a new religion for people. However, old religions are also lies, in my humble oppinion (based on lots of reading and searching). Jesus or Mohamed have never existed.

    Are you a christian ? Or….I didn’t understand well your article.

  11. Morgan + Rockefeller are worth mentioning… What about Warburg, Rothschild, Marx & Weishaupt?

  12. Morgan and Rockefeller are worth mentioning…. What @ the Warburg, Rothschild, Marx & Weishaupt ring of duddies!?!?

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