The Truth of Transformers 2: Esoteric Analysis

Note the Egyptian symbology
By: Jay Dyer Yes, I admit it, I went to see Transformers 2. It was so bad I was hoping it would transform into a different movie. But what can you expect from Michael Bay. While this movie had almost nothing good about it, there are a couple conspiratorial/esoteric elements worth mentioning. Shia Labeouf's character moves off to college and happens to fall in with a band of annoying preppy, frat-boy "conspiracy theorists" who run a website devoted to exposing the truth about government cover ups. This was clearly a reference to yours truly (just kidding). What is interesting about this was the portrayal of the "conspiracy." The theorists had been speculating along with others about the existence of aliens among us. What we find out is that the "alien Transformers" are really ancient deities with super advanced technology and they are among us - some protecting, others seeking to destroy. But between the hour-long explosions and the 75 trademark Michael Bay lense flares, we can perceive a deeper meaning. What we have with this variation on the ever-popular alien theme is an insight into the real conspiracy - that there are aliens, but not what Hollywood thinks. The "aliens" who are contacting us are not benevolent space brothers, but demons. Now, not all phenomena related to UFOs are demonic - much of it is merely advanced human technology mixed with instances of imaginative abductees. I don't think Roswell is anything special. What is real is that there is a fallen angelic hierarchy (as well as a good angelic hierarchy), and these beings are as real as you and I. They do not exist in our dimension, but in the next - the spiritual realm. The Bible is very clear about these beings, and they are truly invoked by and aid humans, be they evil "gods" or good angels. Just as there is an angelic liturgy, so there is a demonic. Famous exorcist and writer, Fr. Malachi Martin, in his classic The Keys of This Blood noted that the pedophilia scandal was not just some random phenomena of perverts, but was actually the workings of a network of underground Satanists who see pedophilia as the culmination of the "Fallen Angels' Rites." Indeed.

So what Spielberg and Michael Bay want you to believe is true in a sense and not true in another. Spielberg has for years promoted the lie that aliens are our more or less benevolent space brothers. In Indiana Jones 4 we learned as well about ancient technology of the gods, and that “aliens” were apparently our creators, (or harvesters). Richard Dawkins has said he finds space alien creators believable (and not the Bible). As much as I loved X-Files, it was the same there as well. It’s also a little-known fact that the X-Files writers even received story lines from the CIA. Recall Eric Von Daniken’s goofy Chariots of the Gods propaganda? It’s no accident that the alien mythos has been among us for the last 50 years so heavily. Pop culture via Spielbergianism has inundated us with this new replacement theology – replacing the Christian mythos with a modern, new agey story of alien origins.

So what does this have to do with Transformers 2? It’s another example of the reality of this propaganda – the government is not covering up the existence of aliens races. The intelligence agencies and think tanks are more than happy to have you believing in contacting higher dimensional entities from Planet X. This is what SETI is all about. And, that is precisely where all the modern fads and hype about aliens came from – intelligence agencies. So, oddly, there is some truth to Transformers 2. There are ancient gods and deities, they’re just not robots and they don’t come here to teach us about global governance and how to save the planet. They aren’t returning in 2012 because they’ve been here all along. They are the angelic hierarchies, good and bad. Azazel is real (Lev. 17), and so is Lilith (Is. 24) – but so are Michael and Gabriel.

Personally, I do think there were high-tech ancient societies and I do think the Book of Enoch is correct. However, this has to be parceled out and separated from the pop culture chaff nonsense about invaders from Mars. How many movies do you see about aliens? Countless. How many movies do you see about angelic hierarchies? Zero. This is the real coverup – the real top secret information. I am reminded of the excellent article by Fr. Alexey Young from several years ago detailing how, from a biblical worldview, the aliens are demons.

We also see in Transformers 2 the occult theme of channeling. Shia comes in contact with an ancient, magical talisman (the “Allspark”) that has the power to create life. Again – not a personal God, but an impersonal force from which life spontaneously emerges. Precisely the Darwinian-occult view. Shia at one point in the film dies near the pyramids in Egypt and comes before the council of the gods and learns he is the chosen one to save the race. This is a prominent theme among new agers and occultists who “channel” alien entities. Often they are told the very same thing. The alien spirit possesses him over a period of time and leads him to his destiny – to save the world. What we see is not of course a Christian worldview, but rather the occult obsession with ancient Egypt, and when Shia dies, he passes over to the gods like the Pharoahs of old. At many points in the film the winged disc of Horus is displayed to clue you in to that fact. Shia achieves theosis – deification, but not by the Christian mysteries and sacraments, but by himself – by his own willpower and humanism.

Note also the shirt Shia wears throughout the film – the moon, the earth, 6 stars and the number six. This is cluing you in as well that the “aliens” Shia is working with are not “aliens” but the rulers and principalities associated with those planets and stars.

7 Comments on The Truth of Transformers 2: Esoteric Analysis

  1. Dear Jaysanalysis,
    Interesting Thoughts, Which movie would be the best? The one with the most “votes” or answers chosen will be the one I see.

    The Ugly Truth
    Transformers (though loud machines scare the crap out of me.)
    The Proposal

    I really wanted to watch Public Enemies, but no theater in my area is playing it any longer. Boophuckingwhore.
    Kindest Regards

    • The reason they are represented as “robots” is because angels “the fallen” or otherwise, are androgynous beings… they are also represented as holograms and other sexually-neuter beings or androgynous beings since they don’t have male or female reproductive external organs being spirits.
      They’re transforms cuse spirits or angels can take on any form they will and they can be hidden in plain sight. since most people can’t see spirits.

      • in the movie the TERMINATOR 2 or T2… The Angel is represented as the Cop Terminator or WATCHER (cops: guardian Angels in Blue?) who is the same actor in X-Files who replaced Fox Mulder. He is the T2000… An Androgynous being who in his pure form is sex-less/androgynous… an Angel… like Silver Surfer. Being Androgynous in its pure sense he can take on any form or gender “he” chooses. though like all angels he has a prefered form. Like Michael is always manifested as a male warrior, at least in the bible.
        Arnold is the more denser robot or Reptilian Being. Also androgynous in some respect, being a robot, machine or SPIRIT.

        T2000s: Lucifer and his angels Steward Swerdlow’s the Clear People. I think he called them.
        Regular Terminators: Satan (Lucifer’s Storm Trooper Chief; the three horned god of the reptilians) and his David Ickeish reptile horde. They’re more common since they’re closer to the Earth.
        Sky Net…. The Intelligence known as Thanatos… the Pure Impulse of Evil in the Universe…. not antromorphic at all… just a Force. a pure Spirit beyond even angelic realm. The Unholy SPIRIT.

        Just saying that I noticed machine beings in films usualy represent spirits….
        like in Tron… with CLU-cifer.
        The Machine World… i.e. Hyper Space… i.e. the Third Heaven.
        the first Heaven being the one above us… the Second is Outer Space…
        All three populated by spirits… so no such thing as Empty Space.

      • in TRANSFORMERS THE MOVIE from the 1980s…. Galactus, Darkseid, Elder/Ancient God x? etc. was represented there as UNICRON. A being that went from solar system to solar system devouring entire worlds. They showed this same being at the end of Smallville. where Superman/Jesus decends into him and frees the world of his power over the earth/humanity. Silver Surfer does this Salvation (he desended into hell and on the 3rd day he rose again) stunt against the same being. NOTE: “8” whpse colour is SILVER is sumbolic of the Angelic Order. Superman throughout Smallvill tv show is associated with “8”. {Plus the SUN… Sent tp Earth to be a saviour.
        Don’t remember who played Jesus in the Tranformer’s movie with Unicron/Galactus/Darkseid.

  2. Since this post is so old I don’t know if anyone will see this. Just thought that an article from may lend some light on the movie.

  3. Very interesting! Thanks!

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