Bourdain Death Questioned, Vatican at Bilderberg, Hollywood Cults & Rituals – Jay Dyer

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On this episode the social rejects club is boiling down what the media has been calling an “epidemic of suicides” with particular regard to the announcements of Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade and Stephanie Adams deaths. Artificial Intelligence being filled with the worst images of horror in MIT experiments and AI examined. “Non-lethal technologies and directed energy weapons, DARPA and the curious incidents of Americans being evacuated from the Chinese embassy due to some unknown debilitating sonic attacks and popular libertarian Youtuber, Lauren Southern’s potential shift away form classic liberalism/libertarianism and talking with Aleksandr Dugin. Please support ACR, become a Patron and share the show page around! Find Boiler Room on iTunes, iHeartRadio and

Boiler Room may contain explicit language and adult themes.

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1 Comment on Bourdain Death Questioned, Vatican at Bilderberg, Hollywood Cults & Rituals – Jay Dyer

  1. Myron Blakely // June 10, 2018 at 4:25 pm // Reply

    As to Mr. Dyer’s point about the impossibility of any ability to create a sentient robot, I would conjecture that even the pursuers of the trans humanist agenda have come to know this as fact, as in smashing into a (the) brick wall of this fact. I noticed that this Is the second time he has made this point, and after reviewing the import of the point the first time it was mentioned (in a previous boiler room episode) I realized that I had not even considered such a thing as fact, nor even what the ramifications of the fact would mean. But i’ve Concluded that perhaps it might even mean that the transhumanist folk have come up against this fact, and their behavior bears this out. I think that with their failure to overcome the impossibility of creating the sentient robot, they have switched to pushing the meme of it all the more in the public sphere. And that demo they did in Saudi Arabia recently amounted to a kind of ventriloquist dummy performance that was obviously scripted and rehearsed to appear as spontaneous with the bot giving snappy philosophical answers to interview questions by the media. In the form of a question, how clever. Such as “are you alive?” (I’m paraphrasing) to which “she” replies “what does it mean to be alive?”. Anyway, they haven’t given up entirely, and I further conjecture that they are pursuing the Darwinist/Russell model that participating in the evolutionary program of the sentient bot, through tampering in every way with more psy-ops and genetics that hope will lead to the proverbial, elusive “missing link” they need to overcome Godels incompleteness theorems. They will never find it. And it makes them more psychotic as a result. Or keeps them all the more psychotic as a result.

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