VID – Katy Perry Collapse Meltdown: MK Ultra Explained in 80s Film Predicting SJWs

Was Katy Perry’s meltdown a hammed up, planned routine as a PR stunt, or part of an actual occult mind control project used with pop stars? The goofy, obscure 80s film Legend of Billie Jean appears to shed a lot of light on the tactic of creating revolutionary SJW pop stars, staged events, as well as mind control.

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6 Comments on VID – Katy Perry Collapse Meltdown: MK Ultra Explained in 80s Film Predicting SJWs

  1. I’ve seen a number of artist’s management contracts, and all involved complete “artistic” control being handed over to management. In these agreements the artist generally receives a relatively small portion (“net”?) of their actual earnings. So, whether it be some kind of mind control or simply leveraging of the bottom line, modern performers are, essentially, marionettes.

  2. melponeme_k // June 14, 2017 at 1:08 am // Reply

    The short hair cut thing has gone on long before 80s schlock films. It ties into the Samson and Delilah mythos. It is depersonalization and defeminization. All major female stars, from the 1920s to modern day, at a certain point in their careers have had their hair shorn right off. The cuts range from the severe military buzz cut to a very short bob.

    I often wondered why and I got a hint of it on an MTV show. I forget the name of the show. But it followed young actors in Hollywood trying to break into the Biz. Actually I think the show was about managers. These “managers” groomed their young clients. Really bullying them into situations that they would not choose. One young woman featured was beautiful with long honey blond hair. The female “Manager” (who looked like a fat Cruella Deville), told her that she had to get a Pixie cut. Because the Pixie was the style and the only females that DJ shows would cast are girls with Pixie cuts. The girl refused. Well, that was when the torture started. This woman and her partners hounded the girl, told her she would never be anyone. That she wasn’t serious about acting. The girl still refused. Then they hinted that she would never have a career because she would get the reputation of being difficult and they would drop her as a client. Also hinting she would be black listed. The girl cut her hair and they filmed it. She was in hysterical tears as they cut off that beautiful hair. Oh and the show did reveal that she got her DJ job. But some of the light went out of her. And I’m sure she revealed to her “managers” that a certain amount of pressure will get to her. They knew just how much.

    • I’m aware of the flapper and the pixie cut but I wanted to tie in Billie jean

      • melponeme_k // June 14, 2017 at 10:23 pm //

        The film is only the surface explanation. The actual cutting of the hair is tied into some form of ritual. I’m not privy to the elites religious practices, so I can’t say what the cutting of the hair means. But in film it is pushed forth as some kind of feminine liberation. Which it isn’t. It is the sign of a slave. In regards to our film stars from the 20s on up, it is a signal about the star in question. A signal for what, I cannot say.

        The most famous transformation, the one closer to truth, is not in the Billie Jean film. It is “Rosemary’s Baby”.

        “It’s Vidal Sassoon, It’s very IN.”

  3. Helen Slater is not related to Christian Slater. Same name, no relation.

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