The Greatest Mind of the Modern Age – Thorndike Fritz

Or, My Obscure Intellectual is More Obscure Intellectual than Yours

By: Jay

Amongst many in my circles, it is as if there is a perpetual scouting to see who can find the most obscure (often 19-20th century) modern era intellectual, whose “theological nuances,” “conservative witticisms and aphorisms” and “literary tropes” are atop the pile.  We all know of Chesterton, Orestes Brownson, Lord Whosamacallit and Sir Whatshisface. However, I have once again topped you all, inasmuch as I have now drunk deeply from the well of wisdom of Thorndike Fritz. A simple perusal of his wikipedia bio which I recently authored should alert bookish bloggers to take note and promptly jot down all monograph, journal and book titles, and order them as soon as possible from Amazon. Many, of course are far too subtle and refined for such a market, so you shall have to find a hidden bookseller in Finland. Also, email me personally for rare Thorndike scanned pfd’s.

Thorndike Fritz

Only known photo of Thorndike Fritz (seated), pictured with unknown scholar

Thorndike Fritz, born May 1, 1845 is regarded by true religious intellectuals as the greatest mind of the modern age. He worked under countless pseudonyms and aliases to hide his genius during the great revolutions of 19th century Finland. A Finnish Lutheran by birth, Fritz was born into sever poverty, the child of two poor cigar rollers. Fritz was able to learn proper pipe smoking and cigarish arts from the very crib, some say. [biased]

Fritz’s prodigious talents were soon apparent, when as a young child he translated the classic Finnish oral epic “Snow Demon” into Swahili.  The work had little print success as the African children were both unable to read it, as well as understand the concept of snow.  Fritz then began his own private translation of the Latin and Greek Church Fathers into English and then back into Latin and Greek. However, these manuscripts were unfortunately burned in the great Finnish Fire of 1849. Rumors have circulated for decades that Finnish Lutherans with apostolic succession were in possession of these mangled tractates.

The adolescent Frtiz attended Oxford for a brief period, but soon departed finding it a “drag.” However, some writers posit that the noted “drag” reference was used in regard to the local British tobacco, which Fritz found to be something savouring of humor. Modern liberal academics have posited that the “drag” reference was evidence of sublimated transvestitism which the great thinker underwent, due to his overt conservatism. See Mandel, “Drag” in Late Modern Finnish Eros: Thorndike Fritz. Continue reading

Amusing Post Where I Play a Sufi Muslim

I was roped into doing this by a buddy of mine on a blog he writes for, and couldn’t resist. I play the Sufi mystic in the comments. Those familiar with comparative religion and perennial philosophy will get a kick out of this. -Jay

What Do Muslims Know About America Before They Move Here?


Welcome Party for New Mosque in Tennessee


This is not a rhetorical question, I’m looking for an answer: What do Muslims know about America before they move here?  Continue reading

Inception: My Labyrinthine Analysis

Water is often associated with the Aether or the dream realm

By: Jay
Inception is one of the best films Hollywood has put out in years, and stands out as a diamond in a large stack of garbage.  If the liberals in Hollywood were really worried about the environment, they wouldn’t cloud the artistic environment with so much pollution. But Inception is something else. A film that mystified many, it also became the subject of intense online debates and speculation as to its ultimate meaning. I believe I have cracked it, and I think I cracked its code upon first viewing.  I subsequently viewed it two more times, and collected even more clues confirming my basic thesis. Let’s analyze.

One cannot properly understand Inception without familiarity with the basic concepts of Carl Jung, some Freud, and a sprinkling of esoterica. The esoteric elements coalesce nicely, due to Jung’s emphasis on mythology and archetypes.  I am not here advocating Carl Jung, to be clear. Jung was very much opposed to the basic worldview I espouse, but we must still interact with and decode these phenomena, inasmuch as they are a part of the world we operate in.

What is happening in Inception is just this: the entire sequence is about Cobb himself returning from the abyss of chaos to his true identity, wherein he reaches a kind of personal paradise. Cobb is, in fact, the only character, and the other characters are all “projections of the subconscious,” as he explains to Ariadne in her first test dream sequence. The original clue to this interpretation is in the beginning when Cobb, Saito and his associates are in the room (Saito’s apartment) where the revolution of some kind is taking place outside. Saito recognizes the carpet is not his, and calls Cobb out for keeping him within yet another layer of dream-existence. Cobb tells us later that the projections never attack the dreamer, but the others supposedly perceived as intruders. However, if this was the case, then the revolutionaries should have attacked Cobb and Saito; but they don’t – they attack Nash (played by Lucas Haas), who is supposed to be the dreamer in this layer. And if you note, they never attack Cobb – ever. Continue reading

Satire: Rand Paul on Judge Andrew Napolitano – Scandal, Fancy Farm, Aqua Buddha

My new satire/improv video is posted HERE. -Jay

The purpose of this video is to showcase how absurd and satirical the establishment left’s attack on Dr. Rand Paul is. All of the hoaxed launched against Rand are just that – hoaxes. After we busted Tyler Collins at the Rally, the media fired back with the most absurd allegations imaginable. Below are two key articles detailing the media smear campaign.