Geo-Politics & Espionage

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Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Jay’s Review

Think Tanks, NGOs & Foundations: Oligarchs Destroying Tradition-Jay on Sunday Wire

JaysAnalysis: Nina Kouprianova on Espionage & Geopolitical Tensions (Half)

Jay Dyer on the Brussels Attacks, Predictive Programming Numerology & EU Babel

TERROR THEATRE: The EU Babel, Brussels Attack Numerology & Media Fakery

The Liberal American World Order: Prof. Alexander Dugin on JaysAnalysis

Predictive Programming & Media Fakery Demonstrated

Non Serviam – Anarchism as a Dialectical Subversion Tool

The Dark Nexus of Mind Control and Artificial Intelligence

Jade Helm as Itself a Psy Op

Great Game Theory: A Numbers Station in Your Pocket

The Great Banking Game of the BIS

Charleston Shooting: Evidence of Stagecraft

-Hollywood CIA: A Dark Cult Marriage Revealed

I.Q., Psy Ops & the “Civilization” of the Scam

The Ghost in the Machine and Mass Mind Control

TROUBLE IN THE HOMELAND: Chattanooga’s Made-for-TV Terror Psychodrama

Bilderberg 2015: Implementation of the A.I. Grid

-The Alchemy of Synthetic Finance and Global Governance

Fatima, Bankster Fraud and the Great Game

From Manhattan Project to A.I.: The Coming Synthetic Rewrite of Nature

-Why Billionaire Oligarchs Bankroll Feminism

-“Chemtrails” Exposed – Global Geoengineering PsyOps Documented

-On Machiavellian Statecraft and Conspiracies 

-Viral Liturgical Psychodrama

The French Connection: False Flags and the Charlie Hebdo Incident

-The Establishment Shadow Government is SPECTRE

-Lady Gaga ‘Raped’ – Victim of Mind Control?

-News and the Art of the Con 

-Controlled Order Out of Chaos Comes Home 

What is the New World Order and Why Does it Matter?

-Staged ISIS Videos are the Plot of Iron Man 3

Vindicated: Gladio B, Paris Terror & ISIS Fakery Admitted

Charlie Hebdo Shooting Meets False Flag Checklist

-JaysAnalysis Vindicated: Staged ISIS Vids Exemplify Fake News

Knowledge Without Wisdom: Phaethon and Technocracy

-Katy Perry’s Illuminati and Engineered Modern Art

-The Satanic Roots of Feminism

Global Green Luciferian Government

BBC Sherlock: Malaysian Airlines False Flag Scripting

Robots Over Russia: The Great Anglo Techno Game

JaysAnalysis Called It: IMF Plan to Loot Ukraine Revealed

Two Major Psy Ops Documents You Must Read

Masculine Wisdom/Feminine Matter: The Drug-Fractured Psyche

Raw Story Attacks JaysAnalysis: My Response

The Theater of Media Operations: Snowden Analyzed

JaysAnalysis Vindicated: Snowden Admits He’s CIA Operative

-Santa Barbara Shooting: First Men’s Rights False Flag

Bilderberg 2014 Goals: End Resistance, Unify New World Order

The Technocracy’s 1984 Predictive Programming

Exclusive Report: Geo-politics and Recent Vatican Intrigues in Light of Martin’s Keys of This Blood

Western Support for Communism: CFR, OSS, Soviets and Asia

-The Truth about ISIS, Chris Kyle and the Saudi King

Fake News and Ritual Murders

The Great Dystopian Mass Culling to Come

Skynet is Real: Alchemists, Exemplarism and Techgnosis

The “Bin Laden Raid” is the Plot of Navy Seals (1990)

Big Oil, Big Banks and Big Money: War for Control of the New World Order

Total Systemic Collapse By Design

How to Destroy Nations and Rule Them

The Psychological/Ritual Warfare of Aesthetic Terrorism and Mass Shootings

Psychological Warfare and Media

The Global Economic Consolidation Process

Fractional Reserve Fiat Banking

Engineered Revolution as Geo-political Stratagem

Conspiriana, Cloak & Dagger & Retards

Tragedy and Hope and Economics

Bilderberg Group’s Transhumanist Corporate Communism

From Theology to Geo-politics and Economics

Phoenix From the Ashes: Imperial Mythos and Systemic Collapse

The West, Russia, Eurasian Union and Esoterism

The Cold War is Not Over – International Socialism’s Attack

Soviet Cold War Subversion, Illuminism and Psy Ops

World War III Scenarios: Africom, Colorado, Nukes and Underground Bases

Colleges and Universities Do Not Want the Best and Brightest

Weird Psyience, Conspiracy, Totalitarianism and Propaganda

Mass Brainwashing: It’s Technique and Process

The Philosopher’s Stone (Gold) Versus Quantitative Easing

Apocalypticism, Republiconmunism and Race-Specific Bio-Weapons

Russian/Chinese Geo-political Strategies Versus the West

Lenin’s False Flag Terrorism

The Absurdity of Liberalism – A Response to Chris Hedges

The Revolutionary Faith: The Illuminati and the Crown

Science Confirms We Fringe: Who Runs the World?

The Apocalyptic Death of Reason

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