GoldenEye – Esoteric Analysis

By: Jay Reviewing some older 80s and 90s films, I decided to delve into the Bond films. I started with the later ones and will work my way back to the earlier. All the films contain heavy doses of predictive programming. The 1995 Bond film is fascinating in this regard, including even occultic elements, as well as Tesla-type technology. You probably played the first person shooter. I did. In the opening dancy-Bond girl sequence, we are shown several eyeballs and communist symbols, as the plot will have Bond snooping out a Russian Tesla-ish device that incapacitates all electrical equipment with a massive electromagnetic pulse. The eyes are there to alert you to the cryptocracy/shadow government that runs things - the overarching entity that funded both communism and fascism via international banking cartels. The eye is shown behind various statues of Lenin, Stalin and the revolutionary goddess, lady reason.  The statues are seen falling, to be sure, but if you note the frame at 1:24, you will see the image of Janus - the two-faced god of doorways and duality, particular to Roman mythology. You might think I am stretching my reading a bit, but the film's crime syndicate in this installment is known as the Janus Crime Syndicate. Although the sequence ends with a girl destroying the hammer and sickle, the all-seeing eye glares in the background signifying, in fact, that the apparent world polarity of that time - communist Russia and the Anglo-Amerikan establishment were in fact under the same watchful gaze. When Soviet-style communism was no longer needed, the bankers could dispense with it. Thus the Janus imagery - it's two faces of the same false god. The false duality of the false left/right paradigm.

Hot Babe Destroys the Hammer & Sickle Under the Eye

Even more interesting in this regard is Ian Fleming”s connection to black magician and Satanist, Aleister Crowley. Wikipedia notes under Fleming’s article:

“He [Fleming] also conceived of a plan to use British occultist Aleister Crowley to trick Rudolf Hess into attempting to contact a fake cell of anti-Churchill Englishmen in Britain, but this plan was not used because Rudolf Hess had flown to Scotland in an attempt to broker peace behind Hitler’s back. Anthony Masters’ book The Man Who Was M: The Life of Charles Henry Maxwell Knight asserts Fleming conceived the plan that lured Hess into flying to Scotland, in May 1941, to negotiate Anglo–German peace with Churchill, and resulted in Hess’s capture: this claim has no other source.[7]

Fleming also formulated Operation Goldeneye, a plan to maintain communication with Gibraltar as well as a plan of defence in the unlikely event that Spain joined the Axis Powers and, together with Germany, invaded the Mediterranean colony.”

The purported letter between them is here. Fleming went on from Operation GoldenEye to fraternize with the O.S.S., later to morph into the C.I.A.

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  1. I like the “Golden Eye” analysis. It’s defiantly loaded with stuff, the use of Janus being especially relevant. Janus was the Roman god of endings and beginnings, which is note worthy since not only was “Golden Eye” a new beginning for Bond insomuch as it was the first bond film after a 5 year hiatus and featured a new actor as Bond, Pierce Brosnan but it was also about a new beginning for the world; the post Soviet, post Cold War era. In the mindset of many of the world’s elite, the fall of the U.S.S.R, an event that left the U.S the world’s only super power, constituted a final synthesis of the dialectic process or the End of History. As such the Janus symbolism is particularly apt.
    There is also a strange religious component to the theme song that I only recently noticed. Check out the opening lyrics:

    See reflections on the water
    More than darkness in the depths
    See him surface in every shadow
    On the wind I feel his breath

    If this sounds familiar it’s probably because it bears strong resemblance to the beginning of the bible.
    “In the beginning God created heaven, and earth. And the earth was void and empty, and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the spirit (sometimes translated as Wind or Breath) of God moved over the waters.”
    When coupled with the Janus theme, this seems to suggest a Kabalistic interpretation of God as the concordance of opposites.
    The idea of dualism is further hinted at by the fact that the biblical verses following the above passage all deal with ideas of duality; God separating dark from light, earth from sky and so on.
    Also of note is the fact that “Golden Eye” came out the same year as “Batman Forever.” This film featured Tommy Lee Jones as Two Face, the double-faced, duality themed, super-villain. In this movie Two Face has two female accomplices, one clad in black leather representing his dark side, the other in white lace representing his good side. Consider these further lyrics from the Golden Eye theme.
    Goldeneye not lace or leather
    Golden chains take him to the spot
    Goldeneye I’ll show him forever
    It’ll take forever to see
    What I’ve got
    Though a comparison between Janus and Two Face is never openly stated in “Batman Forever,” it is symbolically implied in the more recent, highly dualistic “Dark Knight,” in which reference is made to the Roman practice of temporarily bestowing dictatorial powers on generals in time of war. Though left unsaid, it was during times of war that the Roman’s opened the gates of the Temple of Janus. Two Face was also compared to Janus in an episode of the 90s Batman animated series.
    Another interesting example of dualism between these two films comes from the fact that the opening sequence of “Golden Eye” shows the destruction of the famous Soviet monument, The Motherland Calls.
    A gigantic statue of a woman raising a sword above her head, the statue is essentially a Russian counterpart to the American Statue of Liberty, which coincidentally enough is partially destroyed in the opening of “Batman Forever”, when a helicopter crashes into its face.
    “Batman Forever”, like “Golden Eye,” was also a new beginning for it’s respective series since it was the first of the 4 original Batman films to feature a new actor, Val Kilmer, as Batman.
    Of course, if you want a real Kabala inspired Bond Movie Song look no further than Madonna’s terrible theme for “Die Another Day.”

  2. Interesting also is that the main theme songs for both films were written by Bono. “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” performed by Bono’s band U2 was the main song of the “Batman Forever” soundtrack and, although it war performed by Tina Turner, Bono also wrote the theme song to “Golden Eye.”

  3. Right, an EMP weapon is what I should have put.

    “When coupled with the Janus theme, this seems to suggest a Kabalistic interpretation of God as the concordance of opposites.”

    Yes, exactly. Great points intertwining Batman Forever! I had forgotten about it…

    The World is Not Enough analysis is already written and it hints at 9/11 (prior to the event) especially in the Garbage video.

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