What Has Happened to the Catholic Church in One Easy Article

By: Jay Dyer If you've read much in terms of Catholic theology and Church History, it's not too long before you come into contact with various theories about what has happened in the last several decades. There are countless magazines, books and theories, from all different vantage points - some "rad trad," others less trad, but everyone knows there's been a  crisis. When I left Calvinism in 2003 I was immediately confronted with this big issue. As a veteran researcher, now, in this topic, I can point newbies in the right direction in terms of what has happened. Roughly 300 years ago, numerous anti-Christian/Catholic groups such as the Freemasons and Illuminists decided to bring an end to what they perceived to be a mental tyranny over the mind's of men (to use Thomas Jefferson's phrase). The medieval church was seen to be precisely this. Think for example, of Mozart's famous opera, the Magic Flute, where the Church of the middle ages is pictured as the nighttime, and Masonic Enlightenment rationalism is pictured as the true dawn of humanity. 

Freemasonic lodges exploded throughout Europe 300 years ago, and spread all the way to Russia by the 18th century under Catherine. This was the revolutionary esoteric and occultic masonry that had developed out of the masonry guilds of the middle ages – no longer a worker’s guild, but now a cloak for gnostic and occultic sects. From the Illuminist sects morphed the Carbonari, who would be responsible for the document known as the “Alta Vendita” (found here) that came into the hands of the papacy. The “Alta Vendita” and other rumors of subversion produced such monumental papal treatises as (which every Christian should be familiar with):

In Emenenti of Pope Clement XII

Humanum Genus of Pope Leo XIII

These are proofs of a conspiracy, however much deniers would like to pretend there is no such thing as conspiracies. These groups didn’t disappear after 1900, either. In fact, in the days of Leo XIII a Satanist almost did become Pope, as author Craig Heimbichner demonstrates here.  Considering the continuing condemnations of such associations by the papacy (over 200 condemnations), it’s unavoidable that the conspiracy to destroy the Church continued.  So when modern writers like Daniel Pipes dismiss these claims, he’s dismissing his own papacy as well as historical facts. But no one need take such a man seriously, since he’s one of the few mindless neo-cons still churning out weekly lies.

Fast forward past Vatican II and we have the pedophilia/homosexuality crisis. The reason for this now becomes clear – elements within the Church had been operating in secret networks and cabals for years. The real cabal behind the pedophilia crisis is a cabal of occult cabala. This is detailed in the book “Lucifer’s Lodge” by William Kennedy, which I recommend to researchers.  So from these disturbing facts we have a general apostasy and rejection of Scripture and it’s norms and the adoption of homosexuality, which the Bible describes as an abomination and itself a penalty for rejecting God. The seminaries were, by the 60s and 70s, controlled by gay priests and bishops, as Michael Rose details in his well-known book, “Good Bye Good Men.” Here is an article giving a summary of Rose’s arguments. Many churches are now more or less feminized, banal Protestant committees of fat, old matriarchs.

Lest Orthodox and Protestant readers wax prideful and think they are immune, they are not. Orthodox Churches and Protestant groups have been subject to all the same problems of liberalism, homosexuality and perversion, however on a smaller scale, as there are millions more Catholics than Orthodox Christians. Sedevacantists, those who choose to totally reject the Roman Church, exemplify a false reaction to this problem.  Knowing this movement inside and out, as well as the SSPX, as I do, the fact is, all of these groups have some serious flaws that prevent more good getting done.  The progress of the good is impeded precisely because of the insular, stuck-in-their-own-irrelevant-tiny-box approach of these groups. I hope to write another article soon detailing some solutions that all these right-wing reactionary groups need to take to heart.

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42 Comments on What Has Happened to the Catholic Church in One Easy Article

  1. steve dalton // April 19, 2010 at 2:45 pm // Reply

    I read Kennedy’s book some years ago. I’m skepical of one of his sources. Malachi Martin was a con artist who added and abbedded the subversives at VCII. He’s was also responsible for breaking up a marriageby his immoral behavior. Angelqueen.org has several articles on Martin’s perfidy.

  2. steve dalton // April 19, 2010 at 6:46 pm // Reply

    I do not wish to waste time “exposing” anyone and everybody, but one of the articles on Angelqueen proves that MM was never an exorcist. The priest who was the chief exorcist where Martin lived said he was never an exorcist. So I fail to see how he could be reliable as a source on anything.

    • I’v e read several of his books and it’s hard for me to believe he is making it all up. I think he is suspect of all kinds of things, but I need mroe than hearsay of some supposed priest. His books show an obvious indepth knowledge of issues.

  3. Funny, there was just recently a mini online debate over the veracity of Martin at Henry Makow’s savethemales.ca. Can’t really comment myself as I’m not familiar enough with the details of the man’s life. I’ve heard his chief critic had an ax to grind, but again I wouldn’t know. Great article, I agree breaking away from the church doesn’t seem to be a good solution but I think we’ve got to undo many of Vatican 2’s reforms and purge the church of every last child abusing priest. Granted you can find an equally high instance of such perverts in numerous other professions, and the media is targeting the Catholics specifically as to destroy the church, but nonetheless these people must be expelled and brought to justice. Nice article! Some interesting links!

  4. Saw, Magic Flute for the first time recently. Very structurally similar to Shelley’s Prometheus Unbound. The same gnostic anti-god message. I’ll have to do an article on that some time.

  5. Jay, you speak of progress being impeded. But how are you defining “progress”?

    Also, just curious, were you ever confirmed in the Catholic Church?

  6. It seems you’ve read everything! Would appreciate some discussions on the inadequacies of SSPX and Sedevac solutions and suggestions on how it should be done…

  7. Jay, so you were confirmed as a Catholic, then almost confirmed within an Eastern Orthodox communion, then somehow ushered back to “Rome” for a time… but I am curious where you stand now. And I’m even more curious to learn about how your current status relates to the insights you’ve offered in the article. In other words, if you’re not in full communion with Rome, how does your status as a non-Roman Catholic relate to what you’re sharing in the article?

    • I have continued to attend the Catholic Church in my hometown for the last two years. I attended a Orthodox Church for two years, but never joined. Where did I say I was not in communion with Rome? I didn’t. Are you here as Inquisitor General?

      • Also, I hope that my comment above didn’t come across as patronizing. I don’t mean to come across as insulting in the least.

    • And if you want to get all scrupulous about my honesty, why do you use aliases?

      • are you referring to the dfnathaniel thing? nathaniel is my middle name. Some people call me nathan or nate. The df was just two letters I stuck at the beginning that stood for something from the movie Longford (about Frank Pakenham). After all, nathaniel or nathan@gmail.com wasn’t exactly readily available. Also, my grandfather (after whom I was named) was a Baptist minister. So if you search our name on the Internet, you might get the wrong idea about my theology. I’ve never meant to hide behind my middle name, nathaniel.

      • It doesn’t matter to me what name you use, I’m just saying that not knowing one another, there is not much hope in trying to keep moral track of bloggers and debaters. This is actually a *bad* thing about the Internet.

      • I am a recovering Catholic. My church was 1/2 a block away,when I was 6 yo I would visit the Monsignor and he made me sit on his lap and would let me look in his desk drawer for candy.
        I notice how comments don’t want to believe the truth.
        My son in law works for the Catholic church as a teacher. I told him about PizzaGate and sent him a video, he told me that it was a conspiracy theory and it was a lie. He stopped talking to me. He is a theatre director and thought about having a Tranny “Christmas Shoes” act in his Catholic high school. That is how brainwashed he is. He is a good person but goes for the popular vote.All this crap has broke up my family. But knowing and researching the Truth sets me free. I am hoping they will wake up.

  8. I was never chrismated in Orthodoxy and never claimed to be. I’ve always been open about my status.

  9. Who am I? Same as most of my critics; nobody.

    I am “a man trying to put out a fire”, as Mel Gibson
    said in “Conspiracy Theory”, and that being my goal, I must
    point out that this conspiracy is best detailed and described
    not as Masonic, Illuminati, Gnostic, etc., but as Msgr. Jouin
    called it, “Judeo-Masonic”, since as Hoffman says
    in his talk on Magic and Paganism in during the reign of
    Queen Elizabeth II, to paraphrase: the
    Jewish Kabbalists despised Christianity from the outset and their emnity never wavered, nor did their attempts to infiltrate
    and destroy the Catholic Church ever subside, and what’s more,
    much more, Freemasonry looks to Judaism as its highest
    inspiration, etc., A great talk, that, by Mr. Hoffman.

    That is, historically, the origin of the anti-Christ conspiracy
    is best described in the Bible. Practically, as a matter of
    correctly identifying the major players that must be fought to
    prevent nucleor bombs from being detonated in our cities
    as a false flag op, one must identify the Mossad, ADL, B’nai
    B’rith, Judeo-Masonry, esp. those Masons of the Templar rite
    who take an oath to the “nation of the Jews”, Chabad Lubavitch,
    or however you spell the name of that wretched and wicked
    racist branch of Jewish Supremacism, etc. Dual citizen
    Israelis in positions of high power, whose real loyalty is to the
    nation of the Jews, also must be identified and exposed as
    potential traitors to the Constitution of the United States of

    Jay is right, however, in that the “dark”, “great”, monolithic
    and ruthless conspiracy is, at root, anti-Catholic; that’s where
    the diverse occult groups, including certain traitorous priests
    within the Church, all agree and are of one mind and spirit.
    If anybody doubts that, I recommend a book by Freemason
    George Lippard, if you can find it, called “The Brotherhood of
    the Rosy Cross,” wherein we find that Jesuit priests, Protestant
    ministers, Freemasons, etc., who were all members of the
    Brotherhood, agree that the intolerance and tyranny of the
    Catholic Church must give way to the the “universal brotherhood of man.” That said, I defer to Michael A. Hoffman
    as the most astute and accurate among commentators on this
    subject: http://www.revisionisthistory.org

    As usual, Jay does a great job also if this is the Jay who once
    posted a now defunct blog.

    Respect the locals. Geronimo. Sandy Frost’s outstanding
    expose of the Royal Order of Jesters “Shriners Shame” is a must

    Jay, do you still hold that Catholicism is gnostic based on
    the writings of Saint Thomas Aquinus, who, I am told,
    on his death bed asked that his summa be burned because it
    contained heresy? How, then, can errors contained in the Summa justify stigmatizing Catholicism as gnostic when the
    writings of St. Thomas are neither canonical, nor ex cathedra,
    nor part of the Catholic Magesterium, nor even condoned
    without grave reservations by its very author? Etc. Please

    “Lucifer’s Lodge” is very good, but as commentators point out,
    Milan Martin is a dubious source as the son of a Jewish banker,
    crypto-Zionist, and double agent, according to Michael A.
    Hoffman’s great talk on Magic and Paganism during the reign
    of Queen Elizabeth II.

    Lasly, hi Big Brother. I hope you’ve been getting my
    Christmas cards!

    Certainly, it’s within your power to destroy me, but behold,
    it’s within our power to speak truth until you do, so put that
    in your shofar and blow it!

  10. A great movie review on Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto is here:

    I would very much like to know what Jay says about the new
    Mel Gibson movie “The Edge of Darkness”.

    • I haven’t seen it yet, but everyone says it’s really good.

    • But why do you care what I think? I’m an evil zionist shill who lies, even though Aquinas cites Maimonides frequently and his neo-platonism is gnostic. You list as your site a person who professes Eastern Orthodoxy and would agree that Aquinas’ views are gnostic. Why waste your time here?

      • Au contraire, mon ami. My questions are not rhetorical or
        insincere. Thus, if follows that, even if I do suspect you may be this or that, or though I may entertain varied and mutually
        contradictory hypothetical guesses about who you are or where,
        exactly, you are coming from, still I am interested in gathering
        more information exactly because you rank among the few
        people whom I would care to inquire about further or whose analysis I would care to consider. I think your
        analysis is exceptionally well-informed and interesting, yet,
        since you support Alex Jones, I do wonder, at times,
        because, for example, I can only
        question the sincerity of a well-informed person who says that the Arabs control Hollywood, etc., etc., nor am I alone, as you
        know — http://www.rense.com, realzionistnews.com,
        iamthewintess.com, to name but a
        few, ask the same questions about AJ.

        In any case, Jay, your comedy videos are very funny.

      • We’ve had this discussion numerous times and it’s to no avail. So you’ve exposed me – good job and I wish you well.

      • Has it ever occurred to you that maybe there are people out there that are trying to wade through massive piles of shit to try to figure things out, and that the issues are pretty complex and difficult? I have a large circle of friends and family who know me and what I have tried to stand for, so I really don’t care any more what blog-passer-bys and constant critics think. Your books and support are appreciated (it fed me a couple weeks when I was totally broke and it helped with my rent), but since we don’t know each other, the safest bet is to take internet personas with a grain of salt. I’m not interested in a mass audience this time around, it’s just a blog about the stuff I’m into.

      • I seriously don’t care about Kapner’s motives or Alex Jones’ motives. And Kapner is as doubtful as they come. I look at who gets things done and Jones has clarified himself several times about the Saudis owning stock. Jones then went on to say he knows Hollywood has a large Jewish influence. I don’t know Rense or whoever, and I don’t care. It’s a waste of time trying to figure out people’s motives.

      • Speaking of questioning who someone is or where they come from, come on.

        “John Paul Jones”


  11. The ADL and SPLC and Soros media don’t come after their agents.

  12. Jay,

    How do you know that the ADL SPLC etc. do not use the tactic of garnering support for bogus organizations by having their known and hated organs criticize their controlled opposition.

    “By their fruits you shall know them.” The fruit of a watchdog
    are the words that come out, not the garbage that comes in.

  13. Jay,

    I think you will appreciate the excellent article by John
    De Nugent, called Apocalypse of the Psychopaths, which
    is posted at the conspirazzi site — just enter that in the
    search box there. It’s a first rate movie review about Mel
    Gibson’s masterwork “Apocalypto”.

    • I loved Apocalypto. The site looks interesting and I’ll check that out.

      • Jay,

        Lenin himself said that the best way to defeat the opposition is to control it, so it’s not unlikely at all — and, in fact — standard operating procedure — that the “great”, “dark”, “monolithic and
        ruthless” conspiracy would create bogus opposition to control the opposition and gather intel on potentially effective and authentic opposition. This is what people of good-will and
        sincerity need to know lest they squander their precious
        time and resources on a fraud.

        What’s more, add into the equation that there are so many
        “useful idiots”, as Lenin called them, who start their own organizations, and what we have is mass confusion and total
        control, more or less, by the “monolithic and ruthless” conspiracy, albiet the control is not always direct, but indirect
        through mass media mind control programming.

        Certainly, with all the money that they’ve “earned” ever since
        the Federal Reserve was established, etc., they have the money
        to fund a plethora of bogus opposition groups.

        One example, when Rockefeller came out against the John Birth
        Society, it got enough publicity that it was what caused the JBS to take off in terms of membership, but it was a complete and
        absolute fraud, because JBS is Judeo-Masonic to the core — just read the JBS Blue Book, which is pure Masonry. Consequently, some good intentioned patriots gave all they had to support their worst enemies, jumping out of the fire
        of false Republicanism into the frying pan of another fraud.

        Sure, it would be paranoid and unreasonable to assume that all
        or most “truther” organizations are part of the conspiracy due to the obvious impossibility of controlling all opposition, but I
        guarantee you that nobody or near gets publicity on the main networks, as did Alex Jones, unless they think it will in some way serve their agenda, which of course does not mean that the person is necessarily controlled opposition, but may mean, for example, that they consider the
        person sufficiently duped or compromised to be of no harm, i.e., a useful idiot or intelligent coward, or maybe because they
        want to appear objective, etc.

        I have to ask myself, for example, why all the opposition with any significant exposture is so incompetent yet intelligent and
        often well-funded. Why does Jeff Rense link to your defunct
        site, for example, when you took your site down near Thanksgiving? That means that your site, even though down,
        gets google juiced into the good ranking. Is Rense’s webmaster
        incompetent, or are they underfunded? Also, doesn’t Jeff Rense know, as a New Ager of sorts, that New Age was created by Masonry and serves their purpose?

        Agreed that the ultimate architect and orchestrator behind this
        is not any earthly human intelligence or group but Satan and
        his fallen angels, but I disagree that it is more likely that a group with significant media exposure and obvious financial backing is more likely to be real than bogus. This was not the
        assumption that I began with, but I learned the hard way, as
        did the Catholic Church of old, about bogus “Christians” who are actually Talmudists or their pathetic dupes.

        So, forgive me if I am not particularly trusting; twice burned,
        twice shy, as they say.

        It’s actually a carefully designed maze
        with traps and false exits, but the only real door out is Jesus
        Christ, if you can find Him amidst all the false prophets and
        false Christs, and so that’s the criteria I use: does this group
        llft up the cross of Jesus Christ, or do they dissolve Christ and
        minimize Him by lifting up some idol, e.g., Hebrew Roots, or
        some “hero”, e.g., Alex Jones, or some false organization, e.g,
        Jehovah Witness, etc., or some misled nation, e.g., Israel.
        They can lift up everything and anything but Jesus said that
        without Him, we can do nothing.

      • All good points and not much I can disagree with. I know that two years of trying it myself resulted in support from you and one other person, so money has to be coming to various groups from somewhere. I’ve been burned too, so I feel your pain. It’s not wise to trust inernet personas. A lot of this fits into Hoffman’s points about how modernity and tehy internet has produced too much information.

        As to Alex, I’ve always disagreed with the Americanism and libertarianism. But I’ve always thought that it was hard to accept him as a fake since he woke me up to international Zionism via the USS Liberty and Pike Videos he offered. I just know that worrying about who is a fake can go in endless circles – maybe they are double agents. Maybe triple….where does it end? I don’t know, so I just try to focus on what I’m into.

  14. Jay,

    Agreed, Thomas Aquinas may indeed be gnostic, which is not something I doubt, Jay, because I trust your word on that, even
    though I have not studied Aquinas in any depth. Point is, so what? If his Summa is not even condoned without great reservations by the author himself, and if those teachings which are gnostic are not part of the accepted Catholic dogma,
    why does it much matter?

    As to your claim that I should not respect the opinions of Orthodox or any other allegedly schismatic or heretical group,
    I would simply agree with Winston Smith that freedom is to say
    that two plus two is four. Also, that freedom would entail being free to agree with anybody who says so, including a child, a sinner, or a heretic, etc.

    That is, truth does not become false because spoken by a heretic, nor does falsehood become true because spoken by a
    Doctor of the Church. Therefore, in good faith, one must
    respect truth no matter who may speak it, else what one does
    to the least one does to God, since God is truth, and in rejecting truth that may come from the least, we reject the most High God.

    There is nothing heretical about that. Big Brother, on the other hand, would find it heretical.

    • I don’t think that Thomas was purposefully gnostic, I think he was working with the system he knew, which was Augsutine’s Christianized Platonism that Thomas sought to synthesize with Aristotle. It matters because it’s been a matter of a lot of theological import the last century.

      I wasn’t saying you can’t support those of other churches – I do. I was saying if you want to be a hardass and criticize those who are associated in any way with someone in error, then it cuts both ways.

      I agree that truth is objective, regardless of the speaker.

  15. Jay,

    Agreed, Jay, agreed. As usual, you make good points and counter-points.

    You had a crackerjack topnotch blog with Nicene Truth. I wish
    you would start it up again.

    What better to do with your talents, and what of the parable about the man who hid his talent?

    You may have only had a few supporters, but fact is, the only
    real supporter you need is God, of course, as you know.

    The only praise that matters in the end is if Jesus says:

    “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

    As Sam Wise said in “The Two Towers”, “the praise of the praiseworthy is above all reward.”

    Who is more worthy than Jesus? Of course, nobody. Yet of
    those who truly served Jesus, how many met with the worlds

    “They were stoned, they were sawn asunder, were tempted,
    were slain with the sword; they wandered about in goatskins;
    being destitute, afflicted, tormented, of whom the world was
    not worthy; they wandered in mountains, and in dens and caves
    of the earth. Hebrews 11:37-38

    As for those who scoff if you make no money, I ask you, how much money did Jesus make on the cross?

    To the Talmudists, who greet the Gospel with howls of scorn and derision, I say:

    “Scoff, scoffers, marvel and perish, for God is about to do what
    you would not believe even if you were told.”

    I’d rather have the praise of one single solitary saint than the
    praise of a billion damned proud souls, because pride exists
    by virtue of no virtue or excellence but by sole virtue of a lie.

  16. Brandon Wainscott // February 28, 2013 at 5:42 am // Reply

    Jay, I liked your most recent article about the mix of communism and capitalism. It is something I had been considering in light of all this nonsense form the mainstream right about Obamacare. I am not for Obamacare, but I am not sure the Republicans are doing much to stop it. Their agenda, consciously or ignorantly (both, I think) is just causing it. Too much stuff to get into.

    As for the whole double agent accusation, I’ve heard it many times against Jones and the likes like I have told you on Facebook a few times. I see these response are a couple years or so old, but forgive me I was looking for something on Kennedy on here. I’d like to do some research on the whole thing. Like you have said “conspiracy” sites have their problems, but they have their value and that is what makes it hard to separate falsity from truth. Some of the falsehoods are obviously nonsense, but some is more subtle and that is when it becomes difficult. Like you I do not agree with Jones Americanism and liberarism, but I think he is sincere. The whole accusation that he is a secret Zionist is pretty lame. Basically I read one place his wife has Jewish ancestry, which is pretty poor evidence in itself. One person told me his wife was actually Jewish, that being one of her main arguments against him. Even if she were, that proves nothing. And I do not think she is Jewish. The other argument is that he is mainstream or allowed in the mainstream so he cannot be true. My view is they just allow him to say his stuff and have his millions of viewer because they are testing people and they figure the damage is minimal. They can’t stop everyone. Whatever it is, I doubt he is some secret Illuminati.

    I know you are in between religions right now and I will say I hope you come back to Catholicism. People should realise how hard it is to find the truth and I know you are looking for the truth. Every thing is so confusing right now and even if you come off as a bit cocky, you have the brains to give you that pride. We all struggle with pride more or less and the most important thing is you are sincere. I wish the best for you.

    People can always find faults in guys like Malachai Martin. I like a lot of what he says, but I am not into him. I just do not know much about him. His insight into the demonic and the Vatican issues is wonderful. And I do think that he may have been right about his belief that John XXIII was elected after another cardinal had been elected, an anti-Communist who was convinced to not accept to avoid conflict with the communists. In any case, I’ll keep following your work, and keep searching for the truth. I pray God you find it.

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