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Follow Jay’s Analysis for free, but paid subscribers get full links to audio talks on books, philosophy and interviews.  For 4.95 a month (or $60.00 for 1 year), you can get a university level education for a fraction of the cost, as well as supporting independent media.  Just click the PayPal link below, and weekly private links to full talks will be sent within 24-48 hours (as well as refunds)! Previous full talks and lectures are free on the JaysAnalysis YouTube Channel. I have recently switched to the half free/half paid model, and the full lectures and interviews are sent to paid subscribers through the email used in PayPal.

JaysAnalysis and Esoteric Hollywood’s first hour plays free at regular intervals on Podomatic, Alternate Current Radio and 21stCenturyWire 





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23 thoughts on “Purchase Podcast & Member Subscription Login

  1. Hi, I signed up for a monthly subscription through paypal. They sent me a receipt. I don’t know to set up a login password for your site. Could you please tell me what I’m missing? Thanks, love your site!

  2. Yo Jay
    Nice work.., I’m a 21wire devote & by extension all ur stuff rocks
    Hard to know whom to acknowledge & support given the amount in the stream & limited bandwidth one has…, ACR is next up
    Thanks & Keep up the flow & we’ll try to keep up!

    Do you send out a password for access

  3. Hi Jay

    I am looking to subscribe so that I can listen to the whole of the Tragedy and Hope lecture series. But I am confused by your text above. Maybe I am dumb but your text is not clear to me.

    “Just click the PayPal link below, and weekly private links to full talks will be sent within 24-48 hours (as well as refunds)!” Does this mean that all historical T&H links will come on an email rather than through the website? Why not through the login for members? Refunds for what?

    Please explain how I can access the second hour for each T&H lecture after I have subscribed. I will not subscribe unless I am sure that I get the whole of the T&H series. ie. all of the already issued second hours, rather than just any future ones.


  4. i have tried several times to pay through my paypal account, but after logging into paypal through your payment screen i get ‘sorry, an error occured after you clicked the last link’
    then it tells me to check my paypal account and inbox after 30 minutes, but still it shows no payment. My paypal account is in credit due to PaddyPower funding me my Trump winnings.
    can you send me your email so i can try to pay as gift

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