Raw Story Attacks JaysAnalysis – My Response




By: Jay

The limp wrists at stRaw Story have somehow managed to find the strength in their upper appendages to type up a hit piece on JaysAnalysis for daring to question the immediate, prepackaged narrative of the mainstream media machine concerning the Elliot Rodger event. Raw Story, as most are aware, is a Democratic Party line outfit that parrots whatever the Democratic talking points are – so just as the author wants to castigate me as the lunatic fringe, we can likewise place him in his appropriate cubicle at Obama Apologetics, Inc.

The article has little substance, other than flowery rhetoric designed to lull the most avid Party followers into assuming that everything at my site is written directly from a mental asylum communal computer space, yet readers know that in the last month alone, I’ve had numerous viral news stories, including accurately predicting both the IMF bailout in Ukraine and the CIA revelations about Snowden as one of their own. It also doesn’t matter that I’ve interviewed top politicians, analysts and intelligence experts – no, none of that matters. The only thing relevant is the typical faux leftist race card accusation.

Classic Fake War Broadcast from CNN

The writer insinuates that I am racist by accusing me of writing about “Jews,” though I nowhere mention Jews or international bankers in the article. In fact, the first person to say the Elliot Rodger incident was a false flag was in fact the former State Department head of black operations, Dr. Steve Pieczenik, a Jew. It’s also worth asking the Raw Story Obama apologists if, since they tend to follow the Party line, they agree with Obama’s actions in supporting Al Qaeda, an anti-Jewish organization, as well as the funding of Neo-nazis in Ukraine and other color revolutions? What about Obama’s expansionist warfare through AFRICOM killing blacks?  I oppose those actions, while so-called leftists have tended to support them.  What about the fact that the Pentagon now openly does Psy Ops on American citizens, whereas formerly it was covert (and here)?

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Did Tykwer’s 2009 ‘The International’ Predict Banker Deaths?

Film poster. They own everything.

Film poster. They own everything.


By: Jay

In film analysis found in alternative news it is often the norm to look for hidden symbols and all-pervasive evil codes, as if every artistic venture were controlled by shadowy black ops commanders and occultists. We must avoid being too negative and falling into a myopic view of the world. Some films are good propaganda and deliver a positive message: One of those positive messages is found in The International. Tom Tykwer’s 2009 film is a stunning expose of the true to life inner workings of the global banking crime syndicate, otherwise known as the new world order. And as an even more interesting question, did Tywker’s film also predict or foreshadow the deaths of numerous high level bankers of late?

The film stars Naomi Watts as a New York Assistant District Attorney “Eleanor Whitman” and Clive Owen as Interpol agent “Louis Salinger” on the trail of the killer(s) of a prominent banker Interpol is trying to flip from the IBBC, the International Bank of Business and Credit.  The IBBC in the film matches up to a couple real banks, like the Bank for International Settlements, the BIS, or the BCCI, the Bank of Credit and Commerce International.   The first is the elite Swiss Bank seated at the top of the world banking empire in Basle Switzerland.  A product of the last century of globalization, Council on Foreign Relations historian Dr. Carroll Quigley gives the inside skinny in his Tragedy and Hope  and discusses Lord Milner’s Round Table Groups, upon which the RIIA, Council on Foreign Relations and the elite BIS are based.  Quigley writes:

“The powers of financial capitalism had a far-reaching plan, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole… Their secret is that they have annexed from governments, monarchies, and republics the power to create the world’s money…  -pg. 324 Continue reading

Global Green Luciferian Government


The Club of Rome's Fake Green Revolution.

The Club of Rome’s Fake Green Revolution.

By: Jay

Arguably the central concern of those favoring a corporate global centralized government (along with technology and energy) is the issue the climate and environment.  Both the environment and climate relate closely to energy, as some aspect of the environment will be the source of energy.  Whether it’s food or petroleum, all life revolves around energy and its control.  As I’ve written before, human action itself is also energetic, thus the idea of full spectrum dominance must naturally focus on the control of human energy and the natural resources that surround humanity.  Consider this ridiculous MTV ad that threatens some kind of amorphous doom if nothing is done in 36 days?



To the average reader and so-called academic, the indoctrination given from public education and higher academia is that the modern world has accidentally put itself in a bind due to limited resources and overpopulation.  The university system almost universally propagates the dogmatic worldview of limited energy and resources and overpopulation that will inevitably lead to our catastrophe as a “civilization.”  So the mythological narrative goes, unless immediate actions are taken to halt production, local market capitalism, biofuels and carbon emissions, the earth is teetering on the ledge of apocalypse, while human life is doomed.  As a child of the 80s, I recall seeing endless news stories and warnings about “pollution” and “overconsumption” that would lead to the loss of all rain forests and the death of all the whales.  The culprit: too many humans and too many automobiles.  Yet here we are in the next millennia, and no one talks about the whales or the rain forests.  Yet we were supposed to all be dead when those disappeared, because a huge hole would open up in the ozone layer, and we’d all be fried.

Club of Rome propaganda. The same phony cataclysmic predictions con men always use.

Club of Rome propaganda. The same phony cataclysmic predictions con men always use.

The reality: none of this is true.  While it is true that there are plenty of examples of real pollution and real environmental dangers, these are purposefully ignored, while the faux environmental “calamities” are hyped up day and day out, with hundreds of think tanks churning out endless white papers on global cooling, er, global warming, er climate change.  What these names changes clearly suggest is the not-so-clever work of PR firms to repackage the mythology according to the ever-changing flux of public opinion.  Since evidence began to emerge of that the earth was not headed for an ice age as Paul Ehrlich screamed, the new advertising campaign for the 90s became “global warming.”  Then, as it emerged that “scientists” were altering their data to fit the models the international corporations like BP wanted, it became “climate change.”  Why it became climate change will be evident in a moment.  More recently, emails have been exposed that the sources of the funding for IPCC are precisely the entities that want to promote socialism, depopulation and deindustrialization.  Forbes reports of the emails: Continue reading

JaysAnalysis Called It: IMF Plan to Loot Ukraine Revealed

Ukraine partitioned into east and west, like the division of numerous post-World War II nations.

Ukraine partitioned into east and west, like the division of post-World War II nations.

By: Jay

Readers will notice that April 30, 2014, I posted an analysis of the Western establishment’s longtime approach of containment and subversion in regards to Russia and its satellite nations.  One of those crucial strategic locales is Urkaine, which has historically been an integral part of Russia.  Washington and its axis have sought to wrest Ukraine from Russian influence to divide up the nation, loot the resources, integrate Ukraine into the EU, and establish more military bases that encroach upon the Rus. In that article, I wrote as follows:

“The “democratic transformation” Brzezinski is writing about is found in the phony, western-funded NGOs that have sparked a host of “color revolutions” over the last few decades in Middle Eastern and former Soviet satellite nations.  The goal is thus to flank Russia and eventually “democratize” and McDonalidize Russia and its satellites even further through perpetual social disorder, collapse, and GMO cheeseburgers,  just as the United States itself undergoes tyrannical “democratization” from its degenerate, so-called elite.  This plan of Brzezinski to transform Russia at the end of the 90s resulted in the Yeltsin regime, wherein a host of former communist party oligarchs looted the nation through the Clinton Administration’s IMF “aid.”  This “aid” resulted in 500 billion being looted from the Russian people, as well as the collapse of the Russian ecomomy.   The same Clintonistas that organized this debacle through organized (NGO) crime also organized the banker bailout of recent fame, through unending, repackaged derivatives scams.”

The next day, Russia Today reported that the IMF had approved a 17 billion dollar “aid” package to “stabilize” the economy of Kiev.  RT wrote:
“The International Monetary Fund has approved a two-year $17.1 billion loan package for Ukraine. The immediate disbursement of $3.2 billion will allow Ukraine to avoid a potential debt default.

The IMF’s 24-member board agreed to the two-year program to aid Ukraine’s troubled economy on Wednesday.

The approval gives the green light for the immediate release of $3.2 billion to Ukraine, which will allow the nation not to fall into default, Reuters reports. More than half of that money will be dedicated to supporting the country’s budget.

The package will open up loans from other donors totaling around $15 billion. The goal is for Ukraine to use the money to stabilize its economy.

“The authorities’ economic program supported by the Fund aims to restore macroeconomic stability, strengthen economic governance and transparency, and launch sound and sustainable economic growth, while protecting the most vulnerable,” the IMF said in a statement.

IMF managing director Christine Lagarde commented on the aid package, stating that the plan may come with geopolitical and implementation risks.

“On the implementation front, we are taking all the precautions we can in order to mitigate those risks,” Lagarde told reporters on Wednesday. “On the geopolitical front, clearly the bilateral international support, and the cooperation of all parties, will be extremely helpful to reinforce the position of the economy of Ukraine.”

The International Monetary Fund in Washington, D.C.  The international version of the local quick cash loan scam.  Borrow $200, pay back your car title!

The International Monetary Fund in Washington, D.C. The international version of the local quick cash loan scam. Borrow $200, pay back your car title!

Amazingly, this “aid” is simply the same plan of IMF shock doctrine we have seen over and over, as Nobel winning economist Joseph Stiglitz (former chief economist of the World Bank) revealed back in 2001.  That revelation first appeared through BBC reporter Greg Palast’s famous article, “The Globalizer Who Came in From the Cold.  The documents summarized there outline the multi-layered plan the IMF takes to attack, destabilize and reorganize (ie, loot) through “aid” packages that result in extensive debt slavery and privatization.  Palast explains of the IMF plan in regard to Russia in the 90s: Continue reading

Robots Over Russia: The Great Anglo-Techno Game

NATO expansion encloses Russia.

NATO expansion encloses Russia.

By: Jay

In order to understand the crisis in Ukraine, it is crucial to grasp the key players and plans in the global chess game.  In the last hundred years, the world has been dominated by the Anglo-American imperium.  The British “Great Game” of keeping Russia at bay was a torch passed on to the American establishment following the Bolshevik Revolution (sponsored by Western banks, including in particular Paul Warburg), as the British shadow establishment contented itself by ruling America from afar, through its Pratt House and Council on Foreign Relations versions of the Royal Society Round Table.  From this behemoth came the OSS and CIA, as well as covert support for Sovietism as I’ve demonstrated here from the CFR’s own history.

Britain thus pioneered the practice of containment, strategy of tension, and overt infiltration and subversion of Russia through its own exported Kulturkampf, Marxism.   As Russian civilization labored under the burden of Sovietism, the West enlisted its best and brightest in a great propaganda campaign known as the Cold War.   While existing as something real on one level, at a higher level, the goal was always convergence between the West and the East, as the polar opposites merged into a single globo-state, merging the worst of the communist and capitalist systems.  The Cold War therefore allowed the western military industrial complex the onus to work towards its grand project: the great Skynet/DARPA grid that would come online as a result of endless black budget funding from covert projects.  For proof of this, one need look no further than the computer screen in front them, wired to the internet – DARPA’s master creation.  As DARPA’s own history shows, the creation of the Internet was always a spying masterplan of the western military industrial intelligence establishment through Harvard, RAND, AT&T, Xerox, the NSA and London!  Consider as well that even at that time, the plan was to link the “NET” to satellites (Skynet).  When Russian President Vladimir Putin recently said the Internet was a CIA creation, he was 100% correct.

DARPA states as follows concerning its creation and reason for existence:

“The Soviet Union’s launch of Sputnik showed that a fundamental change was needed in America’s defense science and technology programs. DARPA was formed to meet this need and rejuvenated our defense technological capabilities.”

The 1977 ARPANET, precursor to the Internet, connected to RAND, Harvard, Stanford, London, etc., and the satellite grid.

The 1977 ARPANET, precursor to the Internet, connected to RAND, Harvard, Stanford, London, etc., and the satellite grid.

The greatest of those projects (along with the Manhattan Project from World War 2) would be the secret space program hatched at Bohemian Grove known as the Star Wars Defense Initiative.  SDI, the Strategic Defense Initiative, would see countless billions siphoned off of the taxpayers’ backs into endless black holes of research and development.  In order to justify the intelligence state and its black budget techno ops, a great enemy was needed.  That enemy continued to be the Russians, as American establishment elites justified their Faustian bargain with techno obsession through the “liberal” Marxist enemy of the Russians.  Just as the British created and manufactured an enemy in the Wahhabis and Jihadism through the letters and works of Sir Lawrence of Arabia, so too did the American establishment manufacture the same with Al Qaeda in 1979.   Brzezinski explains of the creation of Al Qaeda and the Mujahadeen:

Brzezinski's 1997 The Grand Chessboard outlines the modern plan against Russia.

Brzezinski’s 1997 The Grand Chessboard outlines the modern plan against Russia.

“Q: The former director of the CIA, Robert Gates, stated in his memoirs ["From the Shadows"], that American intelligence services began to aid the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan 6 months before the Soviet intervention. In this period you were the national security adviser to President Carter. You therefore played a role in this affair. Is that correct?

Brzezinski: Yes. According to the official version of history, CIA aid to the Mujahadeen began during 1980, that is to say, after the Soviet army invaded Afghanistan, 24 Dec 1979. But the reality, secretly guarded until now, is completely otherwise: Indeed, it was July 3, 1979 that President Carter signed the first directive for secret aid to the opponents of the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul. And that very day, I wrote a note to the president in which I explained to him that in my opinion this aid was going to induce a Soviet military intervention.” Brzezinski was channeling Lawrence of Arabia.

British Intelligence expert Mark Curtis gives the background to the “Great Game”:

“The British strategy of divide and rule, and reliance on Muslim forces to promote imperial interests, reached its apogee in the Middle East during and after the First World War.  The carving up of the region by British and French officials has been endlessly commented on – though less so as an illustration of the long-standing British ‘use’ of Islam, which then took a new turn.  The Middle East was seen by British planners as critical for both strategic and commercial reasons.  Strategically, the Islamic territories were important buffers against Russian expansion into the Imperial land route from British India to British-controlled Egypt.  But oil had by now also entered the  picture, with the founding of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Corporation in Persia in 1909, the discovery of oil in Iraq soon after, and its increasingly important role in powering the military during the First World War.  British planners viewed control over Iraqi and Persian oil to be a ‘first class British War aim.'” (Curtis, Secret Affairs, 5)

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JaysAnalysis Interviews Jan Irvin of Gnostic Media

In this interview, I ask Gnostic Media’s Jan Irvin about his thoughts on a variety of issues. However, our interview morphed into a debate on issues of metaphysics which Irvin thinks I deceived him into. Listeners and readers of my material know I frequently have no problem challenging opponents to a debate, so why I would need to trap him is ridiculous. Regardless, my questions were classic philosophical questions revolving around whether foundationalist empirical epistemology is justifiable. I believe it is not, and when Irvin, who supports it, asks for examples, I gave two: Aristotle’s transcendental argument for the principle of non-contradiction and Godel’s Incompleteness Theorum against Bertrand Russell. The point was to show that tabula rasa empiricism cannot be a foundation for any metaphysics, and the way that an immaterial, invariant logical or conceptual entity is “proven” or “verified” is not the same as other types of empirical objects. Listeners can judge whether I was unfair to him in the interview, especially given the fact that I let him talk most of the time. Irvin assumes that I don’t understand the trivium and logic, when the very question I ask him is the heart of logic itself.  Regardless, I don’t recommend Jan or his work.

Full Spectrum Subversion

Full Spectrum Dominance, Full Spectrum Subversion

Full Spectrum Dominance, Full Spectrum Subversion


Mark Hackard

Soul of the East

What do postmodern exhibitionists, Islamic holy warriors and marauding ultra-nationalists share in common? Seemingly little, aside from the fact that these bizarre bedfellows are the star assets of US policy in Eurasia. And despite their use of very different tactics, they all are tasked with the same mission: to undermine Russia, the only great power consistently opposed to American hegemony.

Today East and West contemplate the possibility of war over the fate of Ukraine, but the popular narrative was tailored for just such a standoff well in advance. Any attentive reader of Western press sources over recent months will have noticed that a dramatic upswing of negative Russia coverage began after Vladimir Putin thwarted Washington’s planned assault on Syria last summer. For just one example of the establishment’s dissemination of absurd Russophobia, look no further than the recent spy film Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruitwhich features Kremlin-directed Orthodox Christian suicide bombers attacking Mammonism’s Holy of Holies, the New York Stock Exchange. As the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics got underway, executives at the six US media giants plus their counterparts at the BBC and elsewhere had a green light to inflict maximum damage. Journalists were looking to fan the flames of any possible scandal at the games, but the stories didn’t add up to their hype.

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Egyptian Mysteries of God and Energy in Relation to Modern Geopolitics

God made the eye. It is not "evil." The mysteries of creation and energy are contained within it.

God made the eye. It is not “evil.” The mysteries of creation and energy are contained within it.

…I will show you a great mystery.

“The Cosmos moves within the very life of eternity, and is contained in that very eternity whence all life issues. And for this reason it is impossible that it should at any time come to a stand, or be destroyed, since it is walled in and bound together, so to speak, by eternal life.”
Asclepius III, 29c.

By: Jay

Energy is not something pondered by most, yet energy is one of the most fundamental aspects of reality and figures prominently in physics, metaphysics and theology.  But what might a fundamental aspect of metaphysics have to do with geo-politics?  Is there a correlation between energy and its process and social and political trends and movements? I think there is, and in this article I intend to lay it out.  Movement itself is energetic.  All movement represents energy in motion, from one state of affairs to another.  In theology we speak of God’s active energies or attributes are the ultimate causation and ground of being in the universe, meaning energy itself is the locus of power.  Speed also factors into this, since speed is a certain rate of energetic action.  Modernity has seen the increase of the speed of motion due to the advancement of technology: both matter, information and persons are all able to move much faster and in much greater quantity than ever before.

Before considering questions of modern and future energy expectations, I would like to highlight an argument I’ve made a few times now concerning the ancient Egyptian hermetic notions, and how their archetypal religious symbols encoded basic principles of quantum physics and the energetic process.  As many esotericists and traditionalist thinkers have commented, it seems as if ages or eras of history also partake of cosmic processes or aeons.  Eastern writers speak of “kali yuga,” where proper roles of hierarchy and caste are reversed.   Spengler spoke of civilizations as having an organic lifespan and Western man as “Faustian Man.”  My thesis here is that the cyclical process of energy itself gives a model of ages, too.  If movement is energetic, then history and time also reduce to energetic movement.

The basic triadic structure, utilizing the vesica pisces.

The basic triadic structure, utilizing the vesica piscis.

I have mentioned in the past that the rites of the gods encode secrets of nature.  One of the best examples of this is the mythology of Isis, Apophis and Osiris, whose mythology includes the principles of life and energy itself.  Isis is the feminine principle of nature/energy extended in space and time.  Apophis represents the principle of destruction and entropy, and Osiris represents the reemergence of energetic loss towards eternity to a higher state of eternality and immortality.   The ancient Near Eastern symbol of IAO was representative of this formula, and when considered in comparison to the Pythagorean monad, dyad and triad, the same imagery is found to encode the same formulae.  The point or monad extends to the dyad, with the two points connected forming a line.  The line either has a circumference drawn around it and/or extends to a third point.  It can also form a vesica piscis, or an eye.

The monad extends, utilizing the generative principle, forming IAO.

The monad extends, utilizing the generative principle, forming IAO.

The eye is also a circle with a dot in the middle, as well as a circle surrounding a point or an extended line.  This is the meaning of the obelisk in the circle, which, when viewed from above (as the gods would have seen it) is also a dot in a circle.  Quantum physicist Brian Greene discusses the fundamental energetic nature of reality as mirroring the binary computer model as follows:

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What is the New World Order and Why Does it Matter?

Fabian socialist H.G. Wells set the stage for the sci fi deception of the new world order.

Fabian socialist H.G. Wells set the stage for the sci fi deception of the new world order.

[Many readers have requested some articles that are more readable and simple.  This is an old article I have redone to aid those that want a better introduction to what this site is all about.]

By: Jay

Unfortunately, we have been programmed and conditioned from the earliest years to not believe in the existence, or even the possibility, of large-scale conspiracies.  Students of history learn in introductory courses that there are three views of the philosophy of history.  First, the random contingency view in which historical events are merely “one damn thing after another” (as one of my professors so elegantly stated), with no apparent reason or causal significance. Second, the so-called “great man” view, in which key religious and political figures cause certain landmark events with history revolving around these figures, such as a Napoleon or a Caesar.  The third and least popular is the providential or conspiratorial view.  In this view, history is led along by unseen forces, be they malevolent or beneficent.  Humans play their role to be sure, but man is not the autonomous god of his own destiny.  He is the actor on a stage in which there is a grand narrative and ultimate reason for every event, even if humans are not always cognizant of those reasons.

Coming to see the truth of a worldwide conspiracy that has been especially centralized in the past few centuries in a western, Anglo-global establishment is also not something people prefer to hear.  Humans tend to have a normalcy bias and what is called cognitive dissonance.  Cognitive dissonance is the tendency to continue to believe something erroneous in the face of masses of contrary evidence, due to the devastating psychological impact discarding the previous erroneous belief would have.  Americans are raised with the narrative of being a nation of independent individualists: the frontier mentality still dominates and is an image is always latent in our culture. This individualistic mentality refuses to consider itself as the victim of any conspiracy: we are too great a nation to be ruled by an evil elite, bent on world depopulation.  After all, Obama is a  “liberal” president, isn’t he?  “How could there be a massive conspiracy?  If there were, they would all be caught!  It’s just not possible,” the opponent says.  That’s all “black helicopter, tin-foil-hat nonsense.” To those with low education or no critical thinking skills and common sense, it’s evident that none of these objections suffices to demonstrate that the conspiratorial view is false.  From the fact that one is a “proud American” or that George Bush claimed to be a Christian, it does not follow that the conspiratorial view is false.  This is called, in logic, a non sequitur.  The conclusion does not logically follow from the premises. Continue reading

Webster Tarpley – The Venetian Conspiracy

If you’ve followed Jay’s Analysis the last few years, you’ve been aware of my argumentation ad nauseam against scientism, materialism and empiricism. Today I came across a lecture by Tarpley I had not seen that argues many of the same points, but extends the origins of modern scientism back to the Venetians. Included as well are the connections to the intelligence intrigues of the time, up to Bacon, the British empiricists and Bertrand Russell. Readers of my blog will be aware of the suppression of platonic and Theistic worldviews. Here is the basis for that thesis.