Vid-Syria, Assassinations, Wikileaks & the West: The Big Plan Exposed – JaysAnalysis (Half)

In this latest installment of JaysAnalysis, I cover the big picture story of Libya, Syria and the post-modern imperial plan to restructure these nations for NATO and the Bilderberg establishment’s pipeline plans. I cover fake news at length in the first free half, and the black markets, as well as deeper connections to wikileaks and…


JaysAnalysis: Nina Kouprianova on Espionage & Geopolitical Tensions (Half)

Nina Kouprianova is an independent analyst of geopolitics and culture. She earned her PhD (History) from the University of Toronto, focusing on modern and contemporary Russia, culture, and U.S. foreign policy. In this interview we discuss her translations and articles found at Espionage History Archive, Soul of the East and on her own blog, NinaByzantina.…

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Russia’s Spy Elite

Originally posted on The Soul of the East:
The FBI’s recent arrest of several alleged deep-cover Russian intelligence officers, also known as “illegals”, has provoked astonishment in the media. As if U.S. intelligence agencies would never dream of carrying out covert work in Russia! Since the memory span of reporters and pundits rarely extends beyond a few weeks, perhaps this…