Vid – Jay Dyer Analyzes Brzesinki’s Transhumanist Predictive ‘Between Two Ages’ (Sample)

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Sample analysis of the technocratic manual of control from one of the 20th century’s most influential thinkers. Comparable to Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope.

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3 Comments on Vid – Jay Dyer Analyzes Brzesinki’s Transhumanist Predictive ‘Between Two Ages’ (Sample)

  1. Really happy that you did this one. I dug this one out of the library of my local little commuter branch school (surprisingly good Illuminist studies department if you knew where to look – huge shelf of Kennedy material, Bertrand Russell’s -Impact-, B. F. Skinner papers – at least one guy had done a similar tour in the 70s and left notes in the margins of Between Two Ages.) Astonishingly predictive text in the context of 1970 era technology.

    As for your own remarks – I’m curious as to why you’ve backed pretty strongly the thesis of “there’s not going to be any (world) war,” and maybe expand on all that gives you confidence there – what this may say about what you think the Russian state represents, for instance. I don’t see how it can simply be because it would mess up all the fake markets and their illusion of stability – the usual ‘can’t get rich on that kind of war’ thesis, simply because we know that NWO London has done it twice before just to get as far into their plan as they are now. World markets were arguably at their libertarian internationalist bankster peak around 1910 – people like Orwell and Quigley alike seemed to think so. Dugin talks about the coming (current) war with apocalyptic overtones sometimes but Dugin says a lot of things.

    • I just don’t see why they need one after ww2. They’ve preferred all the slowkill methods and ww2 established the global currency.

  2. I thought about this again just now firing up Part 1 of Oliver Stone’s Putin interviews (which you’re gonna give us 6-8 hours on, right? Am I right?) – the whole “Russia Hacked America” thing that just goes and goes at full blast is impossible for me to make sense of except as casus belli. Hot Conspiracy Take: What if that’s what Trump was all along? Just an actor for this new completely fake ‘Cyber 9/11’ that people like Corbett have been predicting for years. Anyway – what’s the point of all this if not war with Russia? It’s a huge blow to American prestige in “peacetime” – just makes DC look like a bunch of chumps either way. What can their strategy be except to Nixon / Kennedy Trump and install a fake-radical regime that’s going to war for gays in Chechnya or something?

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