Rove Says “Dem Apocalypse” Tuesday. Not Good Enough

Janus, the Roman god; otherwise known as the Neo-con/Democrat hybrid

By: Jay

Karl Rove writes in the Wall Street Journal that Tuesday will see an “apocalypse” of the Democratic Party. While that may be the case with regard to the standard party politics, it’s not good enough for the country. If we simply shove in a gaggle of neo-cons, all we will get is more of the same, minus slightly different rhetoric. If Gingrich runs for president in 2012, it will be more of the same, since Gingrich supports carbon taxes. And insert there as well Palin, Romney or Petraeus. Carbon tax is, of course, one of the key pillars of the present globalist-minded Washington establishment, and it has been totally discredited. And by establishment, I mean the mainline left and “right.” Gingrich is not a conservative, and Palin isn’t good enough. Many of the candidates presently running aren’t really conservative, either, but many are. Rand Paul represents the best among the candidates, as well as Sharron Angle, and it’s here that we can begin to see a step in the right direction.

Proof that they are legitimate is in the pudding – who does the mainline media go after relentlessly? Paul and Angle. While we are in the midst of depression, more proposed banker bailouts, more proposed government takeovers and nanny state control, do we really think a pile of neo-connery will save us? We shouldn’t. Most of the neo-con establishment backtracks and waffles as often as the Democrats they have stage play battles with. 

So what is the future trend? Like it or not, the future trend is the popularity of Ron Paul.  At CPAC this year, Paul annihilated Romney. Romney had, the prior year, edged out Paul, and a year later, Paul blows away Romney. If Republican Partiers want to survive, they should understand that it won’t work to shuffle in the same old hacks. In fact, if we get a new crop of neo-cons, it will signal a future apocalypse of the Republican Party. Perhaps this is a good thing. Like it or not, the trend is Ron Paul. 

The political zeitgeist is one of awakening, and the so-called conservatives are taking baby steps towards the right positions, but we must beware of falling into tribalism and drifting off to sleep, assuming our football team has beat the other team. That’s not good enough. A crop of neo-cons isn’t good enough. People are tired of the same old hacks–it’s like political Groundhog Day.  More quantitative easing, more inflation, more regulations, more big brother, and more bailouts only signal further destruction of the economy, and what is crucial to understand is that this destruction is by design, not by “inefficiency” and not by “stupidity.” This is the line the mainstream outlets continually sell, but it’s just not the case. Former chief economist of the World Bank, Joseph Stiglitz, who leaked the facts in 2000 that this monetary apocalypse plan was by design, and it’s the same globalist banker crew that was among that ilk. This is what the neo-cons won’t talk about, and even Gary North at LewRockwell seems to be unaware of the fact that it was known to be an implosion by design.  Until we identify the real problem, solutions cannot be given. Thus, the future is not more neo-cons, but real conservatives.  Another influx of neo-cons will only wake people up further.

Rand Paul (Al-Qaeda Operative) Plants Printer Ink Bombs in UK, Started WW2

Rand Paul, Al Qaeda Hierarch and "bff" with Bin Laden and Satan

By: Jay

In the wake of a fury of media attention, fake liberal propaganda and smear tactics, Dr. Rand Paul of Kentucky has now been identified as the origin of World Wars I and II–and now III! Stay tuned for updates – no evidence is needed. Some bloggers are also turning up evidence of Rand’s complicity in the JFK assassination. Don’t listen to Paul Joseph Watson, who talks about Paul’s poll surge today.

On a related note, he is also  in the midst of a “heated” brothel controversy.  It turns out, Dr. Rand Paul has been running every single house of ill repute in Kentucky  and Illinois, all the while attending to patients under the cover of being a “doctor.” Some are speculating that Paul, in fact, invented the world’s oldest profession.

Not only is this not true, it shows the length and depth to which the establishment left media has had to go to, to smear the obviously clean Rand. In fact, it’s a good gauge of how authentic Rand is. Originally, Rachel Maddow pulled the dirty trick of publishing a transcript where he answered the question about audio technicalities with “yes,” as if this was a yes to Rand purportedly seeking to get rid of the civil rights act.

The left has now proven, in their great integrity and moral authority, that Rand Paul is the worst entity, this side of the netherworld. Indeed, dark powers were invoked and a portal was reportedly opened, and what stepped through was not Satan or Stalin, but Rand Paul. The most striking example of Paul’s evil, however, is that Rand Paul is now known to control Al-Qaeda and has, through his semi-omnipresent powers of manipulation, planted the ink cartridges that sorta kinda look like  “bombs.” Paul, on the eve of his campaign, flew clandestinely to the UK and orchestrated  a massive international crime syndicate-style operation that has reported links to big companies like Xerox.  Some have seen a connection between the blackness of the printer ink, and the blackness of Paul’s soul.

It is high time we stopped this menace, and voted for average, every day shady characters like Jack Conway, who sticks to normal questionable activities.  Vote for the good bad guys–good bad guys like Jack Conway.  Remember – a vote for Rand Paul is a vote towards a theocracy – not of God, but of lord Aqua Buddha.

Rand Paul Surges Ahead Of Conway Despite Stomp Smear

Paul Joseph Watson
October 29, 2010

Rand Paul Surges Ahead Of Conway Despite Stomp Smear 291010top

Image: Gage Skidmore

Despite the Conway campaign shamelessly exploiting the notorious stomp on MoveOn activist Lauren Valle for political grist, while failing to mention that Valle herself attempted to assault Rand Paul before the fracas, Paul has surged ahead of his opponent in the latest poll, which shows the Kentucky candidate leading the race by nine points.

The poll, conducted by Survey USA for the Courier-Journal and WHAS-TV, took place between Sunday and Wednesday, so it would account for the reaction to Monday night’s events, which were ludicrously overblown by people like Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews as some kind of harbinger that Tea Partiers were the new brownshirts. Of course, Matthews, Olbermann, and the rest of the establishment talking heads were considerably less outraged when a MoveOn activist bit off the finger of a Tea Partier during an Obamacare protest last year.

As we highlighted yesterday, new video of the entire incident shows Valle attempt to assault Rand Paul before being dragged away by Paul supporters. The subsequent stomp was thuggish and rightly condemned by Paul, which is more than can be said for Conway, who has still failed to denounce an almost identical stomp on an injured female Rand Paul activist by one of his supporters that occurred before the Valle incident. Continue reading

Op Ed Piece: Why Rand Paul Makes Sense

Kentucky Senate Candidate, Dr. Rand Paul (R)

By: Jay

    Rand Paul, as many are aware, has become somewhat of a media star of late, with the majority of the mainstream attention focused on anything but the issues. We have heard ad nauseam about “Aqua Buddha,” that Dr. Paul kidnapped women in college, forcing them to smoke pot, he is a “racist,” that he is for drugging children and forcing “everyone” to pay a $2000 dollar Medicare deductible. This is all you will hear from the mainstream media, and guess what—none of it is true.

     The “anonymous source” for the Aqua Buddha fiasco has retracted her story, but the mainstream outlets have not reported this. In fact, there was no kidnapping, and the “secret society” is a joke. When Dr. Paul was on Rachel Maddow’s show, what he responded “yes” to was whether he could hear the audio feed, not “yes” to repealing all civil rights laws. But that is not how the media has spun the incident—it’s far juicier to say he wants to appeal all civil rights.

     Ironically, it is not Dr. Paul who wants to see all children “drugged,” as his opponent Jack Conway has implied, but rather Dr. Paul supports decriminalization of drugs solely for the purpose of decreasing out massive prison population. The U.S. has the largest prison population in the world, and most are there for non-violent offenses. To reduce the massive prison complex would cut taxes, as well as create new jobs (since inmates are cheap labor). In fact, as has just recently surfaced, according to the Louisville Courier Journal’s article of October 23rd “LMPD Probes Detectives Who Tipped Off Prosecutor Under Investigation,” it is now Jack Conway and his brother who are embroiled in a possible absconding of a drug investigation. So it appears that in terms of drugs, Conway has more to explain that Rand. In regards to the Medicare, what Rand actually said was that seniors over a certain age might have to pay a deductible if we want to continue the system, since it is not working.

     Now that we have cleared away the smoke and mirrors of the mainstream liberal establishment, it’s crucial to consider that students might be tempted to think Dr. Paul is just a mainline neo-conservative. This is also not true. Dr. Paul, like his extremely popular father, Dr. Ron Paul, has as his main agenda balancing the budget and the private Federal Reserve banking system.  The Federal Reserve is a private institution that prints fiat money and controls our monetary system, as well as our government.

Continue reading

Conway Cover-Up: Media Ignores Admitted Obstruction Of Justice

Paul Joseph Watson & Kurt Nimmo
October 27, 2010

Conway Cover Up: Media Ignores Admitted Obstruction Of Justice conway

While hyperventilating over the Lauren Valle stomping incident, the corporate media has ignored a far bigger scandal swirling around the Kentucky Senate race – the fact that financial contributors to Jack Conway’s campaign and Conway himself tipped off Conway’s brother to the fact that he was being investigated for trafficking drugs in an admitted obstruction of justice.

The Kentucky Courier-Journal, which has favored Conway over Rand Paul in the course of the Senatorial race, hid the bombshell story behind a relatively tame headline this past weekend, presumably in a bid to protect Jack Conway from the blowback of the astounding revelations contained in the five page report written by R.G. Dunlop.

The nitty gritty of the issue runs like this – Matthew C. Conway, prosecutor and brother of Jack Conway, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senator from Kentucky, was under investigation by the Louisville Metro Police for alleged drug use and drug trafficking.

Two narcotics detectives involved in the case perverted the course of justice by tipping off Conway to the fact that he was under investigation. At least three narcotics officers are now under internal investigation for “policy violations”.

After hearing detectives discussing the case in a restaurant, a Conway campaign supporter then also related the issue to Jack Conway, who in turn tipped off his brother. Continue reading

What the Mainstream Media Won’t Say About the “head stomping” at the Rand Debate

Rand Paul, Ky Senate Candidate

By: Jay

We knew there would be more dirty tricks played as the senate race in Kentucky winds down. Last night was the concluding debate in a campaign that has Jack Conway flailing and grasping for any possible dirt or smear he can find on Rand Paul. Conway, the mainstream liberal whose policies are a carbon copy of Obama and Nancy Pelosi, has resorted to all the tricks in the book-send fake racists into Rand’s camp (the famed Tyler Collins incident which we exposed), ally with mainstream left media to spin absurd stories from a frat party into wild secret society rituals and kidnapping (which were retracted, by the way, though the mainstream media won’t tell you that), to lying and saying Rand isn’t a real doctor, to saying he never supported cap and trade, and on and on and on.

Now, idiot leftists have once again resulted to dirty tricks, in trying to set Rand up in a phony photo op, holding a fake sign. The young woman who is an employee of the Obamanoid, is yet another Alinksy-style leftist, (and a member of foundation-funded pseudo-environmental organization, Greenpeace), who resorts to lame classical Marxist-style tricks and scams. After being detained for harassing Paul and trying to get a photo of him holding a fake sign (that actually smeared Paul), she was detained, and a man proceeds to place his foot on her head. Her head is not literally “stomped into the ground,” but that sounds better. The Kentucky Post explains of this provacateur (who has been arrested before for such acts):

“Valle was arrested in May for a Greenpeace protest in Louisiana following the B.P. oil spill, and in 2008 she was detained in China for a “Free Tibet” protest.”

What the mainstream media isn’t telling you is that in a worse incident that day, a Conway supporter stomped the foot of a Rand Paul supporter (a foot recently operated on, at that), yet we don’t see the media running this story ad nauseam. The media has chosen to ignore the stomping of the surgery-laden foot. The Kentucky Post continues: Continue reading

Paranormal Activity 2: Poltergeists, Panoptic Propaganda and Neo-Gnostic Nudgings

Film poster

By: Peter Parker

So, I got dragged by a friend to go and see the film Paranormal Activity 2, despite the fact that I never saw the first Paranormal Activity. In the long run, I don’t think my missing the first one mattered all that much. Without giving away too much, the plot centers around a family whose house is being haunted. Initially they mistake the haunting for a home invasion and respond by purchasing a high-tech security system with cameras and microphones in every room, recording their activity 24 hours a day. The film purports to be real footage of real events, edited together from the security camera recordings. As I understand it, this is basically the same premiss as the original Paranormal Activity.

In presenting itself  as being composed of real footage, PA2 is also similar to such pseudo-documentaries as the original Blair Witch Project, Cloverfield, District 9, and the The Fourth Kind. On the one hand, this recent attempt by Hollywood to blur the line between fiction and reality, can simply be taken as a way of giving a movie a creepier atmosphere. Even viewers who enter the theater with the understanding that they are watching a fictional story, might find themselves being drawn into the film’s pretense of reality. Our minds have been culturally conditioned to receive documentary style narratives as something more than a mere fantasy concocted for our entertainment. Thus, even if it is only on a semi-conscious level, the story presented by a “pseudo-doc” is often able to fly under the radar of our suspension of disbelief. The more believable a film is, the greater the emotional response from the audience or so the theory goes anyway.

Of course that’s just the superficial examination of the pseudo-doc’s ostensible purpose. Readers might be familiar with the methods of deeper textual and pre-textual analysis applied to various Hollywood films elsewhere on this site. These readings operate under the assumption that mass cultural itself is often used as a covert tool to inculcate the public into some form of elite agenda or philosophy. If we consider both the first and the second Paranormal Activity in this light, we see a film series which normalizes the idea of the so-called panoptic state. The very nature of the pseudo-doc acclimatizes the audience to a voyeuristic mind-set (a necessary ingredient for any functioning panoptic state) but Paranormal Activity 2 goes a step beyond this. In presenting 24 hour video surveillance as the only natural recourse to a supposed home invasion, PA2, lowers the bar where our standard of personal privacy is concerned. Seriously, not one member of the family even bats an eye over the idea that they’re all going to be recorded at all times from now on. Frankly, they should be more scared of that prospect than any (SPOILER WARNING) first-born son stealing, invisible demon thing. PA2 is not the only recent film psychologically preparing us for a surveillance state, the incredibly popular 2008 film The Dark Knight, has Batman (a character who is the very symbol of moral justice itself) converting all of Gotham city’s cellphones into an omnipresent sonar network. Continue reading

Alchemy in John Donne and Ben Johnson

Alchemist in his lab

By: Jay 

Copyrighted.  All rights reserved.

     Next to William Shakespeare, John Donne (1572-1631) and Ben Johnson (1572-1637) represent the English Renaissance’s top literary luminaries.  While notable for its broad and renowned corpus from such divines, this era is also known for being the transitional period from the older, hermetic view of a unified totality worldview to a newer, demythologized cosmos, beginning with figures like Sir Frances Bacon.[1] In the ancient and medieval western mind considered generally, the world was governed by a series of celestial spheres, rising in gradations to the highest, purest sphere of heaven itself, where the source of being, God, subsisted.

     This chain of being was a common feature of the older Platonic, Aristotelian and Ptolemaic systems, which over time accrued aspects of Christian mysticism, Jewish cabala and ancient gnosticism, consequently blending with Arabic ideas of “Al-Chemi,” coalescing in the western mind in thought of Renaissance theologians like Giovanni Pico Della Mirandola, Marsilio Ficino, Paracelsus and Cornelius Agrippa. These thinkers in turn influenced the literary works of Donne and Johnson in a profound way, which are on the cusp of the Baconian Revolution, yet still retain the older cosmological and hermetic views.[2] In this paper, I will analyze and compare Donne’s “Love’s Alchemy” and Johnson’s “XI: Epode,” considering the occult and alchemical usage in each. 

     Donne’s “Love’s Alchemy” is one of his most well-known, yet without an understanding of the alchemical theories of the time, the poem would be difficult to decipher. The poem will present the alchemist’s desire to produce the “philosopher’s stone,” the ever-elusive “elixir of life” or “quintessence.”[3] Before analyzing the poem, it is important to see that Donne was most certainly familiar with alchemy in its mystical form, and references figures such as Paracelsus. Donne references Paracelsus in his Letters as well as in the Sermons.[4] Donne writes as follows: “…And after, (not much before our time) men perceiving that all effects in Physick could not be derived from these beggerly properties of the Elements, and that therefore they were driven often to that miserable refuge of specifique form, and of antipathy and sympathy, we see the world hath been turned upon new principles where were attributed to Paracels, but (indeed) too much to his honor.”[5]  Later, Simpson quotes him as writing in his sermons: “…we embrace the Rule Medicorum theoria expeientia est [in margin, ‘Paracels’].[6] Simpson also qualifies this by considering the somewhat satirical views Donne had toward Paracelsus in Ignatius and His Conclave.  Be that as it may, the theories presented by Paracelsus regarding the main themes of alchemical theory and the refining and transmutation process.

     “Love’s Alchemy” was published in 1633 in Poems, and makes direct reference to the alchemical art.[7] Donne’s poem begins:

Some that have digged deeper love’s mine than I,
Say, where his centric happiness doth lie.
        I have loved, and got, and told,
But should I love, get, tell, till I were old,
I should not find that hidden mystery. Continue reading

The Soothsayer of the Soaked Synthesizer…

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