Lord of the Rings’ Prophetic Symbolism – Hollywood Decoded Full Episode Free


In the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, the fantastical realms of Middle Earth become reflected in our own transition beyond industrialization as we face an impending calamity heralding the coming of the fifth age.

An unexpected journey for a group of Hobbits became the turning point for the third age of Middle Earth. Jay Dyer and Jay Weidner explain that this tale is far more complex than the simple allegory of good versus evil. From the mind of JRR Tolkien, we feel his lamentation for dawning of the industrial age which he envisioned as a destructive force and symbolized with the One Ring. This presentation was originally webcast October 23, 2017.
Instructor/Host: Jay Dyer, Jay Weidner

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Known for his in-depth commentary, satire and celebrity impressions, Jay is the host of the JaysAnalysis Podcast and Esoteric Hollywood. He is also a regular contributor to 21stCenturyWire, Soul of the East and the Espionage History Archive, as well as appearing on numerous nationally syndicated radio shows, such as Ground Zero and Coast to Coast AM, as well as TV shows like Buzzsaw with Sean Stone. 

Broaching subjects as wide as satire, metaphysics, film analysis, theology, geopolitics, literature and history, as well as interviewing numerous prominent figures, Jay is academically published in peer review and has authored hundreds of articles already read by millions in just the past few years.  Jay Dyer has also co-created, written, and co-starred with Jay Weidner in a new television series titled Hollywood Decoded for Gaia based on his unique approach to film.

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4 Comments on Lord of the Rings’ Prophetic Symbolism – Hollywood Decoded Full Episode Free

  1. Awesome analysis so far. Waiting for part II. I know the movie bombed but I’d love to see you do an analysis of Dune on HD.

    • Part 2 is up. I have a written analysis of Dune

      • Ok I just saw the email for Pt 1 yesterday but will look for it. I have read your Dune analysis. It’s such a good story it’s a shame they can’t get it right cinematically. Maybe Peter Jackson can direct

  2. Great presentation! Probably the preeminent mythological tale of our modern era. I’ve only watched your part 1, however I wanted to add a couple of small additional observations. It is indeed interesting that the Ring ties into both sorcery and technology. This also leads into the concept of the Palantir, which reminds me of both the scrying mirror and also our own modern screens of all kinds (TV’s, phones, tablets), which are arguably much the same thing and again underscores that the film is presenting the idea of a technological surveillance state that is ultimately influenced by dark spiritual forces.
    Also, isn’t it interesting that the orcs are essentially a race of synthetic, hybrid beings? One can draw further parallels here with transhumanism, artificial intelligence, gene splicing, the nephilim, etc., which all ties into this notion of the rebellious Luciferian force that can only mimic God.

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