Jay Dyer Debates JF Gariepy: Theism Vs Atheism – Thursday 7PM Central

The Much-anticipated debate will take place Thursday night at 7 PM Eastern on the Warski Stream.  JF will be arguing for atheism and evolutionary naturalism and I will be arguing for Orthodox Christian Theism.

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JaysAnalysis has grown to become one of the premier film and philosophy sites on the net, showcasing the talents of Jay Dyer, whose graduate work focused on the interplay of film, geopolitics, espionage and psychological warfare.  Jay is a public speaker, lecturer, comedian and author of the popular title Esoteric Hollywood: Sex, Cults and Symbols in Film, which made it to Amazon’s No. 1 spot in its first month of release in the Film and Hollywood Category:


Known for his in-depth commentary, satire and celebrity impressions, Jay is the host of the JaysAnalysis Podcast and Esoteric Hollywood. He is also a regular contributor to 21stCenturyWire, Soul of the East and the Espionage History Archive, as well as appearing on numerous nationally syndicated radio shows, such as Ground Zero and Coast to Coast AM, as well as TV shows like Buzzsaw with Sean Stone. 

Broaching subjects as wide as satire, metaphysics, film analysis, theology, geopolitics, literature and history, as well as interviewing numerous prominent figures, Jay is academically published in peer review and has authored hundreds of articles already read by millions in just the past few years.  Jay Dyer has also co-created, written, and co-starred with Jay Weidner in a new television series titled Hollywood Decoded for Gaia based on his unique approach to film.

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5 Comments on Jay Dyer Debates JF Gariepy: Theism Vs Atheism – Thursday 7PM Central

  1. Great debate, and a solid win for Jay D!

    I figured JF would attempt to reframe the debate in biological terms, argue for naturalistic evolution on the basis of his expertise, and attempt to ridicule a theistic/creationist perspective.

    Instead, the debate remained mostly philosophical, where JF was stuck arguing for solipsism, one of the most basic bitch, dead end, self-refuting philosophies of the enlightenment.

    Really expected more from JF, to be honest. Disappointing!

  2. Hard to watch a debate where one side (JF) has no idea about fundamental principles of logic and rationalism, while thinking he does. As such, JF has no valid claims, let alone salient constructs from which he attempts to draw them from. Debating JF is as intellectually exasperating as reasoning with a child, the child in his perplexity becomes frustrated and angry because he doesn’t understand the argument.

  3. it was also interesting to hear that Stafen Monaleux (sorry for the miss-spelling) has been using Jays reasoning. I wonder if he has been tuning in and using Jays pearls without acknowledgement.

  4. Donkey Dick Dyer Delivers the Dingus………….best comment of the night 🙂

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